Logitech Z906 Review: Great Sound from Small Speakers
By Yvonne

Logitech Z906 Review - Great Sound From Small SpeakersWe tested and compared the Logitech Z906 with other surround sound systems. We were impressed by its performance for such an small speaker system. This is a great value to fill small rooms with sound.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Z906

We like this

  • Great value

  • Simple setup

  • Attractive design

  • Simple-to-use control scheme

  • Overall, good sound quality

The Things We Hate
  • Very low frequency performance results in mediocre performances

  • Front-heavy sound

  • For larger rooms, speaker cables from the rear are too long

  • There is no Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity

Logitech Z906 surround sound system is small-room friendly and highly efficient.

This article explains.
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Audio Input
  • Sound Quality
  • Prices
  • Concurrence
  • Final Verdict
  • Specifications

Logitech Z906 was purchased by us so that our expert reviewer could fully test it and evaluate it. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

The purchase of surround sound speakers can seem daunting. However, the Logitech Z906 is designed to simplify setup and reduce sticker shock. It also delivers impressive 5.1 surround sound. Logitech still requires you to run miles of cables but it has made surround sound accessible to many.

Logitech Z906

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Design: Beautiful and useful

It is an enjoyable experience to unbox the Z906. The Z906 is unpacked in a sky-blue box that opens up to reveal the subwoofer and control console. A smaller box contains neatly stacked speakers.

These five compact satellite speakers, made of solid plastic and featuring large speaker grilles with a huge THX logo, are extremely small. The four satellite speakers are placed upright while the middle one is horizontal. They have double-grippy feet to prevent them from sliding around. It is important that you clean any surfaces where the speakers are to be placed thoroughly. Dust and grime can stick to the pads.

These speakers are very small. These speakers can be placed in almost any space provided there are a few inches of clearance on desks or shelves. They are small enough to fit in small rooms. The system has six channels that can be used for small spaces. The G7906 is best suited for small rooms.

Subwoofers, on the other hand, are a bulky beast with a large grille at the front and a subwoofer aperture to the side. The back houses the input and output ports. Although it is very sturdy and heavy, the subwoofer can still be easy to carry around. However, its minimalist, contemporary aesthetic makes it both attractive and functional.

The Z906's MSRP is $400, which isn't cheap compared to the high-end systems that cost hundreds of thousands.

Subwoofer functions as the hub of Z906's entire system. The back houses all input and output connectors, along with the single power cable. As long as it is not pressed against a wall, the rear ports can be easily accessed and clearly marked. This design is very useful and simplifies the setup. This single power cord can also be a blessing if there are no power outlets.

Although the console is designed to match the overall aesthetic, it is made from lighter and more lightweight plastic. It isn't a denigration of its construction quality, but it is a sign of smart design. The console can be stacked on top of other items like Blu-ray players and other devices.

The LCD is not present, rather an array of indicators lights around a central control dial that has a power button on one side. These indicators indicate which input has been selected and which effect is currently in use. They also display the volume level. It is small and easy to use, just like the rest of your system. The basic design is made of plastic and has rubberized buttons. The product seems sturdy and well-constructed.

Logitech Z906

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Installation: No need to sweat

It can be difficult to set up surround sound systems, due to all the wires and ports that must be connected. This is enough for anyone not an audiophile to want to go back to their TVs or headphones. The Z906 is a great tool for rigging the entire crazy 5.1 spider's web.

The subwoofer's back is clearly labeled, acting as the system hub. Also, the uniform design and layout of satellite speakers are very helpful. The only exception is the central satellite speaker, which is horizontally-oriented. All the other speakers can also be mounted on the wall.

The six channel wires aren't as off-putting here either—just match the color coded wires to their corresponding ports. To accept the wire in the ports, press down on the clamps. Once the wire has been inserted into the port, you can release the clamps. The only problem is the location of the subwoofer's terminals. It can sometimes be difficult to insert the wires.

The small size of satellite speakers also made it easier to place them correctly than larger systems. The layout of your room will determine where the control console and subwoofer should be placed. Keep in mind, however that the subwoofer shouldn't be fired directly at a wall.

Logitech Z906

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Input Audio: The basics

Most audio inputs are accepted by the Z906: six-channel, RCA stereo input, and Digital optical, Digital coaxial, for DVD players, etc. The format of your audio input will determine the effect mode for the speaker when you use it digitally. You will also find an AUX and a headphones output ports on the console.

Unfortunately the Z906 has no wireless connectivity at all—you can't beam music to it from your phone or tablet without physically plugging one into the AUX port. This is because many smartphones have abandoned the headphone Jack, so you will need to purchase an adapter for connecting such phones.

Logitech Z906

Sound Quality - Acceptable, but not exceptional

For such a small system, the Z906 does a great job for such an affordable price. The high and middle tones sound crisp and clear, and the subwoofer vibrates like an earthquake. We were however disappointed at the limited range of the bass. It is not capable of reproducing some very low notes. The sound quality is excellent at all volume levels. However, distortions and background static may be an issue when the volume goes up to a high level. These flaws can be moderated by increasing volume on the input device prior to raising volume in your sound system.

For such a small system, the Z906 is a great value for money.

Although the speakers are best suited for smaller spaces, they can also be used to fill large rooms. If you need replacement cables, you might have to purchase them separately.

Logitech has included Dobly Digital surround sound technology and DTS surround sound technology in the Z906 speakers. The speaker is also THX certified. Despite the fact that it isn't as good as premium systems, the Z906 shouldn't be considered inferior due to its small size and price.

Pricing: Lots of bangfor your buck

The Z906's MSRP is $400, which is not cheap compared to the high-end systems that cost hundreds of thousands. This system is also available for sale at a nearly 50% discount, which makes it an incredible deal.

Logitech vs. Enclave Audio CineHome

The Enclave Audio CineHome system costs twice as much as the Z906 MSRP. While the Cinehome has a better sounding system than the Z906, the difference in price between the two systems is too great to make it a significant factor. The Z906 is better if you don't need top-notch sound and are willing to pay a premium. However, the Enclave system doesn't require any audio wires, and so is much more convenient for large rooms, as long as you have plenty of power outlets—it does still require a power cable for each of its six speakers.

We found the Z906 to be much more straightforward than the CineHome, despite being wired. The Z906 is also easy to use, despite not having advanced wireless features. The simplicity of this system's operation was appreciated by us as much, if not more, than Bluetooth and wireless connectivity in more expensive speakers systems.

Although surround sound speakers can be superior, there are few that sound as good, or so affordable, or so small. They're great for small spaces and are easy to set up. The Logitech Z906 will not disappoint, whether you want to enjoy video gaming without headphones or simply crank up the music while working.


  • Product Name Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System
  • Logitech Product Brand
  • Prices from $400.00
  • Product dimensions 17x17x15in
  • Power 500 W
  • Ports 2 and 1 digital optical, one digital coaxial, 6 channel direct, each with 3.5mm input, plus 3.5mm output, and 1 RCA.
  • Speakers: Four satellite speakers and one channel speaker. Subwoofer
  • Dimensions of Subwoofer 11.5x11.1x12.6"
  • Satellite Dimensions: 6.5x3.9x3.7"
  • Centre Channel Dimensions: 3.9x6.5x3.7"
  • Measurements of Control Console 11.5" x 11.1in x 2".
  • Wireless remote dimensions 4.4x1.7x0.7"

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