Love is blind season 2: release date, shooting location, episodes, cast, creator with the interesting FAQ

Peter Parker
Updated on 2022-01-05
When love is blind season 2 is on the air then keep yourself updated with the in and out information of this show from absolute authentic sources.

In this pandemic when you literally got glued in your own den for the longest time ever then what else would bring the best snuggling smile to your face but the smashing and sizzling show love is blind season 2 on Netflix. Yes, you have heard right and if you're lunging on your settee then get a grip on yourself and spare your favourite cosy corner to witness the heights of the much-awaited Netflix show love is blind session 2.

If you already haven't gotten over the engrossing charisma of season 1 for the magnetic moments and surprising slants of the show then season 2 love is blind would take you to the planet of platonic paradise through its inclusive voyage. On the other hand, if you haven't been on the journey of love is blind season 1 then you better tighten your time to undergo a twofold gust with two of its seasons. Since you are already running out of your patience then without wasting a second better gobble the whole article exclusively to make the most out of this dating reality television series.  

Get a ride with the basic brief of love is blind season1:

Now to start with season 2 love is blind, you need to brush up the background of this much-hyped show with little highlights of love is blind season 1. This show which is a part of three weeks events is specially designed to encourage speed dating by putting 30 participants in a pod room where they are allowed to talk to each other through the wall to their prospective counterparts for 10 days without seeing each other.

Once the man decided to propose to the lady he would love to marry, the face to face meeting and proposal had taken place. And it followed with the couple's journey to Mexico and Playa del Carmen where they spent quality time with each other and also with other couples to harmonize their compatibility. After that, they resided in an apartment in Atlanta to meet the couple's family along with encountering each other's livelihood.

Finally, it ends in the wedding ceremony of the engaged couple who conveyed their final decision by replying to the question ' is love blind?'. This show is intended to ascertain the vision of whether love is truly blind or not. So if you haven't been with them in the first season then you can easily be a member of the gangs by watching the love is blind season1 available on Netflix.

How many love is blind seasons are there?

Now when you are bracing yourself for the love is blind season 2 after being carried away with its first season then you will be delighted to comprehend that Netflix has declared the third season of love is blind. The NCIS Hawaii' confirmed ET in September 2021 that they already shot season 3. The host of the show Vanessa Lachey has also confirmed the third season to Hollywood Life by stating that they have been shooting season 2 and 3 both. The producer Coelen kept on adding that he would probably want to see as many seasons as possible and he affirmed that "I want to see a season two or a season 12, don't you?" in an interview with

Has love is blind been renewed for a second season?

Since this content is about to give you every relatable information about season 2 love is blind with its accurate detail and description then it is explicitly implied that love is blind season 2 is just about, to begin with, all its surprising elements to live up to the speculations of one of the widest audiences ever. So, when season1 has raised the bar of expectations and enthusiasm, season 2 love is blind would probably break the bars of emotion with passion and precision.

What is love is blind 2 Release Date On Netflix and Shooting Location, Directed and Produced By, Star Cast:

Just hang on for a second, I know that you just can't wait to get all the details of love is blind season 2 but before diving into the aura of platonic romanticism of this show with its goose bumping and sensational execution you better make yourself familiar with all the relatable as well as necessary information of the love is blind season 2 in advance, so that, when you will be thrown to the dynamic creation of season2 love is blind you would be able to get the most out of it since you have already started your journey with us.

Love is blind season2 release date on Netflix:

Though the love is blind season 2 release date Netflix has not been confirmed yet but it is anticipated that the love is blind season 2 will be aired on February 2022 since season 1 got released just the day before Valentine's Day, 13 February on 2020. I know nothing could be more exciting and romantic than it since we all are stuck in this pandemic situation but our romantic thoughts, passionate imagination and sensational vibes are going to reach the sky when you will come across the passionate physically intimacy among engaged couples to dig down the notion that whether the physical communions correspond the emotional communions. So this time love is blind season 2 is going to be one of the boldest, bravest and boundary breachings shows with its conventional twists and turns. 

Season 2 love is blind shooting location:

Since in this pandemic situation when you don't have any other option to explore the different corners of the world then it would be a treat for you to travel through the love is blind season 2 in the most exotic outdoor location of Chicago where the second season is reportedly shot. When the fascinating site of Georgia, Atlanta had nailed the background location of love is blind season 1 then this time in the love is blind season 2 you can expect the sizzling sensation with the serene sublimity of Chicago. 

Apart from the real outdoor location, the love is blind season 2 cast will be kept in pods and bubble pods for the first two weeks and this information has been confirmed by Vanessa Lachey. Season2 would also follow the former formats of season1 but when season 1 was more into the concept of emotional bond over physical intimacy then this time in season 2 they would also highlight the importance of physical attachment to enhance the emotional essence of the couple with the fascinating journey of Chicago.

In addition to this, you would be glad to know that this show has crossed the boundaries of countries and when on one hand the Brazilian version of love is blind was broadcast on 6th October on Netflix then, on the other hand, the Japanese version of love is blind is expected to be aired on the February of 2022.

Love is blind season 2 Directed and Produced By, Star Cast:

This is the time to get introduced to the universal phenomena of love is blind season 2. From the creator to love is blind season 2 cast, you would get to know every single thing of this show with its minute info so that you wouldn't miss anything of this exclusive creation.

From Director and Producer to in and out info of love is blind season 2:



Original Country and Language 

United States, English 


Chris Coelen

Production Company 

Kinetic Content 

Executive Producer 

Chris Coelen, Ally Simpson, Terrance Villarreal, Sam Dean, Eric Detwiler


Vanessa Lachey, Nick Lachey

Original Network 


Love is blind season 2-star cast:

To talk about the brand new love is blind season 2 cast, it is quite sure that none of the season 1 cast would be repeated since Netflix usually doesn't repeat any of its contestants of any reality show apart from some exceptions. Though the love is blind season 2 cast has not been officially announced yet but the creator Coelen stated to Entertainment Weekly that the casting department would choose people who are interested in the concept of the show. Coelen also added that in love is blind season 2 he wanted participants who are genuinely interested in the entire process of emotional bond, attachment and commitment instead of doing it for the sake of attention. And that is why one of the season 1 contestants named Damian was selected from his Tinder profile. 

Since the primary intention of this show is to make matches though it's a romantic ride, therefore, this time in season 2 love is blind the casting unit wants people who are living in the same place. Coelen mentioned in Variety that it is very difficult for people to gel together when they are from different corners of the world. In love is blind season 2 he wants to give a genuine chance to the contestants to find their true love by trying out their compatibility with other contestants.

How many episodes are in love is blind season 2?

Since love is blind season 1 had 14 episodes and the following reunion show named love is blind: After the Altar had 3 episodes, therefore, we can hope to have the same from season 2 love is blind but the exact information of season 2 episodes has not been announced yet.

How has love is blind performed on Netflix?

I know you just can't wait to watch love is blind season 2 but you'll be more thrilled to know how the first season performed on Netflix. It is reported by Netflix that the first 5 episodes of love is blind was viewed by 1.5 million people, 1.3 million watched the rest four episodes and in the final episode, this show had 829,000 viewers. This show has a 50% success rate since 3 couples out of 6 matches are still together. Among all 30 participants, Lauren Speed-Hamilton has 2.3 million followers and it truly sets a benchmark for the season2 love is blind contestants.

Apart from the huge popularity, this show has got two Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations along with MTV Movie+TV Awards Nominations and People's Choice Awards, USA Nominations. Now when you have a brief of the success and popularity of this show then you must know the ratings of this show.

  •     IMDb: 6.1/10
  •     Rotten Tomatoes: 68%
  •     Common Sense Media: 3/5

FAQ Questions Related to the topic:

Are there any couples who get married in love is blind?

Yes, two out of six engaged couples got married in the show and are still celebrating their togetherness. The most popular couple Lauren & Cameron Hamilton are still married to each other and after experiencing a rollercoaster ride of romance Amber & Matt Barnett are also happily married to each other. The third couple Giannina Gibelli & Damian Powers are still together but not married yet.

How are the contestants of love is blind selected for the show?

The married couple Barnett and Amber said to The Los Angeles Times that they got selected from their Instagram profile by the casting producer of this show. On the other hand, the other contestant Damian was picked up from his Tinder profile.

Do the participants of love is blind get paid?

No, they don't get paid at all. Though it has been seen in a few past reality shows that the contestant got a huge amount of money for their participation in the show but in the case of love is blind nothing such has been reported yet.

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Now, when you have all the updated and authentic information about your favourite show love is blind then before being thrown into the magical world of love is blind season 2, you better start watching the first season with the keepstreams downloader for Netflix if you haven't seen the show before. But if you have already been through the journey with love is blind season 1 then why don't you try the ride all over again to be in touch with the charismatic creation of the show to stay relatable as well as reflective for its second season. So, this is the time to twirl the panic of the pandemic to the phenomena of paradise with the pizzazz of love is blind season 2.