Mpow Flame Review: Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones on a Budget

By Yvonne

Mpow Flame Review: Affordable Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones for a Small Budget. The Mpow Flame offers a great option for those looking for a pair of wireless, water-resistant headphones that are affordable, but with a short battery life.

Mpow Flame

Mpow Flame

We like this

  • Well-designed and comfortable

  • You can customize your earbuds with multiple eartips

  • IPX7 certified waterproof

  • Strong Bluetooth connection

  • Includes a case

The Things We Hate
  • Battery life is very short

  • It takes a while to get charged

  • Earloops is not adjustable

Mpow Flame in-ear, wireless headphones are very affordable and workout-friendly. They are lightweight and comfortable and are sweat and water resistant. They aren’t the most sound quality or battery life, but their sheer value makes up for that.

The Mpow Flame was purchased by us so that our expert reviewer could fully test it and evaluate its quality. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

It is difficult to find waterproof headphones that are comfortable and safe for exercise under $50, particularly if they have wireless capabilities. The Mpow Flame is one of the few products that stands out in terms of quality and value. The Mpow Flame is IPX7 certified, which allows it to handle mild rain or sweat. It also comes with many eartips, which allow for an excellent fit and decent sound quality.

The Mpow Flame was recently evaluated for comfort, sound quality and battery life. We also considered the low price, which we compared to the other options.

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Design made for athletes

The headphones are made of lightweight plastic and use silicon earhooks to help secure them on your ears — which is especially helpful while working out. You can choose from black, red, pink or blue to add some flair to your exercise.

If you prefer a better audio seal, you can choose between the 3 sizes of rubber eartips. You also have the option to use the memory foam tips included. The earbuds can be hung from your neck by a flat rubber cable that connects them.

Mpow Flame is a unique find at this price because of its combination of an IPX7 waterproof nano-coating with a secure and ergonomic in-ear design.

Mpow claims that these headphones are waterproof, and their IPX7 rating allows for immersion. However, they shouldn't be kept in water for too long. One pair of earphones failed after being left in water for 20 minutes. You can run in the rain or sweat it out, but headphones that are this inexpensive won't work well in the swimming pool.

You will receive a zip-up cushioned, round carrying case that can hold the headphones and the USB charging cables. It's a great addition for such an affordable price.

Mpow Flame

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Limitations on functionality of controls

The right earphone has all three buttons. You can turn the headphones on or off, as well as pair your devices with them by pressing the Mpow button. A quick press will turn it on. Holding it down for several second puts it into pairing mode. Finally, a more prolonged press will turn it off. Although the buttons at the side allow you to control volume and music, they are small enough that it is easier to reach for our phones to adjust.

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You will feel comfortable and secure

The Mpow Flame was designed for athletes. They were comfortable and reliable during any type of exercise. We especially liked the shallow angle of the earbuds. They didn't fit in the ear canal but sat right outside. And though it was nice to have three, different size eartips to choose from, we thought the memory foam tips were the most comfortable — and ended up sealing in noise to produce better bass and noise isolation.

The headphones are made of lightweight plastic and use silicone earhooks to help secure them on your ears — which is especially helpful while working out.

The ergonomically-designed loops are designed to fit around your ears and act as an anchor, keeping the headphones in place while exercising. They were great for running, biking and lifting weights. They were comfortable and kept us safe during our various activities. We found the cable to our earphones slightly irritating. It bounced on our necks while we ran if left unattended. We used the cord clip included to fix it.

Sound quality: A balanced sound profile

The Mpow Flame has a balanced sound profile despite their low price. Although you won't have the same clarity or pure quality as more expensive models, we were pleased with their composed sound and high-quality audio to make and take calls.

Mpow Flame

We listened to Anderson Paak’s latest single Tints. It featured a mix of soulful and hip-hop vocals as well as complex instrumentals. The deep bass was particularly impressive during Kendrick's solo rap. The mids and highs were vibrant, with rich sound. However, the volume was too loud.

Wireless: Fast and reliable, but easy to drain

The Mpow Flame's wireless connectivity is a major selling point. The Mpow Flame allowed us to easily walk as far as 32ft to reach different weights or to grab water. We weren't completely disconnected from the sound. However, Bluetooth connections can be sporadic if there is a low battery.

The Mpow Flame was designed for athletes. They were comfortable and reliable during any type of exercise. We especially liked the shallow design of the earbuds.

It took approximately 90 minutes to fully charge the headphones and unlike other comparable wireless products, they only lasted between 7 to 9 hours — about three or four days if we only used them at the gym.

Price: A great value

The Mpow Flame Waterproof Bluetooth headphones are an excellent deal. You get an affordable set of workout-friendly headphones that are both water and sweat resistant for less than $25. You get a decent sound quality, particularly when using the memory foam eartips. There are few other wireless headphones that offer water resistance, and only the WRZ S8 can match the Mpow Flame's quality.

Mpow Flame

Mpow Flame vs. WRZ - S8

Although the Mpow Flame has a few competitors within the same price range as it, other wireless earbuds options such the WRZ S8 are not quite as good. They also don't offer the same sound quality or earhooks that wrap around your ear to provide better stability. Although the WRZ S8 has Bluetooth 5.0, it offers a more reliable and longer range. However, it also comes with a lower rating for water resistance. The Mpow Flame is better for working out or other physical intensive activities.

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Final Verdict

Bluetooth earbuds at a low price with an underwater certificate.

Mpow Flame is a unique find at this price because of its combination of an IPX7 waterproof nano-coating with a comfortable, ergonomic in-ear design. The Mpow Flame's wireless headphones are great value for money. Although the sound quality and battery life can be a bit disappointing at seven hours each, it is still a good choice if you just need a pair of wireless headphones to go to the gym.


  • Flamingo
  • Products Brand Mpow
  • Prices from $19.99
  • Weight 3.1 oz.
  • Product dimensions 4.1x4.1x2.3in
  • Color Black, blue, pink, red
  • Model number MPBH088AR
  • Enter your email address
  • Wired/Wireless wireless
  • Yes. Included.
  • On-ear controls
  • Active Noise Cancellation No
  • Mic Yes
  • Bluetooth Connection 4.1
  • Battery life 7 hours
  • Port for MicroUSB charging inputs/outputs
  • Warranty: 18 month warranty
  • Compatible Android and iOS

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