Want to create an original character? Introducing all the popular image makers on Picrew!

Updated on 2021-06-10
Do you want to make your own original character? Do you want to make your own original characters or do you want to use free materials? Then let me introduce you to picrew, an image maker you can make and play with!

What is Picrew Maker ?


Picrew is an image maker that is very popular now, and it is a platform that allows girls and boys to create various kinds of characters. Not only can you make and play with the carefully selected makers, but you can also make a character maker with your illustrations.
With the image maker created by the creator, you can combine your favorite items to create images and characters. Let's enjoy by downloading the created image or showing it to everyone on SNS.
Let's introduce the most popular character maker among them this time! If you want to create icons and caricatures, please read on.

Part 1: Little Devil Maker

little devil maker

Author: @ nagawa867
Icon: Good Sell as goods: No good Change color or add missing things: Good Parts request: Don't make your own remarks: No good Give to twitter: Don't give to pixiv : No (it will be the same as my own remark) I used it Report: I don't need it separately Notation: I'm glad if there is another
As the name suggests, this is Koakumameka who can make cute little devils. In addition to changing the hair color, basic hairstyle and facial expression, you can also add curly hair and fluffy hair. The mouth and eyebrows have increased so that they can be repositioned. You can also convert various outfits such as dresses, tops, and bottoms. Of course, the wings and horns as a little devil must also be indispensable.

Part 2: Boyfriend Maker

boyfriend maker

Author: Inari Yoriko
Only available for personal use. Self-made remarks and processing are strictly prohibited.
When used for icons, etc., we would appreciate it if you could indicate the author's name and Twitter ID.
As the title suggests, you can make your favorite boyfriend. It is a boyfriend maker. Randomly deprecated, but unexpectedly weird looking he may be able to do it. The parts work together for the hair color. The color of the eyebrows is not linked, so change the color manually.

Part 3: Loose girl maker

loose girl maker

Author: Twitter (@ salmxxo0)
About usage and processing
It is forbidden to use it for anything that generates money, or to process or tress it to the extent that it does not retain its original shape.
Please use within the range of common sense.
You can make a loose girl. Unfortunately, I can't find a loose female maker right now, but this loose female maker is also worth playing. Parts will be added differently when you feel like it.

Part 4: Chibi Ghost Maker

chibi ghost maker

Author: nady
Processing OK
Use for icons, etc .: We would be grateful if you could enter your name, Twitter ID, etc. in the profile column. Don't forget to tag your tweets! (I want to see the result, so w)
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us on Twitter @nadypueppo!
Become a cute ghost! You can make your favorite ghost with a chibi character maker that can also make ghosts cute! Random is recommended because it produces pretty cute results (laughs), so please enjoy it!


It's fun to make characters with Pickle, and with permission, it can also be a free material for standing pictures. Ori-chara can also be created with character makers created by various creators. There are no more popular character makers such as Yuru Women's Maker and Strong Female Maker, but it's not a bad idea to play with the new character maker created by Discovery.