JabraTalk 45 Bluetooth Headset Review: Crisp Audio, Long-Lasting Batteries and Crisp Audio. The JabraTalk 45 Bluetooth headset features a light, comfortable design that allows you to make calls, listen or download podcasts. Although it held up for nearly 40 hours, the battery life was a bit disappointing.

Jabra Talk 45

Jabra Talk 45

We like this

  • Sleek, ultra-thin designs

  • Ambidextrous

  • Battery life is long

  • Rechargeable

  • Comfortable

The Things We Hate
  • High-end

  • Talk time is low

  • Weak battery

The JabraTalk 45 is lightweight and sleek. It also features an ergonomic earpiece that will keep your ears comfortable during 6 hours of talking.

This article explains
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Installation
  • Performance
  • Battery
  • Prices
  • Concurrence
  • Final Verdict
  • Specifications

Jabra Talk 45 was purchased by us so that our expert reviewer could fully test it and evaluate it. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

With the assistance of my grandmother, I have been working on my family tree. This means lots of calls and notes. The JabraTalk 45 Bluetooth headset has allowed me to have long conversations. It features a comfortable earhook and adjustable sound settings. I tested the battery life, as well as general performance. Continue reading to find out what my thoughts were.

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Design: Easy to spot

Bluetooth headsets have a black sleek design which is difficult to see. This has been one of my greatest concerns. This means that if I lose my Bluetooth headset, it will be there three days later. However, the Jabra Talk 45 was made for people like me who are easily distracted.

While the frame of the headset is black with silver striping, the ear tip is bright orange—and easily spotted on a desk or table. The eartip disappears when the headset is placed in your ear. Only the sleek, dark headset remains visible. Clear plastic ear hooks ensure a comfortable fit and ergonomic design (more details below).

Talk 45's unique feature is the ability to swap the ear that it sits on. The entire assembly is ready to be used on your right ear. If you prefer to speak and hear from your left ear you can remove the plastic hook and flip it over.

Jabra Talk 45

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Comfort: Strong and comfy

The Jabra Talk 45 was my first experience with it. I could feel the pain in my ears after only a couple of hours. The ergonomic design of Jabra Talk 45's ear hook has improved my comfort. It's so comfortable that I often forget to take my headphones off. The JabraTalk 45's earpiece is also very secure, unlike some models like the JabraTalk 25. It won't fall out.

Sometimes I've wanted headphones to be switched and forgotten it was there.

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Installation: You must charge it first before you can use

Although the Jabra Talk 45 is only half-charged, it is a good idea to fully charge it before you start using it. The Jabra comes with a charging cord. To access the micro-USB charge port, you will need to open the flap. It takes approximately an hour for the battery to fully charge.

The headset comes in its own packaging. It includes extra bright orange eartips to adjust the fit and plastic hooks to hold the earhooks in case you break or lose them.

It didn't work the way I expected, and it was frustrating that JabraTalk 45 took so many attempts to recognize my voice commands.

Performance: The little perks that make go further

The best thing about this headset? It has a silver strip that acts as a button. It will display the remaining battery life and how many minutes you still have to talk. This was an amazing tool for those who forgot to charge their Bluetooth devices. It was no longer necessary to worry whether the charge I had would hold up during a lengthy phone call.

The Siri/Google button is another great feature. Located on the bottom of the headset—or top, should you choose to switch to the left ear—the button allows for easy access to a plethora of options. Voice commands can be used to open apps or programs such as the Crime Junkies podcast and the Kendrick Lamar latest album. It is easy to connect to them all by pressing the button, telling Google to play it.

Talk 45's unique feature is the ability to swap ear settings.

As much as I loved this button and all its functions, it ended up being a hate/love relationship. It took JabraTalk 45 multiple attempts to register my voice commands. I was determined it would work. To pull up the podcasts and directions, I had to manually go into Spotify and Google Maps.

The Bluetooth earpiece is best when used to make phone calls or Zoom meetings. The JabraTalk 45's dual microphone technology ensures your voice is clear and crisp. Unwanted ambient sounds will also be filtered out. The audio on the receiving side also sounds clear. With automatic volume adjustment, you don't even need to touch your phone—the Jabra Talk 45 does all the work for you. Talk 45 is my favorite tool for meeting because of its clarity and sound quality.

You can keep your phone connected up to 98ft away from your desk, so if you have to take your iPhone or Android with you while you go for a second cup of coffee you will be able to make calls without interruptions. This was against my three-floor Midwestern house. My phone was still working on the third level, so I didn't lose any signal while I tried to get a bite on the first floor. It doesn't reach the full distance of 98 feet but it can still get the job done if you have to leave your phone at home.

Jabra Talk 45

Battery life: It all depends on your activities

The Jabra Talk 45 should last 6 hours on a single charge after an hour. This depends on how much you use the device. I tested it for 40+ hours. The battery life was consistent if I used the phone to speak on it. However, switching to Spotify or Google Music would destroy battery life.

Even though the Jabra Talk 45 had 2.5 hours left on its charge, it didn't stay for 40 minutes. You can use it for quick podcasts, but you should look elsewhere. This device is not meant for heavy listening (plus, the audio is mono). You should also plan to reserve up to 2 hours for JabraTalk 45 after the one-hour initial charge is paid.

Talking is handled well by the battery. The charge time proved to be accurate, even though I used it for Zoom calls and other phone conversations. Jabra Talk 45 had eight days of auto standby mode, which meant that I could still chat with colleagues with plenty of battery life.

Prices: More expensive than the rest

The Jabra Talk 45 is available for purchase at $80, sometimes less on Amazon. This is a higher price for Bluetooth headphones than what I would pay. Even more so, the device doesn't allow for as much hand-free use as some other models. The JabraTalk 45's comfort is exceptional, making it an excellent value for money.

Jabra Talk 45

Jabra Talk 45 vs. Jabra Talk 25

It makes sense to compare the JabraTalk 45's features against the JabraTalk 25 which is completely hands-free (available on Amazon). At $40 the 25 is much more affordable and features hands-free technology.

However, cheaper doesn't always mean better. Talk 45 features sweet dual microphone technology. This ensures crisp voices every time. It also adjusts volume depending on background noise. Don't worry—if Talk 45 isn't as loud as you'd like it to be, you can manually change it on your phone.

Talk 25 has only one microphone. The device also features manual volume adjustments buttons at the top. The Talk 25 has more controls than the hands-free device.

Both can stream, but it comes at a high cost. Talk 45 also has the Google/Siri option for hands-free streaming. Talk 25 can certainly stream music too—I'm listening to Panic! At the Disco as I write this—but you'll have to pull it up on your phone manually. The Jabra Talk 45 will work better for you if your need is hands-free.

Although the JabraTalk 45's price is concerning, I find the JabraTalk 45 to be a worthy purchase. The ergonomic ear-wrap and voice commands make it comfortable. The battery is weak, but the rest of the features make it a great Bluetooth headset that I will use for many years.


  • Talk about the product name 45
  • Jabra Product Brand
  • UPC code B07FKPYLNB
  • Prices starting at $79.99
  • Product dimensions 4.2x1.3x6.9in
  • 1-year warranty
  • Apple & iOS Compatibility
  • Bluetooth and USB ports for charging are available as connectivity options

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