[Latest 2022/10] Do you sell PS5 normally in the countryside? PS5 sales status and 10 stores

Updated on 2023-06-29
Rumor has it that PS5 is already on sale in rural areas . Is the information that these PS5 can be purchased true? Also, where could those people buy PS5?

The PS5 was released on November 12, 2020 , but some people still can't get it as of 2022 due to its popularity.

However, compared to the time of its release, the situation seems to have calmed down a little, and we hear some users who are happy that they were able to purchase a PS5.

Rumor has it that PS5 is already on sale in rural areas .

Is the information that these PS5 can be purchased true?

Also, where could those people buy PS5?

Stores that may sell PS5 [major summary]

The PS5 sells out as soon as it arrives, so many stores don't have it in stock.

However, the situation seems to have calmed down a little since its release, and there are also voices saying "I saw PS5 at the store" and "I could buy PS5".

So, what kind of stores could people who could buy PS5 buy PS5?

Let's write the voice of the person who was able to purchase it for reference when looking for PS5 from now on.

Store ①: Yodobashi

It seems that Yodobashi often sells over-the-counter .

For that reason, many people seem to find POPs that say "PS5 in stock" when they happen to visit stores.

It seems that the frequency of arrival is relatively high, so if you have time, hopping Yodobashi would be a good way to buy a PS5.

Store ②: Yamada Denki

Yamada Denki will be in stock in June 2022.

However, the sales method was a lottery, so not everyone could buy it.

Considering the popularity of PS5 and the number of users who want PS5, the ratio was quite high.

However , it seems that anyone could easily participate because there is no application or credit card registration as a condition to participate in the lottery .

Store ③: Don Quixote

PS5 seems to be sold at Don Quixote.

In the past, it seems that there were times when you could receive a notification message from the app etc. in the lottery sale.

In July 2022, it is also witnessed in store sales.

Some users who want PS5 are mainly aiming at game shops and home appliance mass retailers, so Don Quijote may be an unexpected hot spot .

Store ④: TSUTAYA

At TSUTAYA, lottery sales were held in April 2022 and June 2022.

Lottery sales may be held in the future, so it is better to check the information.

However, it seems that you need to register the app and mobile T card to participate in the TSUTAYA lottery .

Store ⑤: Geo

It seems that GEO also often sells lottery with the app.

However, there are also eyewitness reports that it will be sold normally at over-the-counter sales in July 2022 .

There are few eyewitnesses of over-the-counter sales at Geo, but it would be nice to go to the store regularly to check the inventory.

If you're lucky, you may see a PS5.

Store ⑥: Edion

Edion will be sold by lottery at the online shop in June 2022.

However, it seems that an Edion card with a credit card function is required for purchase .

Store ⑦: Bic Camera

It seems that lottery sales are often held at Bic Camera.

There is also information that they are selling over-the-counter guerrillas.

However, when purchasing, it seems that an affiliated credit card is required like Edion .

Store ⑧: Joshin

Lottery sales are also being held at Joshin.

It seems that I was able to receive a message if I was registered with an app or credit card.

It seems that there was also a lottery sale at the store .

Store ⑨: Aeon

The manager of the beauty salon won PS5 with Aeon! Report it and hit it, really! ! ? what happened

— Crab Nabe Carnival Hyoka (@hyoka1511) June 4, 2022

It seems that AEON also sells PS5.

Also, if you are an AEON, you will be able to find a PS5 efficiently because there are many game shops and home appliance mass retailers .

Store ⑩: Sofmap

Sofmap is great!
Can you tell me the lottery number of PS5

I don't know if others are actually doing it.

— Do it (@ czN8AZvUvXh95us) June 7, 2022

Sofmap's lottery sales will tell you the number of stocks.

No matter how many people apply for PS5, there are some people who do not win, and it seems that they sometimes doubt that "Are there really people who won?"

However, by clarifying the number of stocks like Sofmap, we can grasp the height of the magnification to some extent.

Also, by sharing information, you will be able to feel trust and security .

Any information? Is PS5 normally sold in rural areas?

Although the situation has calmed down a bit compared to when it was released, it is still difficult to get a PS5.

Even if major brands such as Yodobashi, Don Quixote, and Yamada Denki have stock, they sell out quickly or are sold by lottery.

However, the number of users who want PS5 will decrease if it is not a city with many people but a region with few people.

If there are few people who want PS5, it may be possible to sell over the counter because applicants will not be collected even if lottery sales are held .

Therefore, there are rumors that the PS5 is in stock in areas with few people.

It seems that some people were able to actually purchase it even in the evening after work .

However, compared to places with a lot of people, the probability of encountering a PS5 is slightly higher, and it is not a situation where it is normally sold anywhere.

No stock in stock! Why can't I buy a PS5

Yodobashi, Don Quijote, Yamada Denki, and other large retailers have decided to sell the PS5 in April or June of 2022.

This is because the PS5 is sold out immediately after it is shipped, so it is thought that a situation close to "shipment time = sales time" has been created.

Here, some people may think, "If we can sell that much, if we increase the number of shipments, the users will be happy and the company will also make a profit."

However, there is a reason why PS5 cannot increase the number of shipments and does not reach users .

production cannot keep up

PS5 is a very popular game machine, so there are many users who want it, and production can't keep up.

However, that's not the only reason we haven't increased the number of PS5 production.

Semiconductors are needed to make a PS5 .

Semiconductors are necessary not only for game machines, but also for making all kinds of products such as personal computers, smartphones, automobiles and industrial machinery.

Therefore, semiconductors are indispensable to modern society, and their demand is increasing explosively.

However, due to the worldwide epidemic of corona, it has become difficult to produce semiconductors at factories overseas and to transport the manufactured semiconductors across the sea.

Due to the inability to secure the necessary number of semiconductors , PS5 is in a situation where even if we want to increase the number of production, we can not increase it.

The lack of semiconductors is a global problem and many industries are affected, so I don't know when this problem will be resolved.

Targeted by resellers

Despite the shortage of semiconductors, PS5 has sold over 1 million units in Japan in about a year since its release .

Some people may think, "If it's selling like that, it's going to be popular with users to some extent."

However, PS5 has become a target product for resellers, and some people use various means to purchase multiple units for themselves.

As a result, even though Yodobashi, Don Quixote, Yamada Denki, and other large stores do not have stock, there are cases where resellers have stocks of PS5s in their homes .

In addition, since the number of PS5 production has not increased, even after about a year and a half since its release, the demand remains high and the market price for resale remains at about 80,000 yen .

The company side is also desperate! What are PS5 reseller measures?

The company is also taking measures against the buying behavior of resellers .

Let's know what kind of resale measures are in place.

Measure ①: Lottery

Lottery sales are a measure introduced at many stores.

In the past, first-come, first-served sales were the standard, and on the release date of popular game consoles and popular game software, there was often a line in front of the store even before it opened.

However, if you sell on a first-come-first-served basis, you may be sitting in front of the store for days in advance, or you may gather friends and line up with a large number of people .

For this reason, many stores conduct lottery sales as a countermeasure against resale due to fairness and ease of introduction.

Countermeasure ②: Conditional

Depending on the store, registering an app or credit card can be time consuming , and registration of names and addresses is required , so it can be expected to have the effect of deterring purchases for resale purposes.

In addition, it may be easier to deal with the number of lotteries, and even if a reseller causes trouble, the store has member information.

Measure 3: Guerrilla sales

It will be difficult to completely stop the buying behavior of resellers even if conditions are attached to the lottery or purchase.

For this reason, some stores conduct guerrilla sales without prior notice.

By using guerrilla sales, resellers who cannot obtain sales information in advance will not be able to prepare money and people to buy up.

Countermeasure ④: Opened seal

As a countermeasure for resale, the product may be opened once in advance and an unsealed sticker may be attached, or the product may be requested to be opened in front of the store clerk.

Even if the product is unused, if the product is opened even once, the value of the product will drop significantly .

For those who genuinely want the product, the box is something that can be opened anyway, so it doesn't hurt anything.

However, for resellers, opening the package to reduce the product value is a fatal act.

Let's wait a little longer until the PS5 sells normally

PS5 is very popular and difficult to obtain.

However, the situation has calmed down little by little compared to the time when it was released .

Therefore, don't buy a resale item that costs 30,000 yen more than the normal price, and wait a little longer until the PS5 sells normally.