Reasons for Mobdro Not Working 2021

Updated on 2022-09-19
If you have been wondering how to fix Mobdro not working issues on your smartphone or smart TV, the tips outlined above should ideally be helpful

Mobdro, one of the most popular IPTV services, has been one of the excellent options for the media fans out there. However, there are times when you would find that Mobdro is not working. Have you come across such a situation and are looking to resolve the issues in how to deal with why is Mobdro not working? Let us check out a few of the best options to understand how to fix Mobdro that is not working.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is an online streaming service, and it has been one of the most popular streaming services on Android. It can be one of the best and popular IPTV services wherein you would find it offering you access to an option to browse and watch videos across several genres that would include movies, TV, news and even music.


Mobdro is actually a streaming service that collects a wide range of videos, but does not actually host any of them on its servers. It acts as a search engine for your videos and provides you an option to have access to multiple streaming services through one single app. You do not need to look for different streaming services, but can enjoy your favorite streaming services and videos on one single platform.

Prime Reasons for Mobdro not working 2021

There can be several reasons that can make your Mobdro not working or even make it stop working all of a sudden.

Irrespective of whether you are on the Firestick or Android device, the reasons for a non-working Mobdro service can be quite similar. Mobdro is an Android application, and it can fail to launch properly due to the errors in the installation file. A pending update can be yet another reason that makes your Mobdro stop working on your device.

Solutions for Mobdro not working

Now that you are aware of what can cause Mobdro to stop working on your device, let us check out the best options to assist you in resolving the issue of Mobdro not working on your phone or Firestick.

Here are a  few of the prime fixes that can prove to be quite handy and help you in resolving the issue of Mobdro not working. 

Fix 1 – Get your app refreshed

The first and foremost solution that can help you get rid of the issue of Mobdro not working is to refresh your app. A quick refresh of the app can be helpful in letting you get rid of the issues with the app and get it back in shape once again.

Here is how to refresh the Mobdro app –

  • Exit the Mobdro app entirely

  • Use Task manager to swipe off everything

  • Restart your device

  • Launch the Mobdro app and check if it begins working properly.

Fix 2 – Reinstall the app

If refreshing the app does not resolve the issue for you, the next right option would be to uninstall the Mobdro app and reinstall it. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app should rather be quite simple and easy to go with.

Reinstall the app

If you are on a smartphone, follow the steps here below –

  • Look for the Mobdro app from your app manager. Finding it may need you to follow different steps depending on your device.

  • Tap n the icon that depicts the Uninstall action

  • Uninstall Mobdro from your device

  • Reboot your phone

  • Download Mobdro once again. It is advisable to go with a reliable source for downloading your Mobdro app.

  • Install Mobdro app on your device

Check if the issue has been resolved.

If you are on a Smart TV,

  • Navigate to the Home screen of your Smart TV

  • Go to the App Manager and locate the Mobdro app

  • Click on it to go into the details of the app

  • Click on Uninstall

  • Once the app has been uninstalled, download it once again

  • Install the APK

Check if the Mobdro app is working fine now on your device.

Fix 3 – Check for the Updates

The next step will be to find if the app has any updates pending. An app that is pending for updates is likely to throw errors. Updating the app can be helpful in fixing the issue in most of the cases.


Check the app version for the Mobdro app that is installed on your device. Launch a browser and check if there is an updated version available. If you find that you have an updated version available, downloading the update and installing it can be a great option. You may need to uninstall the previous version if the new version fails to install on the existing version.

How to watch streaming videos without limitation?

Well, Mobdro is definitely a great option for streaming your favorite videos and doubles up as one of the excellent options for one of the excellent options for enjoying one of the best functionality ever in enjoying your favorite videos like never before.

However, the streaming services can ideally run into errors, and you are likely to be left high and dry looking for the right content to satisfy your entertainment expectations. In such a scenario, it may be worthwhile to check for the right source of entertainment.

One of the best options from this perspective can be to download your favourite videos beforehand. This can go a long way in helping you have something to watch even when Mobdro is not working. In fact, you would find it quite a good idea to download Netflix videos and watch them offline whenever you want to watch them.

You can even look for a wide range of other options for downloading your favourite videos, such as Funimation video downloads if you are an anime fan. Coming from Sony, this one has been regarded as one of the prominent and great options for practically every need that you may have in terms of a wholesome entertainment in terms of the best quality anime.

A few of the other options for an efficient download can include Disney Plus downloads and Hulu downloads. In essence, the choice of the downloads that you would want to go with would be dependent on the kind of content that you are looking to consume. The crux of the matter is that downloading your favorite content can ideally go a long way in helping you watch the streaming content on any device whenever you want without any sort of limitations or internet connectivity.

The Closing thoughts

The Mobdro app has been one of the excellent options for providing you access to one of the best streaming experiences ever. If you have been wondering how to fix Mobdro not working issues on your smartphone or smart TV, the tips outlined above should ideally be helpful in providing you one of the most exciting experiences ever for providing you one of the prime options in every way whatsoever.

Check out the tips and share your experience with us!