Is nitter super dangerous? A thorough explanation of how to convert your timeline to RSS!
By momoka

Do you know " nitter "?

nitter is Twitter's search engine, and you can view tweets with reduced data and no ads .

It also has the advantage of being able to be used on terminals distributed to schools where the use of twitter is restricted, and the timeline can be converted to RSS.

However, on the other hand, it is also true that there are rumors that nitter is a dangerous site.

So, in this article, I investigated and summarized the questions such as "Are nitter dangerous?" and "Why bother to use nitter?"

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Is nitter super dangerous?

nitter is an external site of Twitter, and of course it is unofficial .

I'm still wondering if it's safe to use.

Therefore, in the first half, I summarized the dangers of nitter.

nitter is not dangerous!

On Twitter, there was a note that nitter might be dangerous.

However, none of them were actually victims of fraud or viruses .

I couldn't find any such articles other than tweets.

In the first place , there are no advertisements installed on the site (donations in virtual currency are solicited), so there is almost no risk of getting into trouble as a result of clicking .

However, even without clicking, there is a pattern of virus infection just by accessing.

There is no harm in updating your browser to the latest version from time to time and installing security software.

I don't know who the operator is...

There are no ads, but there's a reason why nitter isn't 100% safe.

That 's because there is a big problem that the operator doesn't know .

There is no name of the organization or individual who runs nitter anywhere on the details page .

In general, such sites can be dangerous because it is easy to close the site and run away when you get into trouble.

On the other hand, in nitter, it seems that you can contact the operator via an open network called "matrix", so the fact is that you do not know if you are not displaying your name with malice.

Is nitter for people who can't use normal Twitter?

Then, why do you dare to use nitter?

The answer is that even if you can't use Twitter, you may be able to use nitter.

In fact, Twitter cannot be used without JavaScript enabled .

Therefore, by disabling JavaScript, it is possible to restrict children's use of Twitter.

On the other hand, since nitter does not use JavaScript, there is a possibility that you can access Twitter indirectly (*) .

* Data tracking may not be possible if the browser's finger points are hidden by a VPN or ad blocker.

Thorough explanation of how to use nittter!

nitter is not only an alternative site for Twitter, but also has functions that Twitter does not have .

In the second half, let's take a look at how to use nitter together!

You can convert your timeline to RSS!

RSS is an abbreviation for " Really Simple Syndication ".

The code itself is in XML format, and when read by a tool called an RSS reader, it can automatically update new information on the site .

The specific procedure for converting to RSS is as follows.

① Access nitter .

② Enter the user name you want to search in the "Enter username" field and search.

③ Click the user name of the account you want to display from the hit accounts.

④ Click the RSS mark on the top right of the page and copy the URL.

⑤ You can get the Twitter timeline by pasting the URL to an RSS reader such as " Feeder ".

There are also extensions!

If you add " Twitter to nitter Redirect " to your browser, you will be able to jump to nitter from Twitter links on blogs, etc.

How to add Twitter to Nitter Redirect in Firefox is here ↓

( 1 ) Access the extension installation page .

② Click “Add to Firefox”.

(If Firefox is not installed, click "Download Firefox to get the extension".)

③ When you are asked "Would you like to add Twitter to nitter Redirect?", select "Add".

④ Check "Allow this extension to run in a private window" and click OK.

There is no particular display at this point, but Twitter to nitter Redirect is enabled, so you can jump to nitter from the Twitter link.

Is nitter super dangerous? A thorough explanation of how to convert your timeline to RSS! summary of

This time, I tried to summarize the dangers of nitter and how to use it effectively.

There are some uncertainties in nitter, such as the operator, but there were no reports of actual damage, so it seems that the danger level is not high .

And I found that the significance of using nitter is that it can be used on terminals distributed by schools where the use of Twitter is restricted, and that it can be converted to RSS .

I can't say that it's 100% safe, so in the end it's up to you to decide, but for some people it will be a very effective tool.