What is the latest URL for Cartoon Raw as of 2022? And the replacement site after it closes!
By momoka

Mangaraw (Manga RAW or Mangaraw) is a website where you can read manga for free.

Mangaraw.com has already been closed.

It is one of the alternative and successor sites to Manga Village and Manga Bank.

As of September 2022, the Mangaraw (manga1000.com) site is closed, but will reopen with an alternative site.

In this issue, we will introduce a free manga site as an alternative to manga RAW.

== == Manga RAW

Free manga sites as an alternative to Manga RAW (mangaraw)

No. 1: https://mangarawjp.com/

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After cartoon raw closes, it will reopen with a new URL.

Second place: https://manga9.co/jp/

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After Mangaraw closes, it will reopen with a new URL.

No. 3: U-NEXT

U-NEXT offers a 31-day free trial!
1,990/month for video and manga (excluding tax)
Plenty of free manga
1,200 points per month for membership registration
Download function for offline viewing
A wide variety of popular manga/books/novels. You can check it out with a free trial. First registration is 600 yen for a "31-day free trial".

No. 4: Amazon kindle unlimited

Amazon has books for adults, and they are inexpensive even if you have to pay.

There is also an initial 30-day free trial.
2 million books available for unlimited reading!
980 yen/month
For safety and security, choose Amazon.


myreadingmanga is an illegal manga site that uploads manga dealing mainly with male romance, including BL (Bose Love), yaoi (yaoi), and rose manga. Homosexual manga site.

Summary of myreadingmanga closure and alternative and successor sites for yaoi / bala manga / BL (boys love) manga.


This illegal manga site is the successor and alternative to mangaPLAY (manga play). 2CC.si is now the next redirect site. You have to download the manga to read it, and there is a risk of virus infection.

MangaPLAY has closed down. 13DL.me is the replacement for MangaBank|successor illegal site summary.


This is the alternative and successor manga illegal site to MangaPLAY. It closed immediately after MangaPLAY closed.

Manga PLA

Successor site to Manga Bank. Fewer manga handled. It is unknown when it will be closed.



Manga Raw (manga1001)


MangaBANK(mangaBANK) The most accessed illegal manga site since its closure.

The site loads, displays images, and features few advertisements.

Manga Village (mangaMURA)

Mangamura (mangamura) is a pirate viewer site. Mangamura (mangamura) was established in January 2016 and closed in April 2018.

Free manga free illegal pirate sites are dangerous! Free manga alternatives to mangamura are not safe.

Mangamura Pro.

Mangamura Pro is a paid version of Mangamura. It was closed at the same time as Manga Village.

New Manga Village

New Manga Village has been closed.

Starry Starry Starry Starry Starry Starry Starry Starry Starry Starry Starry Starry Starry


Cartoon Rock

Manga Rock was released in the early 2000s for the international market. It distributed English translations of Japanese and other manga on its website and app (iOS/Android). The official Twitter distribution list included popular titles such as "City Hunter," "Sto☆Oni-san," and "Sakamoto Desu" but was closed.

MangaPro Top

Visit mangapro.top to go to the Manga Rock page.


https://rawlazy.com/ですが, the cartoons are hard to read. Not recommended.


Currently in progress.

Manga Toro (formerly Manga Sam)

Ongoing use.

Manga Freak

Ongoing use


Continuing to use





Sen Cartoon

Display speed of images is slow. Difficult to view.



What are the Dangers of Cartoon Raw?

Many ads for adult sites
Malware installers are downloaded without permission
Possible data hacking and personal information leakage

Manga Raw is an illegal manga site that continues to exist after its closure, although its URL changes frequently.

The sources of income for this type of illegal manga site are "advertising revenue," "hacking," "virtual currency mining," and "trading of personal information.

In fact, many reports of damage have been tweeted on SNS, such as "I got a virus while reading manga on mangaraw" or "My smartphone app was hijacked when I used mangaraw.

How to use mangaraw safely!

In conclusion: Using pirate manga websites to illegally download manga can get you arrested!

With the enforcement of the revised Copyright Act on January 1, 2021, most illegal manga sites have been exposed (source of information).

Romi Hoshino, famous for his "Manga-mura" (manga village), was sentenced on June 2, 2021 to 3 years in prison, a 10 million yen fine, and an additional fine of approximately 62 million yen.

Illegally downloading and reading manga from Mangakusei can result in imprisonment for up to two years, a fine of up to 2 million yen, or both, if convicted.

However, browsing only is not a download and is not subject to penalties.

In other words, if you only browse manga on mangaraw, you are not committing an illegal act.