Catch Your Favorite Content on Paramount Plus Through Amazon Prime Now: Here’s How

Peter Parker
Updated on 2023-06-29
Can I watch Paramount network on Amazon Prime? Learn all about how you can do this to catch your favorite CBS content.

If you have been wondering, ‘can I watch Paramount network on Amazon Prime?’, the answer is yes. As a subscribed member of Amazon Prime, it is only a matter of a few guided steps, following which you can add the channel, Paramount Plus through Amazon Prime. 

Amazon Prime, the streaming wing of e-commerce supremo Amazon, has been serving a huge fan following for years together with great content that includes movies, Prime originals, TV shows and much more. Paramount Plus streaming service is a new entity that is available on your Amazon Prime Video. It brings to you all of the highly popular CBS content along with various other offerings, and has gained immense popularity especially after it became the CBS All Access. It was launched about a year ago as a streaming service for ViacomCBS programs that includes prime time shows like The Good Fight, Love Island USA and Star Trek: Discovery. 

Although Paramount Plus has much on offer, it faces stiff competition with several other popular players in the market like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. Viewers thus want to test the service free and going for a Paramount Plus Amazon Prime option, is the best solution.

Is it possible to watch Paramount Plus through Amazon Fire TV?

With Amazon having its very own streaming device, the Amazon Fire TV, gaining access to other apps becomes considerably easy. Moreover, as the Amazon Fire TV is one of the most widely used streaming devices in the world, Paramount Plus Amazon became easily available especially in the Fire TV app store. All you need to do now to access the huge content library of Paramount Plus is to download the app, sign in and start binge watching. 

Is it possible to make Paramount Plus a channel on my Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, on your Amazon Prime Video you can watch the Paramount Plus channel. After a tertiary verification is established of your Paramount Plus credentials, it is possible to stream movies, originals, live TV, news, sports and much more with your Paramount Plus Amazon Prime login. 

There are a few simple guidelines that you need to follow.

As a member of Amazon Prime, use your account to add Paramount Plus from a computer.

On the web

Step 1:

Go to / channels

Step 2:

Look for the Paramount Plus channel and select it

Step 3:

At the top of your screen, locate a banner and from that click on “Learn More” 

Step 4:

Select the option “Start your 7- day free trial”

Step 5:

Select the option Premium plan and click on “Start your free trial” 

On your device

Step 1:

Open your Amazon Prime Video application

Step 2:

Either scroll down to the channels category of Prime Video and click on Paramount Plus or look for Paramount Plus directly and click on it

Step 3:

Go to the banner at the top of the screen and click on the option Learn More

Step 4:

Select the Premium plan and tap on the option Start your free trial.

You can also use the KeepStreams downloader to get all of Paramount Plus’ vast library of on demand videos and live TV shows on your device.

How can the KeepStreams downloader help to watch Paramount Plus videos offline?

If you wish to watch all sports coverages, popular movies and live TV shows from Paramount Plus, you may not find enough time and convenience to do so in the course of a particular day. That is where this one-stop solution comes into play.

With the KeepStreams Paramount Plus video downloader also you can download not only the Paramount Plus on-demand videos but also live TV programs with a distinct country specific support system and service backup, so that you can enjoy your viewing experience anytime and from anywhere.

So, what exactly is KeepStreams Paramount Plus downloader?

The KeepStreams Paramount Plus downloading software essentially gives you the solution to all viewing concerns with regards to the streaming app, under one roof. You now have the choice to watch Paramount Plus shows offline in high quality up to 1080p with this stable video downloader. With its modern technological features, you can align your requirements in accordance with the market trends. Let us look at the software’s key features.

Main Features

  • Provides country specific support to allow viewing from anywhere anytime
  • Gives cinema – like picture quality with high quality video downloads up to 1080p
  • Support batch download feature allowing an access to entire series, episodes, shows and movies
  • Backed by state of the art technology which keeps the software regularly updated to suit viewer needs, choices and market trends
  • Supports multiple tracks for audiophiles with sound channels ranging from EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 
  • Features auto removal of ads during downloading process
  • Helps build / manage multimedia library as all meta data gets automatically saved with the video
  • You can easily transfer downloaded content to a variety of devices including iPads, iPhones, smartphones, tablets, etc. 
  • Gives best compatibility as downloads are saved in MP4
  • High downloading speed
  • Built in browser


Lifetime plan for 3PC $49.9, Lifetime plan for 5PC $43.9. Free download option is available. 

Here are the steps to download Paramount Plus with the help of KeepStreams downloader

Step 1:

Go to VIP Services and from the given list select Paramount Plus

Step 2:

Now look for the video that you wish to download

Step 3:

Click on Download Now and start the downloading process

Frequently Asked Questions

By how much will I be set back to get Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime?

Amazon video has been known for offering some of the best prices to its clients for the vast content library they have. When it comes to Prime Video channels such as Paramount Plus, you will get an initial trial period which is free, when you look for Paramount Plus price through Amazon. 

For the first seven days, you will get a free trial of the Paramount Plus Amazon Prime login combination. All you need to do is go to your Amazon Prime Video app and access the channel’s content directly from there. 

What are the steps to subscribe to Paramount Plus?

Follow the below steps if you want to subscribe to Paramount Plus:

Step 1:

Firstly, go to the official site of Amazon and put in your user name and password to sign in

Step 2:

Now select the option Your Accounts, then go and select the option Your Prime Video

Step 3:

Then go to Channels and spread out the list of channels

Step 4:

In the final step, select your channel as “Paramount Plus” to commence your trial period.

At the end of these steps, your subscription to Amazon Paramount Plus is complete. 

As a subscriber of CBS All Access, will I get Paramount Plus for free?

With CBS All Access, you could get your hands on the best that CBS had to offer including great TV shows and movies from Comedy Central, BET, MTV, Smithsonian Channel, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, and others. With Paramount Plus, you now get an upgraded version of the same and all CBS ALL Access subscribers now get a free access to this new streaming service even while logging on to www amazon com video cbsaacf. 

So, in case you are concerned about paying extra to get Paramount Plus, CBS has you covered. 

Where can I locate Live TV on Amazon Prime Video channels for Paramount Plus?

You may be able to access live streams from your local television station if you have a subscription of Paramount Plus through Amazon Prime. This is the scenario in 99 per cent of cases in the United States. Alternately, you can even contact customer services if

  • You are not receiving your local TV channel via Paramount Plus
  • You are receiving a channel that is not coinciding with your physical location 

What should I do if get an error message when trying to sign in to paramount plus with my Amazon Prime login?

The Paramount Plus Amazon Prime login could encounter an error message if

  • You have signed up for the Paramount Plus channel through Prime Video and have already verified your subscription on

In that case, you have to sign in to your Paramount Plus account only with the help of your Paramount Plus username and password that was created at the time of activation, as opposed to your Amazon username and password.

  • You your subscription on is not yet verified

In that case, visit and go as per the mentioned guidelines. You will be asked to create credentials afresh, and then use that user name and password to sign in to Paramount Plus on

In Conclusion

It is now possible to get some of the most on-demand movies, TV shows and particularly Live TV on Paramount Plus through Amazon Prime. There are a few easy to follow steps that have been discussed here which you need to follow and all doors will open for the best Paramount Amazon Prime experience.