Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset Review

By Yvonne

One of the top PC gaming headphones available, the Logitech G Pro X is merely decent on consoles due to its reliance on software. Look no further if you want something cozy with lots of useful customizing options.

As long as there have been gaming headsets, Logitech has been producing them. They provide products that are generally of good quality and range widely in price. The new Logitech G Pro X aims to raise the bar for the firm by incorporating pro gamers' needs into a cost-effective solution.

Logitech G PRO X

This new headset has a wide range of software options and seems very promising, but is it any good?

For whom is the Logitech G Pro X intended?

  • Gamers seeking clothing they can use over extended durations of playing games across all genres.
  • Home-based employees require a comfy headset with a strong microphone for conferences.

What is it like to use the Logitech G Pro X?

The Logitech G Pro X feels wonderful to use right away. With a metal frame and substantial cushioning on the headband and headphones, this gaming headset is well-made. The headset successfully balances tension and comfort. It firmly holds, but not so firmly that it hurts, that I never have to worry about it moving. The hinges attaching to the headphones themselves, which provide a lot of adjustment space, play a significant role in that.

The large, comfy headphone pads make it simple to achieve a good seal. Even better, the Logitech G Pro X includes extra velour pads, saving gamers who wear glasses the trouble of searching for a suitable substitute. The benefits of having a complete seal, especially around a pair of spectacles, clearly outweigh the fact that velour typically has a little worse isolation.

It honestly surprised me a little bit how easy it is to use the headset. I anticipated something a little trickier with all the connections and attachments. But ultimately, it all comes down to this: Everything else is managed by software, with in-line controls that vary significantly depending on the cord.

The braided cord has a volume slider and mic mute switch, and it is designed for use with a PC. The plastic cord contains a single clickable button for music playback and pause that is designed for use with smartphones.

The recently updated G Hub software from Logitech controls everything else related to actually using the headset, including surround sound, mic settings, and a variety of other choices.

How does the Logitech G Pro X work with the G HUB software?

I had a horrible issue installing the Logitech Gaming Software app the first time. Even when the computer was off, the software caused my keyboard's lights to be so inconsistent that I had to unplug it at night (my gaming PC is in my bedroom, for reference).

The Logitech G Hub resolves all of that. Even while I still dislike installing software simply to make my gaming headset fully functional, if all apps added as much functionality to the G Pro X as G Hub does, I wouldn't have as many complaints.

The Logitech G Hub goes above and beyond the typical functions of gaming headset apps, such as enabling surround sound and letting you adjust the EQ of your headphones. On the headphone side, you can actually boost the volume of several surround sound sources, giving the virtual 7.1 configuration distinct speakers that are louder than others. In games like Fortnite, this means you can turn up the sound coming from behind you, which almost feels like cheating.

The true fun, though, is in the mic settings. The Blue Vo!ce software, which enables you to choose from a variety of mic balancing presets or create your own utilizing features like noise reduction, an expander, limiter, compressor, de-esser, and high pass filter, is supported for the first time by a Logitech gaming headset with the Logitech G Pro X. Without a doubt, it marks the single-largest boost in call quality I've ever heard on a gaming headset.

Almost everyone I speak to via Discord asks, "Oh, wow, what did you change?" when I check the Enable Blue Vo!ce box in the middle of a chat. It's not like I can record a podcast with this.

Does the Logitech G Pro X perform well in games?

It was a good experience playing games on the Logitech G Pro X. The headset can connect via wired connections, thus it almost works everywhere. The G Pro X works well with gaming on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox X/S, and Xbox One, but the G Hub app is only available on PC, which regrettably means surround sound isn't available on console.

On a PC, the surround sound feature works nicely when playing games like Overwatch and Fortnite. Although I don't go all the way into varying sound volume in different directions, even without that, I never have trouble identifying the source of specific audio cues. Again, using surround sound won't automatically improve your performance, but if you're skilled enough to use the extra information it provides, it might make a difference.

In general, this is a great headset for playing video games for hours on end. Long sessions of playing games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Dauntless are no problem for me, and the headset does a great job of handling their various sound profiles.

The Logitech G Pro X's connection procedure

The G Pro X comes with a considerable amount of accessories. Along with a compact USB DAC attachment for the PC and a 3.5mm splitter for desktop analog inputs, there are two detachable 3.5mm cords with various inline controls for connecting to either a PC or mobile device. Although Logitech does provide a wireless alternative, this headset is not wireless.

Does the Logitech G Pro X offer noise cancellation?

For a gaming headset, the Logitech G Pro X provides reasonably good isolation. Expect the headset to only filter out the hum of a nearby refrigerator or a TV in another room because there is no active noise cancellation (ANC) present. You probably won't need to filter out anything more extreme than the regular sounds of your home, though, as this is a gaming headset. Although they're not the best outdoor headphones, they're also not meant to be. Once more, the velour pads will perform slightly inferior in this area.

How does the G Pro X from Logitech sound?

In terms of sound quality for a gaming headset, the Logitech G Pro X (cyan) comes relatively near to our internal target curve (pink), despite having some of the normal issues with products in this category. The bass region is noticeably underemphasized, but aside from that, the headset produces sound up to about 3kHz well.

Midpoints, highs, and lows

This means that while sub-bass tones may be difficult to detect in music, some strings and cymbals may be audible. The bass line of The Pretenders' song My City was Gone sounds a little quieter than I'm used to, yet the hi-hat cymbal is lovely and strong throughout.

A frequency response like this should result in a good gaming experience. The Logitech G Pro X avoids the common gaming headset mistake of elevating bass to a low orbit. Although explosions and other loud noises will continue to dominate most video games, they shouldn't drown out any sounds that the designers of those games genuinely want you to hear.

How does the Logitech G PRO X's microphone perform?

The Logitech G Pro X microphone exhibits audible under-emphasis in the bass range and midrange, which is somewhat below typical output for a gaming microphone. This implies that while utilizing the headset's default settings, persons with exceptionally deep voices may sound noticeably distorted and a little quieter than people with higher voices. The increase in upper-mids and high frequencies is beneficial since it makes it simpler to hear sounds that are crucial for speech.

What ought to you get in its place, the Logitech G Pro X?

Having said that, there are other options. If you're set on a wireless headset, something like the SteelSeries Arctis 7+ Wireless offers rock-solid audio for about $170 USD, over 71 hours of battery life on a single charge, a USB-C wireless dongle (and an adapter), and. It costs more than the G Pro X, but it might be your go-to headset in the end.

The Razer BlackShark V2 offers essentially identical features as the G Pro X and costs a little less. It also boasts better isolation, more accurate sound, and a more comfortable construction than the G Pro X. The HyperX Cloud Alpha or Fnatic React headsets are good options if you're only looking for a basic stereo headset.

Think about the Logitech G733 Lightspeed if you wish to stick with the Logitech brand. We enjoy this headset since it is incredibly lightweight, cozy, and works with Blue Vo!ce software. The G733 was originally retailed for $129 USD, similar to the G Pro X, however it is currently on sale.