Monster Hunter Stories 2: Rock Paper Scissors?

Updated on 2023-06-29
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, Rock Paper Scissors battle system & Team build up recommendations for the beginner.

MH Stories 2Yoo, What's going on, guys? Today, I will review the newest related anime-style game: "Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin". This game come with a great battle system & lovely anime characters. It is available on Nintendo Switch or can purchase from Steam on PC. By the way, the ENA' s Amiibo looks so cute. I highly recommend it and TSUKINO's Amiibo too. For more Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo information, please keep an eye on Nintendo's Website. Now it's time to have a try. Let's go, guys.

Game information: Monster Hunter Stories 2

First of all, the pretty basic introduction for Monster Hunter Stories 2:Game Info

battle systemMonster Hunter is an action game with RPG Element contain anime style and focuses on multiple battle systems with giant monsters. After hunting, each hunter can use the parts from the Monster to build and upgrade the armor & weapons. Then prepare to fight with more dangerous and higher-ranking monsters. However, in Monster Hunter Stories 2, Capcom Company subverted expectations with the Nintendo 3DS' Monster Hunter Stories. It demonstrated that Monster Hunter could be a compelling JRPG with a healthy injection of Pokémon-like creature collecting. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is different from the last version, and you play as a monster rider rather than a hunter. This means you can create or forge bonds with monsters—for instance, cooperation skills with your monster partner. In my opinion, the JRPG model & New fighting system can bring a new user experience to customers. Anime gaming style also gives customers lovely character designs & monsters models that even made a bright and colorful gaming world from Capcom Company.

Battle System: Rock Paper or Scissors?

Monster Hunter Stories 2's turn-based combat is surprisingly deep. Standard attacks and most special moves have one of three types: Power, Speed, and Technical. A rock-paper-scissors mechanic (Speed beats Power, Power beats Technical, Technical beats Speed) serves as the core gameplay strategy. Whenever you or your monster attacks a monster that's directly targeting you, the type of attack you use is compared against the enemy's attack, with the loser taking much more damage than the winner in the clash.battle systemBy the way, your monster chooses how to attack and what skills to use on its own, but you can spend Kinship points to order it to use a certain skill instead. Kinship points are built up when you or your monster win head-to-head confrontations, and they're also used for the riding system.

Another funny thing is "Monster Hunter Stories 2" is a JRPG element game; however, there is similarity like in "Monster Hunter World & ICEBRONE", "Monster Hunter Rise" ---- The part broken system. In Monster Hunter Stories 2, the part broken system is not like the RPG element Monster Hunter games, and it is not random anymore.

For example, during a hunt in "Monster Hunter Rise", you cannot break the monster's tail or other bounty parts. Cause all your attack is random hits, you need to focus on one part and give them enough damage then the part can be broken.
But in Monster Hunter 2, this situation won't have happened.

Each hunter can select which part you want to break from the monster. Heads can be smashed, claws can be shattered, and tails can be cut off. If you do that, you can stun the monster or let them disable their attacks. After the battel hunter can receive the award items from the monster, depending on how many parts were broken, even receive the mystery stories 2 Elements also play a part in combat, again like in regular Monster Hunter games. Each Monster and armor is strong against one element and weak against another element, and that easily comes into play when you're facing a monster you know will attack with fire, ice, or lightning. That makes three different attack characteristics to consider each turn.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: 10 useful monsters for beginner

Here we go, guys. In here, I just listed ten instrumental and helpful partners (monsters) to help with your adventure of Monster Hunter Stories 2 in the beginning. Try to collect them and build your team. Let's go!

10. Velocidrome

Velocidrome is the first Monster players will acquire. It was owned by Kayna, who named it Ranmar. It looks like a blue raptor with an orange Mohawk. Velocidrome's speciality is Speed, which is important because not many early wild monsters have this trait.

Also unique to this creature is its Jump ability, allowing it to perform small hops to giant leaps. It also moves pretty quickly in the field.Velocidrome

9. Yian Kut-Ku

Yian Kut-Ku looks like a created wild monster that only this series could come up with. It is unlike any dinosaur or animal that comes to mind. Also, like wyvern a little bit? But anyway, never mind. Its distinctive giant beak is also one of its most vital skills. That ability is called Rock Breaker, and it allows players to smash through rocks. By the way, a helpful knowledge is Yian Kut-Ku knows how to control FIRE element. It would help if you had a try.Yian Kut-ku

8. Bulldrome

Bulldrome is hard to steer, so it's not a perfect mount, but it gets the job done for t is a Power Monstie but only has about medium average strength. It may not look as cool as some of the other Monsties as it is just a pig at its core, but Bulldrome's Dash ability is fantastic. It allows players to speed through areas in a flash.

Bulldrome is hard to steer, so it's not a perfect mount, but it gets the job done for the early sections of Monster Hunter Stories 2.Buldrome

7. Royal Ludroth

The Royal Ludroth somewhat looks like a giant Komodo Dragon with a bunch of bananas for a mane. It's a tricky monster to miss in the wild. This should be the first Monster captured to allows players to cross water via its Swim ability.

It's like getting that feeling when Surf was unlocked in the original Pokemon games. The Royal Ludroth unlocks a lot of exploration possibilities. It should also be noted that it is a Power water elemental. It takes a lot longer to get a climbing Monster, which is like a mid-game ability.Royal Ludroth

6. Pukei-Pukei

Pukei-Pukei looks like a monstrous feathered chameleon. This Monster is more chameleon-like as it can change appearance whenever. It has the ability Roar, which acts like the Repel item in the Pokemon games. This is useful when players may not want to fight any monsters in the field.

Pukei-Pukei is a Technical Monster with a poison speciality. It's an excellent Monster to throw out to poison an enemy monster and gain an advantage.Pukei-Pukei

5. Nargacuga

Nargacuga(em. It looks so cute than Monster Hunter World) is kind of like a bat dragon. It feels inspired by the titular dragon from How to Train Your Dragon. There are many reasons besides the look and black color of it. It's also a Speed Monster and can even use Stealth.

This ability turns the party invisible to avoid fights, so it's like Roar but better. Levelling Nargacuga up makes it one of the strongest Monsties in the game.

4. Arzuros

Arzuros is a giant monster bear with tons of unique colors as if it fell into multiple paint factory vats. It's hard to miss in the field. Another attractive trait about Arzuros is that it always has its tongue out, giving it a lovable derpy quality.Arzuros

3. Great Gaggi

The Great Jaggi is a classic monster in the Monster Hunter series. In "Monster Hunter Stories 2" makes it look like an extra fuzzy purple raptor. It is a Technical fighter with decent stats for the beginning of Monster Hunter Stories 2.

The reason to keep the Great Jaggi around is for its Nest Search. If players fight a monster in the field and wonder if they have eggs around, this can help them seek out the nearby nests.Great Gaggi

2. Qurupeco

Qurupeco is like a more monstrous and exaggerated version of a dodo bird. In the first Monster Hunter Stories, it was one of the main Monsties via a friend.

It is a Technical fighter that also has the speciality of fire. It doesn't have anything unique as Yian Kut-Ku is also a Technical/fire type and is close in stats. Qurupeco's ability, Monster Search, was also already covered. It's still an excellent early Monster, given these facts, though.Qurupeco

1. Kulu-Ya-Ku

Kulu-Ya-Ku is the second Monster players will acquire via their first egg. It's a little startling to see a Monster hatch as a baby and then an adult in battle. It doesn't make sense, but neither does a lot of things in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Kulu-Ya-Ku is a Technical monster. It also has Nest Searchability like Qurupeco and even seems to be based on the same type of animal, the dodo bird. Kulu-Ya-Ku looks more like a raptor crossed with a dodo.Kulu-Ya-Ku

Monster Hunter Stories 2 short FAQ Time:

How long is Monster Hunter Stories 2?

The main story usually takes 35~36 hours. If you want to complete all the collections, I highly recommended 80+ hours.

Where can I download Monster Hunter Stories 2?

You can download from Switch E-shop or a physical game card from your nearest game store for Nintendo Switch users. For PC users, you can purchase from Steam.

Is Monster Hunter Stories 2 available on PS4 & PS5?

No, Monster Hunter Stories 2 not available on PS4 & PS5

How much for Monster Hunter Stories 2?

$59.99 USD same on Switch & Steam.

Where to buy Monster Hunter Stories Switch limited edition?

Capcom didn't released Monster Hunter Stories Switch limited edition. Only can buy limited edition Switch Console for Monster Hunter Rise.

Where is Nargacuga's egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Nargacuga's egg appear in rare dens scattered around the Alcala region itself in addition to rare dens in West Etuelle Forest.

Where is Tigrex in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Tigrex resides in Alcala Highlands.

In Conclusion

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a fantastic JRPG game with a brand-new battle system. I believe more DLC for this game will coming soon. After reading the article, you will have a try at this amazing game. We will keep providing more updates for the Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg System & Egg list and some valuable tips such as how to level up fast in Monster Hunter Stoires 2 etc., in the future stories 2