News Update for NBA 2K22: Heroes come and go, but LEGENDS are FOREVER.

Updated on 2023-06-29
Before NBA 2k22 has 18 days to come, 2K finally released the content introduction of NBA 2k22. I have simplified the content released by 2K let's go.

nba 2k22

Yo, what's going on, guys? Before NBA 2k22 has 18 days to come, 2K finally released the content introduction of NBA 2k22 modes yesterday. This year, MT and MC will both have the season rewards. MT's (MyTeam) first season reward when you level 40 is pink diamond Carmelo Anthony! The ultimate reward of MC's (MyCareer) first season is a GO-KART! In the next two weeks, there should be a more detailed introduction to various modes. I have simplified the content released by 2K last night. The two previous articles for NBA 2K22 if you are interested one about the NBA 2K22 Players Rating the other is the Preview. Let's go and look at the news today together.

nba 2k22

NBA 2K has been innovating for many years. We are pleased to share with you the leap achieved in nba2k22. The concept of SEASON will become the main core content of nba2k22.

In NBA 2k21, we introduced the SEASON's concept, which is a new way to upgrade and win awards in MT(My Team) mode but only in MT (MyTeam). In NBA 2k22, we expanded the season. It will play an essential role in the brilliant career, dream team and women's basketball (WNBA) career online (only for the next generation). Players can get a lot of new rewards just through the game.

Explore in the Basketball City [PlayStation 5 / Xbox series x|s] and the neighbourhood [PlayStation 4 / xboxone], complete tasks, gain experience and give players corresponding rewards after upgrading. Such rewards are updated every six weeks. That means each season will end at last about six weeks.

NBA 2K22 MyCareer

nba 2k22 mc

In NBA 2k21, the season concept is only limited to MT mode, but now the season will also lead MC. In the Basketball City [PlayStation 5 / Xbox series x|s] and the neighbourhood [PlayStation 4 / Xbox One], you will be able to do tasks by exploring the map to get various rewards. Such as the new cool flags, protective gear, jerseys, and vehicles of self-made players.

In the first season, MC will lead players to start a crazy vehicle experience. GO-KART will become the grand prize in the basketball city and neighbourhood. GO-KART can be owned after MC reaches level 40. In addition, when you get to level 30, the straight pulley will also become your prize.

On this generation's NEXT-GEN PS5 console and PC platform, the first season of NBA 2k22 will go to the Caribbean. Players can show their cool skills on the deck of a cruise ship and the most beautiful island stadium.

Heroes come and go, but LEGENDS are FOREVER. We are not idle in the laboratory. We have been rethinking the word "LEGEND". To become a legend in NBA 2k22, you need to reach level 40 in four different seasons. Although you don't need to achieve it continuously, you must work hard to achieve your dream to become a basketball star. 

Another new content of the SEASON is the first Friday. After the beginning of the new season, new songs will be added to the game soundtrack every Friday. These include Travis Scott, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Young Thug, and many famous singers already on the soundtrack of NBA 2k22.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam

In NBA 2K21, the arrival of the season has injected new vitality. In NBA 2k22, the SEASON will be upgraded! In NBA 2k22 MT(MyTeam): domination, triple threats, limited game, unlimited, draft and other modes, unlock the ultimate reward of level 40 and win the Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony! Notification: NBA 2K22 MT(MyTeam) will also launch a new fast-paced mode.

NBA 2K22 WNBA Career Online

The unique "WNBA Career" of the next generation console brings WNBA and self-created player experience. You can win new awards in the women's basketball online competition, such as virtual currency, clothing bundle, badge, manicure, etc.

In Conclusion 

The first season of NBA 2k22 is full of new ways to explore the city and neighbourhood of basketball. In NBA 2K22 MT(MyTeam) and WNBA Career Online are also reborn around the season, with an exclusive basketball experience. Now all in 10th Sep 2021.