What is janisnet online, and how to save it via url!

By momoka

Johnny's net Online is a video streaming service that allows you to enjoy concerts and performances of Johnny's talents online.

In this article, we will show you how to save the URL of the live performances streamed on Johnny's net Online.

What is Johnny's Net Online?

Johnny's net online" is a video streaming service that allows you to watch concerts, performances, etc. of Johnny's talents online.

You can purchase a ticket for the concert you want to see and watch it as it is.

There are also special tickets for fan club members, so fan club members can save even more money!

How to watch on Johnny's Net Online

To purchase tickets and watch live performances, you must first log in to Johnny's Net Online.

By the way, even if you are a registered fan club member, you need to register separately to Johnny's Net Online.


Registration and Login

If this is your first time using the site, click the "New Registration" button to register!

Please keep the e-mail address and password you enter at this time in a safe place, as they are required for logging in.

After registration is complete, please log in.


What to do when you cannot log in

  • Make sure your address and password are correct!

Make sure they are the same as your registered address and password!

It could be that you have set a different password from the one registered with the fan club, and you made a mistake!

 Check the recommended environment!

  • Check the recommended environment!

The recommended environment listed on the website of Janis Net Online is as follows.

Recommended OS and browser
Windows (Latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox)
Mac (Latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

(The latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox) ・Mac (The latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

Smartphones and tablets
Android 5 or higher (latest version of Google Chrome)
iOS 12.2 or later (Latest version of Safari, Google Chrome)

How to record Johnny's Net Online with Stream Recorder

Stream Recorder is a Chrome extension that allows you to save HLS streaming videos (m3u8,ts) as MP4.

Downloading and recording functions are provided. You can either download and save Johnny's Net Online or record and save Johnny's Net Online.

How to use the stream recorder to save Johnny's Net Online

STEP1. After adding " Stream Recorder" to Chrome, open the playback page of the live or archived Japanesenet Online live show you want to save. Click on the Stream Recorder symbol.

STEP2. Then it will automatically detect and load the content of Johnny's Net Online. You can set the video quality by clicking on "Custom."

Once the Johnny's Net Online video has finished loading, you will see a "Save" button, click it to save the ePlus streaming.

Also, if you want to save the Johnny's Net online video halfway through, click "Stop" and then "Save Halfway" to save the video.


If Johnny's Net Online Video cannot be detected, please turn on "Capture Mode" at the top. Then you can record while watching Johnny's Net online video.

Is it illegal to record Johnny's Net Online?

It is not illegal to record JanisNet Online, but it is a violation of the JanisNet Online Terms of Service.

The video (including audio) delivered by this service may only be viewed in streaming format (playback).

The video (including audio) distributed is protected by copyright law and other applicable laws and regulations. Unauthorized reproduction on the Internet may result in legal liability. Please enjoy the site with good manners.

It is illegal to reproduce copyrighted material, as well as distribute or sell recordings of Johnny's Net Online.