Mangagohan (mangagohan) closed? Investigate alternative sites to mangagohan!

Updated on 2022-10-09
This article will help you find a safe alternative to Manga Gohan and a successor to Manga Gohan!

"Manga Gohan" is a free manga reading service. However, even though it is free to read, there are various risks involved in just using the service. In this issue, we will introduce the truth behind the rumor of Mangagohan's closure and some precautions to take when using the service.

What is the truth behind the rumor that MangaGohan is closing?

MangaGohan uploads manga works illegally. There are rumors on the Internet that MangaGohan has been closed. We have investigated the truth and will introduce it here.

Site cannot be opened as of October 2022

This article was written in mid-July 2022. At that point, the Manga Gohan site will no longer be open. After much research, we found that mangagohan (Mangagohan) has been continuously inaccessible since around April 2022.

Although we have no definitive information, it is highly likely that mangagohan (Mangagohan) has been closed.

Mangagohan does not appear in Google searches

A Google search for Mangagohan does not return any hits. It is expected that the site itself has closed down and is no longer a hit on Google.

There are rumors that the site has already been moved to a successor site.

Many of the sites where pirated manga are uploaded, including Manga Gohan, are frequently closed or migrated. Since the sites themselves are illegal, it is only natural that they are closed due to opinions from publishers and others.

However, there are also many cases where the site itself is migrated and operated under a different name or URL even after being closed. mangagohan is also rumored to have been migrated, but the results of our investigation were only rumors.

Since it is an illegal site to begin with, we cannot complain if it is closed down....

Looking at social networking sites, we can see some users complaining about mangagohan's closure. However, since it is an illegal site and users know that it is illegal, they cannot complain.

Rather, manga is a content that you have to pay to read. Currently, there are apps that allow users to read manga for free, but mangagohan is another site where manga is uploaded illegally, so it is basically unusable.

It is said to be the successor site to Mangraw, but it has nothing to do with it!

There are rumors that mangagohan (manga rice) is the successor site to the previously operated pirate manga site Mangraw. However, after much research, it appears that they are not related.

As we will discuss later, there are indeed many sites where manga are illegally uploaded. However, as with any site, there are risks involved in using them.

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Piracy sites as dangerous as mangagohan

Here are 5 similar sites to mangagohan that are just as dangerous as mangagohan. Avoid using them.

Pirate sites (1) Manga BANK

Manga BANK is a pirate site with more than 3,000 illegally uploaded manga titles. As mentioned above, the operator of this site has received an administrative sanction, and its closure is confirmed for November 2021.

Given the administrative action taken against the operator, it is unlikely that Manga BANK will be revived.

Piracy site (2) Manga ZIP

Manga ZIP is a site that introduces sites where manga works are filed. The system is designed to encourage downloading, which is a completely illegal download.

In addition, since the files must be downloaded, there is a possibility that the files may contain viruses or other contaminants. This is a very dangerous site and should never be used.

Pirate sites ③ is another pirate site for downloading manga. Since you cannot read the manga without illegally downloading it, there is a risk of being punished and a high risk of virus infection, so please do not use this site.

Pirate sites ④ Manga PLAY

Manga PLAY is a pirate site similar to Manga ZIP for downloading manga files. Like Manga ZIP, this site has a high risk of virus infection.

It is rumored to be closed in April 2022, so it is currently inaccessible, but even if it is restored, please refrain from using it.

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Pirate sites ⑤SakuraManga

SakuraManga is a pirate site that was previously rumored to be closed, but is now accessible, so it may have been temporarily suspended or under investigation.

It is an attractive site to read manga for free, and since there is no need to download the manga, you may feel that the risk is low.

A safe manga service that can be used instead of "Manga Gohan".

Finally, here are 10 services that you can use to read manga safely. We recommend these services, including manga subscription services and free manga reading apps, so please take a look at them and find the one that suits you best.

Manga Service ① Comic Seymour

"Comic-C'more" is a well-established e-comics service operated by NTT Solmare for over 15 years. You can read a variety of e-books from a lineup of over 870,000 titles, including not only manga but also magazines.

The extensive lineup includes girls' manga, women's manga, BL/TL, and adult manga. Coupons and campaigns are frequently offered, so you can purchase e-books at a discount.

There are two types of subscriptions, so if you like Comic Seymour's lineup, we recommend you sign up.

Manga Service 2) U-NEXT

"U-NEXT" is a video distribution service, but when you sign up, you are given 600 points every month, which you can use to read manga.

U-NEXT is relatively expensive at 2,189 yen per month, but it offers 250,000 videos and you can also read magazines. The first 31 days are available as a free trial, so if there is a manga you really want to read, you may want to register.

Manga Service 3) Manga BANG!

Manga BANG!" is an application that allows you to read a variety of manga for free. Basically, you can read one story a day, and while many of the apps are free, there are some works that you can read for extra by running ads.

Not all works can be read for free, but you can try them out and read them anyway.

Manga service 4) Ameba Manga

"Ameba Manga" is an e-book service operated by CyberAgent, with over 400,000 titles distributed and more than 4,000 manga titles available for free.

After registering as a new user, you can purchase up to 100 manga at a 40% discount, so "Ameba Manga" is recommended for those who want to purchase manga as cheaply as possible.

Manga service 5) Manga One

"Manga One" is a manga application run by Shogakukan; it is a popular application that has achieved 24 million downloads, and you can also read Manga One original manga.

It is a recommended manga app because you can read dramas such as "YAKKIN Ushijima-kun" and "Yakusoku no Cinderella" for free. The application can be downloaded for free, so why not give it a try?

Manga Service ⑥ eBookJapan

"eBookJapan" is an e-book service operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation and eBook Initiative Japan Inc. eBookJapan is one of the best manga services with a lineup of over 850,000 comics.

Yahoo Japan is also a great place to buy manga at more reasonable prices.

Manga Service ⑦ Book Unlimited

"Book Unlimited" is an e-book service operated by Softbank. The lineup focuses on magazines, but you can also read more than 20,000 manga. The service is available for 550 yen per month.

Manga Service 8) Yanjan!

Yanjan!" is, as the name suggests, the official application of "Weekly Young Jump". You can read everything from past masterpieces to the latest titles for free.

You can read not only Weekly Young Jump, but also works from "Tonari no Young Jump," "Ultra Jump," "Grand Jump," and "Dash x Comics" for free.

If you like Young Jump works, we recommend you to read them for free, although it will be a little bit every day.

Manga Service ⑨ BOOK WALKER

"BOOK☆WALKER" is an e-book service operated by KADOKAWA. Including not only manga but also light novels and novels, it offers a lineup of more than 920,000 books.

There is an unlimited manga and magazine reading plan as a subscription, available for 836 yen per month.

Manga Service ⑩Manga Kingdom

"Manga Kingdom" is a well-established e-book service that began operations in 2004. Compared to other e-book services, it offers a more affordable price.

While other e-book services often allow you to try reading from a single story, Manga Kingdom is unique in that you can try reading from a single book. If you want to try reading for now, Manga Kingdom is recommended.


How was your experience with mangagohan? Mangagohan is a dangerous site where manga are uploaded illegally. The advantage is that you can read all the uploaded manga for free, but the risk is greater when weighed against the risk.

Just using the site is not illegal, but downloading may be punishable. There is also the possibility that your valuable device could be infected with a virus.

Although it is very attractive to be able to read the latest episodes for free, we recommend that you read manga on official services as much as possible, even if it means supporting the author.