[How to Discord on PS4] How to connect to PC or Switch (with images)

Updated on 2023-06-29
You can connect the popular home video game console "PS4 (PlayStation4)" to "Discord" either on your PC or on your smartphone; we will introduce in detail how to connect "PS4" and "Discord", advantages and disadvantages of "Discord", screen sharing, and more.

Discord is a voice chat service born in the United States. It has become a hot topic because it is free and allows users to easily communicate with each other. This time, we will thoroughly explain how to use Discord for those who do not know how to use it!

What is the game-specific application “Discord”?

Discord is a voice chat service that has become a hot topic among gamers and businessmen. Many people are wondering what kind of service it is. Here, we will introduce the features of Discord. If you are interested, please check it out.

Voice chat service from the United States

Discord is a voice chat service launched in the United States in 2015. Discord users can send text messages and voice chat.

At the time of its announcement, Discord was supported mainly by gamers, but since all services such as video calling can be used for free, it is now gaining popularity among businessmen due to the growing demand for telework.

What does Discord mean?

Discord is a word that means "discord" or "discord" in English. Discord was originally launched as a low-latency voice call software that does not interfere with games for gamers. It's packed with features like sharing text, audio, photos, and videos.

How to download/install Discord

For those who want to use Discord but don't know how to use it, I will explain how to use it. Please refer to the detailed explanation from how to download the app to how to make a call.

Smartphone app version (Android/iOS)


When using Discord on a smartphone, the app is convenient. Download the app on your device.

1. Enter your phone number or email address


Enter your phone number or email address. After entering, tap "Next".

2. Enter your username and password


Enter your username and password and tap Next.

3. Enter your birthday


Enter your date of birth and tap Create Account.

4. Add a profile picture


Add a profile picture or choose an avatar and tap Next.

5. Check the "Allow search by email address/phone number" item


Finally, check the item "Allow search by email address/phone number" and tap "Next". If you don't want to be searched by someone who knows your email address or phone number, uncheck it.

PC application version (Windows, Mac, Linux)


Discord can be used not only on smartphones but also on PCs. When using Discord on a PC, it is convenient to use the app. Download the app on your device. The registration procedure is the same as for smartphones.

How to use Discord server/channel


Discord has a feature called Servers that allows you to text and call with multiple people. Additionally, there are two types of servers: text channels and voice channels. Here, for those who are new to Discord, I will explain in detail how to use servers and channels. Please check it!

How to Find/Join Discord Server Channels


Here's how to find or join a Discord server channel.

join an invited server


To join a server invited by another user, simply open the invitation link and tap "Accept Invitation".

Use server bulletin board


When looking for a server, searching on an external site (server list) is convenient. One of the most recommended sites is DISBOARD. Enter the name or keyword of the server you want to join in the search box on the top page and tap "Search".

Tap "Join this server"


Servers related to the searched keyword will be displayed, so select the server you want to join and tap "Enter this server".

Tap the channel you want to join


The channel name is at the bottom of the server's top page after "#". Tap the channel you want to join. Let's enjoy text messages and voice chats on the channel!

How to create/delete a Discord server channel


Here's how to create and delete a Discord server channel.

open home screen


Tap the "+" displayed on the home screen of the app.

Create original or template


Here you can choose to create from original or create from template. Templates make it easy to create servers that match themes such as games, study groups, artists and creators.

Choose a server type


Choose “For yourself and your friends” if the number of people using the server is small, or “For the club or community” if the number of people using the server is large.

Tap "Create Server"


Enter a server name and set an icon. After completing the input, tap "Create Server".

check the channel


The created server is displayed on the home screen. "#general" is an automatically created channel that you can use freely.

To create a new channel, tap the "+" on the right side of the text channel or voice channel.

create a channel


Select a channel name and channel type, then tap "New..." at the top of the screen.

send a message


When this screen is displayed, channel creation is complete. You can send a message from "Send message".

Open settings screen


If you want to delete a server, tap "Settings" for that server.

Tap Remove Server


Tap Delete Server at the bottom of the screen.

make a confirmation


A final confirmation will be made as to whether to delete the server, so tap "Yes". This completes the server deletion.

Call and chat on Discord! Explanation of basic usage


So far, I have explained about Discord features, servers, and channels. From here, I will explain the basic usage of Discord. Please use it as a reference.

How to call on Discord


Here's how to make a call on Discord:

Open the page of the person you want to call and tap the call button


Calling on Discord is easy, just open the page of the person you want to call and tap "Call" or "Video".

If you are not a friend, you need to apply


If you want to call someone you are not friends with, you need to send them a friend request. Tap "Send friend request" and wait for the other person's approval.

How to chat on Discord


Here's how to chat on Discord: Please use it as a reference.

1. Open the page of the person you want to chat with


Open the page of the person you want to chat with and tap Messages.

2. Tap the airplane mark

After entering the message, tap the airplane mark to send.

Common Discord Questions and Solutions


So far, I have explained how to use Discord. Some people may have tried using it but are having trouble with it not working. Here are some frequently asked questions on Discord and how to deal with them.

If you want to use music

In Discord, you can add an extension called music bot and send commands in Discord to play music while talking.

Here's how to introduce these music bots to Discord.

1. Open each official site


Open the official website of the music bot you want to use and tap "Invite To Server". Please note that other bots may display something like "Invite This bot".

2. Log in to Discord


When the screen transitions to the Discord login screen, enter the registered email address or phone number and password to log in. If you receive a message from the bot on Discord, the installation is complete.

If the audio is interrupted or cannot be heard


If the audio is choppy or you can't hear it while using Discord, try the following methods.

  • Restart Discord
  • reinstall the app
  • Check Internet connection status
  • Check if your microphone or headset is broken

Learn how to use Discord and connect with users around the world


This time, I introduced how to download Discord and how to use it. Discord is free and easy to use, and has a full range of translation functions, so it's attractive to be able to connect with users around the world. By all means, please refer to this article and enjoy Discord.