Closed to see the cartoon convai? Thorough explanation of alternative sites.

By momoka

Recently, a number of illegal free manga sites have appeared, one of which, "Manga Bank," was finally forced to shut down due to complaints from major publishers. However, a similar site, "MangaCOMBAY," was created shortly thereafter, and manga readers are speaking out.
In this article, we will thoroughly explain whether "MangaCombay" is no longer available, whether the site was closed, and the alternative site !

What is the free manga site "Manga Combay"?

"Manga Combay" is an illegal manga site that opened in November 2021.

The design of the site is very simple, with the "MangaCombay" logo in the upper left corner, the words "Web Comics" in the middle, followed by a search field, but by looking up manga in the search field, many manga can be read for free.

Successor to Manga BANK

This site seems to be the successor to the previously established illegal manga site "Manga BANK.

There is no doubt that it is a successor site, since accessing the URL of Manga BANK redirects you to the page of Combai.

Also, the creation of the site is almost the same, with no differences other than the logo displayed in the upper left corner.

Possibility that the administrator is also the same person.

Considering the similarity of the site's design and the timing of the appearance of the comic by Kombai, there is no doubt that the administrator is the same person ... .

MangaBANK has already been closed, but that does not mean that the data will disappear; a new site can be created as soon as the URL and server are changed, which means that Combay is using comics created by the same administrator.

Number of monthly accesses

MangaBANK has just opened and no data is available, but it is said that the maximum number of monthly accesses is approaching 400 million.

Since manga can be read for free and there are not so many advertisements, it seems to have been especially popular among manga sites.

Is the manga site MangaCombay no longer available? Has it closed down?

"Manga Combay," the successor to "MANGA BANK," is already not viewable, even though the site opened in November.

Since MANGA BANK has already caught the attention of many people, many people think that the site may have been dealt with immediately or that it may have been forced to close.

Closure is very likely.

In fact, there is a possibility that Combay Combay is closed.

When you try to access it, you will see "Server not found," indicating that the server has not been updated.

If it is just busy, an error message will be displayed, so it is reasonable to assume that it has been forcibly closed.

MangaBANK is completely closed.

Manga BANK, which was the source of the Manga Combai, has completely closed down .

Manga BANK posted a notice of closure on its site at the time of closure and stopped updating its servers shortly thereafter.

Requests for disclosure of information from publishers

Of course, there was a reason why MangaBANK was completely shut down, and many publishers, led by the major publisher Shueisha, have banded together to close MangaBANK.

Since the beginning of this year, they have already twice filed disclosure requests with the U.S. courts, which the courts have accepted, and in both cases, disclosure orders have been issued.

As a result, MANGA BANK will be closed.

Any chance of reopening?

There is a possibility that MANGA BANK or MangaCombai may reopen or similar sites may reopen in the future.

As we have explained, even if no data has been uploaded to the servers, the sites can be easily restored as long as the data is still available.

However, given the risk of the operator being identified and arrested, it is likely that the site will not be reopened for some time .

In fact, it is thought that the manga conbai was created as a trial, just to see how it goes. Given the immediate closure, it is likely that the reopening of the site in the future was deemed very risky.

Alternatives to the illegal manga site Manga Combay

It is not a good idea to read manga on a manga site, but there are always people who are tempted to browse through them because they are free.

People who actually read MangaBANK and MangaCombay are looking for alternative sites.

comic sites

There are many comic sites where you can read comics for free, not limited to MangaBANK and Mangakombai.

Free Sites

  • Manga4U
  • Love Hug
  • Manga Raw
  • 13DL
  • Mangahami
  • Manga Zip
  • SakuraManga
  • Sen Manga