How to use " (Manga4U)" and the free manga site as an alternative & successor to its closure

By momoka

One illegal free website (piracy) that has recently heard of the name is manga4u.

manga4u is the successor to mangaHato (MangaHato) as a piracy site.

In this article, we will introduce the safety of manga4u, similar sites and how to use them.

What kind of site is " (Manga4U)"? (Manga4U)" is an illegal website where you can enjoy manga and comics for free.

The site features many major popular manga, and although there are only a few manga adaptations such as the novel-based Narokei, it is a very popular site.

There are no fees or account registration.

A copycat site that appeared as a successor to MangaHato (Manga4U)" is one of the successor sites to MangaHato.

After the arrest of the operator of the monster site "Manga Village," which even caused a social phenomenon despite being an illegal site, Manga Village was successfully closed down, but similar sites sprang up instead.

One such site is (Manga4U), a manga reading site that allows users to read manga online and watch them by episode.

How to use " (Manga4U)

Let us briefly introduce how to use MangaSum.

Please note that this is an illegal site, so use at your own risk.

Procedure for setting up

Access the site and search for the movie you want to watch in the search window.

Please use English titles when typing.

You will be redirected to a manga page, so select the page you want to view.

Dangers of " (Manga4U)

Virus infection

One of the dangers of " (Manga4U)" is the risk of virus infection.

Examples of ways to become infected with a virus through " (Manga4U)" include "accessing the site itself" and "clicking on advertisements".

Some malicious illegal sites can infect you with a virus just by opening the Web site.

Also, be aware that tapping on malicious advertisements displayed throughout the site may also infect you with a virus.

Forced to participate in virtual currency mining

Some people have been forced to participate in virtual currency mining by using illegal websites such as (Manga4U).

Mining virtual currency requires a lot of resources, and this act attempts to increase efficiency by using the devices of those who access illegal sites.

Mechanisms that force people to participate in virtual currency mining through illegal sites are known as mining viruses.

Since the mining of virtual currency is a revenue source for the operator, they will unwittingly be complicit in the acquisition of funds for the criminals.

Leakage of personal and credit card information

Many illegal sites such as " (Manga4U)" plot to extract personal and financial information.

The operators try to illegally obtain personal information by having users enter their personal information through pop-ups such as "infected with a virus.

If your personal or credit card information is leaked through " (Manga4U)," you could be victimized in the real world.

You should never use " (Manga4U)", as it may also hijack your account on websites or applications where you are a registered member.

Users can also be arrested for illegal activities.

The danger of using " (Manga4U)" is that not only the operator but also the users may be arrested for illegal activities.

If you download and read manga while being aware that " (Manga4U)" is an illegal site, you may be imprisoned for up to 2 years or fined up to 2 million yen, or both.

Inducement to dating sites

One of the dangers of " (Manga4U)" is the risk of being directed to dating sites.

In many cases, links and advertisements on pirate sites lead users to dating sites and other criminal sites.

If a child who is happy to read manga for free is led to a malicious site, he or she may be involved in a crime.

Recommended safe manga sites

Manga Kingdom

An alternative to KLManga that we recommend is a website called M anga Kingdom.

Manga Kingdom is a website where you can read Japanese comics and light novels for free. Manga Kingdom offers a wide variety of genres of manga, from popular to rare works. Manga Kingdom also updates serialized works from time to time, so you can read the latest stories right away.

Advantages of Manga Kingdom

Manga Kingdom is the best value for money.

Up to 50% point reduction every day

Up to 80% point reduction for a limited period of time

At Manga Kingdom, you can read manga not only in normal display, but also in slideshow format. This allows you to read manga more smoothly. Moreover, point redemption

This is a very good deal, and you can read manga almost for free, so please give it a try.

Manga Kingdom] ★No.1 in value for money ★One of the largest e-comic sites in Japan

Manga Kingdom Official Website


We would like to recommend eBook as an alternative to KLManga.

eBook refers to electronic books. The advantages of using eBooks are as follows.

  • One of the largest e-book sales services in Japan, handling over 800,000 e-books, mainly manga
  • More than 2,800 free manga titles available at any given time.
  • Low prices: eBooks are often less expensive than books and manga. Therefore, one of the advantages of eBooks is that you can enjoy a lot of content.

(Various campaigns including sales, unlimited reading of all volumes, and other unique measures! PayPay is available, and Yahoo! Premium members can save even more! First time log in only! You can use it up to 6 times! Half-price coupon] distribution!

To use eBooks, you will need an e-reader, and there are a variety of e-readers available, including Kindle and Kobo. Choose the device that suits you best from among them and enjoy eBooks.

eBook official website

As an alternative to KLManga, we would like to recommend

MangaZenmanga. com is a website where you can buy and read manga. The site offers a wide variety of manga in different genres, which users can browse at their leisure. Furthermore, allows users to purchase the entire manga so that they can enjoy the story all the way through. offers the following advantages

・Able to read a huge number of manga: has a huge number of manga available for users to browse at their leisure.
It is Japan's largest site for selling full comic sets. You can buy complete sets of popular manga such as One Piece, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, etc. is the largest site for selling complete comic sets in Japan. Therefore, one of the advantages of is that you can enjoy the latest comics right away.

Currently, approximately 3 million customers visit the site each month. The store has been repeatedly introduced on TV and in magazines, and has been ranked No. 1 in Yahoo's rapid-rising search rankings, attracting attention from various media.


The next site we would like to recommend as an alternative to KLManga is called "Sukima.

Sukima is a website where you can read Japanese comics and light novels for free. Sukima offers a wide range of manga from a variety of genres, from the most popular to the rarest of works. On Sukima, works in serialization are also updated as needed, so you can read the latest stories right away.

I want to read a complete manga right up to the end!

I want to read a lot of old and new manga every day! (I want to read a lot of old and new manga every day!)

I want to read original manga that I can't read anywhere else!

...... is recommended for those who want to read original manga that you can't read anywhere else!

Over 32,000 popular manga are available for unlimited reading.

More than 2 million registered members!

DMM Comic Rental

We would like to recommend DMM Comic Rental as an alternative to KLManga.

DMM Comic Rental is a website where you can rent manga. The site offers a variety of manga in different genres, which users can browse at their leisure. In addition, DMM Comic Rental offers a huge number of manga to rent.

DMM Comic Rental offers the following advantages.

You can read from the comfort of your own home (unlimited number of comics to rent, maximum rental period of 20 nights and 21 days).

Earn DMM points worth 1% of the rental price (can be used for services within DMM).

Similar sites to (Manga4U)

1. Mangafox

Mangafox is a good alternative to Mangafreak; it is a paradise for users as it features over 8000 high quality manga classified in nearly 39 categories.

Its users have been following it for years. It is the most watched manga on the site, making it one of the best Mangafreak alternatives.

2. kissmanga

This site also offers free reading and downloading to its users. There is no need to register before reading the manga. For faster access, they are divided into different niches such as action, adventure, and fantasy.

For use and frequently updated, Kissmanga is a free website to read manga online without registration. Thus, it is a good alternative for manga freaks!



3. Comic Book Plus


It provides a lively and friendly forum for users. It gives you access to free reading and downloads.


4. Viz Media


This is an app that stands out as a sound alternative in 2019.

Android users as well as IOS users can use it by simply pressing the download button. It gives you the option to read it offline as well, for which it has emerged as a good option for comics lovers.

This is not a free app and you need to pay before reading it. Once the payment is done, you can read the manga from any platform like IOS or Android.

5. Comic Punch


This site offers users an extensive catalog of hundreds of comic books.


We have introduced some cautions for " (Manga4U)" and safe sites as an alternative & successor.

If you use illegal sites, you may be trapped by mining viruses.

Illegal sites are dangerous, so use safe sites to enjoy your manga.