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Updated on 2022-02-10
Are you troubled with your Nextflix App Not working on Apple TV? Check out this article to know the reasons for errors and how they can be solved with quick fixes.

No doubt, Netflix is the No.1 Platform for all your entertainment. It has 1000s of movies, series, and shows to watch. Whenever you are bored, just switch Netflix on. And what's better on an afternoon watching one of the finest Netflix shows on your Apple TV! Sounds fun? Right!

But suddenly, you see an error and notice that your Netflix app on Apple TV is not working! Tensed? We Understand. Don't you worry! We have got your back. Keep reading this article to discover the best possible reasons and solutions to fix your problem of the Netflix App not working on Apple TV

Reason of Error & Fixes

While Netflix is the largest streaming platform, it can also have certain bugs and issues several times. Usually, these errors are server-related, but you should checkmark them all on the list below. 

 1) Crosscheck Netflix Servers

As mentioned above, the first & foremost thing you need to do is to crosscheck the status of Netflix Servers. All Online platforms & apps rely on their servers, and thus there is a major possibility that the problem that you are facing is due to the poor Netflix servers.  

How to check Netflix servers? 

It's pretty simple. The Entertainment giant has themselves made a separate page where users can check if the servers are working or not. All that you have to do is just head to, and they will tell you if Netflix is down or not. 

Pro Tip  

If Netflix's Website is also down, you can also reach out to other third-party apps to check the same. For Ex - Downdetector. 

2) Logout and Login Back to your Netflix Account

Sometimes, when the Netflix servers go down, there can be the possibility of your data and account being corrupted. This can be a reason that your Netflix on apple tv not working

How can you fix? 

Are you looking to fix this issue? 

1. Grab your Apple TV Remote. Press the Menu button on your Apple TV remote to open the options menu on your Apple TV screen. 

2. From the options menu, head over to the Settings tab.  

3. There, you'll see the button that says Sign Out. Click on the button to log out/ sign out from your Netflix Account. 

4. Once you're logged out from your account, wait for a few minutes and then login back to your account and check if you are able to watch now. 

3) Sign Out of All devices - Still, Netflix App on Apple TV not working? 

It might be because too many accounts are logged in. We often share our passwords with our friends and family. Sometimes all of the people who have the password end up watching it together! But, being a Netflix User, you must know that Netflix only allows a fixed number of accounts to watch at the same time. This number is dependent on the Netflix plan you choose. 

How to Fix?

Follow this little guide below to sign out all users from your account - 

A) Go to the Netflix App. 

B) Open the Profile section in the App. 

C) In the end, press on the Sign Out option to sign out all the devices from your account. 

4) Force Close the Netflix App

Netflix keeps updating itself every day. And thus, a lot of bugs can come in the process of updating the apps and the websites. To check and fix this issue, you need to Force Close the Netflix App. 

How to Fix? 

Follow our step-to-step guide to Force Close the Netflix App on your AppleTV. 

A) Switch on your Apple TV. On your remote, press the remote button twice to see the application switcher. 

B) As you see the application switcher, you need to find Netflix among the queue of applications that are currently running on your Apple TV. 

C) As you find Netflix, you need to swipe upwards on the Touch Surface of the Siri Remote to stop the app from running. 

Once you are done with this process, you need to bounce back to your home screen and again launch the Netflix App. 

5) Updates are a mess!

No matter if it is Netflix or Apple, all companies keep coming out with their new updates to provide a rich experience to their users. Therefore, make sure your both Netflix and Apple TV are updated. 

How to Fix?

Want to check if your Apple TV is updated or not? It's quite simple. Follow the steps below

1. Go to your Apple TV and open the settings app. 

2. Now, from here, you need to select the General menu. From General, navigate to the Software Updates option. 

3. Once you have reached there, select the Update Software option. 

4. Once you have selected the Update Software Option, you need to click on the Download & Install option and follow the instructions on the screen to continue updating your Apple TV. 

As soon as you are done updating your Apple TV, you need to go back to your Netflix App and see if it's working properly now. 

6) Install the Netflix App Again

Another most common method is to install the Netflix App Again. You need to install the Netflix app again because it might have got some bugs when Netflix's server went down. 

How to Fix?

To Install the Netflix App again on your device, follow the below steps - 

1. Switch on your Apple TV and find the Netflix App Icon. 

2. Point out your remote's cursor to the app, and hold the Play/Pause button on the Apple TV Remote. 

3. In some seconds of holding, you need to select the delete option and follow the instructions on your Apple TV screen to complete the deletion of the app. 

4. Once you have deleted the app, go to your Apple App Store and download the Netflix App Again.

7) Problem lies in your Apple TV

Tried all steps to fix your Netflix app? Still googling; why is Netflix not working on my Apple TV? Well, the problem can be in your app, then. 

It might happen that the problem lies in your Apple TV and not in your Netflix App. Remember, you have to restart your Apple TV and not Switch it Off and Switch it back on. Your Apple TV needs to be restarted properly to see the results. 

How to Fix? 

1. Open the Settings options on your Apple TV. 

2. Inside the Apple TV Settings, head over to the Systems Tab. 

3. In the Systems Tab, select the Restart option, and you need to follow the instructions on your Apple TV Screen to Restart your Apple TV correctly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1Is the problem with my Apple Tv if Netflix keeps stopping?

Ans- Not necessarily; it might be because of new updates or some bus in the system. Try logging out and logging in, and restarting your system.

Q2. What to do if Netflix is still not working after following all the above steps?

Ans- If you have followed all the steps properly and still not being able to resume your Netflix, then see if other apps are working properly on your Tv or not; if the problem lies with Netflix only, then you should contact Netflix customer support.

Q3. How to reach the Netflix help center?

Ans- Netflix customer service is quick and reliable. You can call or chat with them whenever you need them as they are available 24*7 for customer support. You can visit the help center here-

Q4. Forgotten my Netflix Password and can't log in now?

Ans- Don't worry; you can reset your password easily. On the login page, select the need help option and choose your email id or phone number to get opt for resetting your password.

Q5. How to reach Apple customer support?

Ans- Apple takes its' marketing image very seriously and hence good customer support. You can visit its' customer support here.


Netflix and Apple both are at the top of their respective field and take their customer grievances very seriously. We have mentioned some common problems here due to which you might be having some Problems playing your Netflix on Apple tv. These steps usually are able to solve Netflix not working on apple tv problem. However, if the problem continues, we suggest you contact Netflix support service first and if the problem is not from their end, then call Apple's customer care to get your Apple TV checked.