Modified 3DS! How to install CFW on 3DS (Ver.11.15.0 compatible) [Latest in 2022]

Updated on 2023-06-29
Since the 3DS has been updated to Ver.11.15.0, the previous method of installing CFW can no longer be used. In this article, I will explain how to install the latest CFW for 3DS Ver.11.15.0, from preparing Seedminer to launching FBI from HBL.

How to install CFW on 3DS (Ver.11.15.0 compatible)

If you install CFW in your 3DS and modify it, you will be able to do various things that you can't do with a normal 3DS. This time, I will explain how to install CFW that supports the latest version of 3DS Ver.11.15.0.


At first

First of all, I will explain the points to be careful before starting the remodeling.


Whatever happens, be responsible

Modifications such as installing CFW from Fredtool, or installing HBL or FBI are not originally recommended by Nintendo. Problems may occur during modification, or problems may occur after modification. Start by understanding that no matter what happens, implementing CFW is your responsibility.


Work with plenty of time

It takes about an hour to install CFW obtained from Fredtool, and then about an hour to install tools such as HBL and FBI. Work when you have time.


Communication environment

An internet environment is required to install CFW on the 3DS. It would be better to prepare a Wi-Fi environment that can connect to both 3DS and PC.


How to modify 3DS and introduce CFW

Let's take a look at how to install and modify CFW on the 3DS updated to Ver.11.15.0. We will explain in detail how to make preparations before starting remodeling, import CFW data, and set it so that it can be operated on 3DS.


Things to prepare

First, let's prepare what you need to modify your 3DS to introduce CFW. Here's what you need to have ready before starting the mod:

  • 3DS body to be modified

For the time being, if there is no main body to remodel, it will not start.
  • 3ds charger

If the power goes off during remodeling, it will fail, so keep it connected to the power supply during remodeling.
  • SD card or microSD card

The 3DS system is an SD card. The New3DS system is a microSD card. Get one from 16GB to 38GB. If you use 64GB or more, format it with FAT32 in advance.
  • Windows PC and SD card reader

To install CFW on 3DS, download the CFW data to your PC, save it to an SD card (microSD card), and then install it on 3DS. The PC can be Mac or Linux, but Windows is recommended because it is easier to operate. Also, prepare an SD card reader if it is not attached to your PC so that you can read and write to SD cards and microSD cards.

Set your PC to display file extensions. If you are using Windows 10, open Explorer and check "File Extensions" under "View".

Advance preparation

Once you have everything you need, the next step is to prepare for anti- ban measures . Even if you take measures against dirt ban, it does not mean that you are completely free from worry about dirt ban. However, if you do not take this measure, you will definitely be banned, so be sure to do it before you start remodeling.

The following are measures against dirt ban. Start your 3DS.

  1. Go to "Device Settings" > "Internet Settings" > "Unnoticed Communication"
  2. Set "Send device information" to "Do not send"
  3. Return to the home screen and open "Friends List"
  4. Go to Friend List Settings > Friend Notification Settings
  5. Set "Publish the software you are playing?" to "Do not publish"

Make sure you do this preparation well.

Seedminer preparation

Next, let's prepare to introduce movable.sed with Seedminer.

  • Preparation for introducing movable.sed with Seedminer ①Confirmation of ID0

Let's check "ID0".

Turn off the power of the 3DS that has been prepared in advance and remove the SD card (microSD card) from the 3DS main unit. If you have a microSD card, insert it into the adapter and then insert it into your computer's SD card reader.

After inserting the SD card into the PC, open SDHD (SD card) in Explorer. Open the "Nintendo 3DS" folder in the SD card.

In the "Nintendo 3DS" folder, there is "Private" and another long random alphanumeric string folder. Right-click on the name of the long random string folder and click Rename. Then you can copy the folder name. Copy the folder name and paste it into Notepad and save it.

In the unlikely event that there are multiple folder names with long names, return to the original screen and change the folder name to "Nintendo 3DS". For example, let's say "backup_Nintendo 3DS". After renaming the folder, return the SD card to the 3DS whose power was turned off from the PC. If you turn on the power with the SD card inserted, new management information will be created in the 3DS.

After the new management information is created, turn off the 3DS, move the SD card to the PC and open it. A new "Nintendo 3DS" folder should have been created. Inside the new folder there is only one long string folder. Copy the folder name and save it.

After copying, delete the newly created folder and rename it back to the original folder.

When Seedminer is ready so far, put the SD card back into the 3DS and turn on the power.
  • Preparation for introducing moveable.sed with Seedminer ② Confirmation of friend code

Check your friend code in preparation for introducing moveable.sed with Seedminer.

Turn on your 3DS and open the "Friends List" at the top of the home screen. When you view your profile, you can see your "friend code" at the bottom of the screen.

Let's enter and save the friend code in the file where ID0 was saved on the PC earlier. Omit the hyphen (-) when entering the friend code.

Get movable.sed on Seedminer

Once you're ready, get moveable.sed from Seedminer. The movable.sed available on Seedminer is a key to encrypt the titles on the SD card, which is essential to be able to introduce CFW to the 3DS.

You can get it from Seedminer, so go to Seedminer's site.

How to install CFW on 3DS

After accessing Seedminer, paste your 3DS friend code into "Your friend code" and ID0 into "Your ID0" . After pasting, the screen will change. Click “Continue” when it appears.

Click when "Download movable.sed" is displayed on the next Seedminer page. Then you can download moveable.sed from Seedminer.

However, even if you download movable.sed from Seedminer, it will not work on your 3DS just by downloading it from Seedminer. Convert to a file that can be operated on 3DS. Once the download is complete, go to this site.


Click "Choose File" and select the movable.sed downloaded from Seedminer. After selecting the file, click “Build and Download”. Then, the file "" will be downloaded to your PC.


Put data into 3DS


Next, let's put the downloaded data into the 3DS. Turn off the 3DS, remove the SD card and insert it into your PC.

Unzip "" downloaded earlier. Copy the file "F00D43D5.bin" in the unzipped folder.

Open the SD card and open "Nintendo 3DS" > "folder with ID0 name" > "folder with 32-character alphanumeric name" > "Nintendo DSiWare". If there is no "Nintendo DSiWare" in the "folder with a 32-character alphanumeric name", create a new one. Paste "F00D43D5.bin" in "Nintendo DSiWare" .

If there is another bin file in this folder, save it in another folder on your PC and paste "F00D43D5.bin". In this case, be sure to put it back after installing CFW on the 3DS.


Launch BannerBomb3


Next, remove the SD card from your PC and put it back into your powered down 3DS. Go to "System Settings" > "Data Management" > "DSiWare Data Management" and select "SD Card".

Then the screen crashes and the bottom screen turns purple . After a while, an error screen is displayed and forced restart from forced termination. When the home screen is displayed, turn off the 3DS and insert the SD card into the PC.

After opening the SD card, check if the file "42383841.bin" has been added. This file is used by Fredtool.

Please delete the "F00D43D5.bin" pasted in the Nintendo DSiWare folder as it is no longer needed.


Prepare files for using Fredtool


Next, prepare the files for using Fredtool.

Copy and paste "movable.sed" downloaded earlier to the root of the SD card that is open on your PC.

Access the "Luma3DS" page.

How to install CFW on 3DS
Noob-proof (N)3DS "Custom Firmware". Contribute to LumaTeam/Luma3DS development by creating an account on GitHub.

Download and unzip "". Copy and paste the two files "boot.firm" and "boot.3dsx" in the unzipped folder to the root of the SD card.

Next, access the "b9sTool" page.

How to install CFW on 3DS
`boot.nds` to use the "FIRM partitions known-plaintext" exploit for DSi mode firm writing on 3ds - Releases zoogie/b9sTool

Download and unzip "". Copy and paste the file "boot.nds" in the unzipped folder to the root of the SD card.

Next, access the "Frogminer_save" page.


Download and unzip "". Copy and paste the "private" folder in the unzipped folder to the root of the SD card.

Now you are ready to use Fredtool.


Use Fredtool


Now that you've gotten this far, let's get into how to actually use Fredtool. First, access the following site on your PC to convert to a file that can be used with Fredtool.


Select "movable.sed" for "Your movable.sed" and "42383841.bin" for "your DSiWare Backup". Click Verify files, then click Build and Download.

Then Fredtool will be created. "" will be downloaded to your PC, so unzip it. Open "output" > "hax" in the unzipped Fredtool folder and copy the "42383841.bin" file to the "Nintendo DSiWare" folder in the ID0 folder of the SD card. If there are bin files outside this folder, delete the other bin files.

Move the SD card to the 3DS and turn on the 3DS. Go to "Device Settings" > "Data Management" > "DSiWare Data Management" > "SD Card" and touch "Haxxxxxxxxx!" to copy to the device.

Go back to the 3DS system settings, go to "Internet settings" > "DS software settings" and touch "OK". Then "Moving Notepad" will start.

Touch in the following order.

"Next" > "Right hand" > "OK" > "Next" > "No need" > "Yes" > "OK" >

When you click "OK", "Could not save" is displayed, so touch "OK". Touch "View Notes". Select "SD Card". Select a saved memo and touch "Write".

Press the 3DS D-Pad up. Touch the film icon to the right of "Exit". Press the four-way controller twice to open the 3rd page and touch "Copy" to return to the 1st page. Touch "Paste".

Then the screen darkens and "b9sTool" starts up. Press the 3DS cross key down to select "Install boot9strap" and press the A button. A warning message "It's dangerous" is displayed, but ignore it and press the "START button" and "SELECT button" at the same time to execute.

When "Please home to exit" is displayed, press the "Home button". Exit the software with the "A button". Then "Luma3DS" starts up.


Luma3DS settings


Here's how to set up your Luma3DS: When the Luma3DS Configuration screen appears on the 3DS, use the up and down keys to select "Show NAND or user string in System Settings" and press the "A button" to turn it on. Press the "START button" to save the settings and the 3DS will restart. If you open the device settings and the version changes from "Ver" to "Sys", you have successfully installed CFW .

Please note that 3DS will not start without the SD card used to install CFW in this state.


Restore settings for DS software


With the current settings, when you press the settings for DS software, Notepad will start up. Undo this with Fredtool. Here's how to undo it:

Turn off the 3DS, remove the SD card and insert it into your PC. Open "output" > "clean" from the folder where Fredtool's "" downloaded to the PC is unzipped, and copy and paste the "42383841.bin" file to the "Nintendo DSiWare" folder on the SD card.

Put the SD card back into the 3DS and turn it on. Go to "Device Settings" → "Data Management" → "DSiWare Data Management" → "SD Card". There is software called "Nintendo DSi™", so copy it to the main unit. Now I'm back to my original settings.


Install necessary tools for 3DS after installing CFW


This completes the installation of CFW on the 3DS. However, it doesn't have the tools to do what CFW can do, so there's no point in going through the trouble of installing CFW.

From here, let's install the necessary tools for 3DS with CFW installed. Downloading the file and deploying it to the SD card will be done on the PC. Turn off the 3DS and move the SD card to the PC.