Jabra Talk 25 Review: A Short Charge Time for Extended Talk
By Yvonne

JabraTalk 25 Review: An Extended Talk Time of Just 5 minutes. The JabraTalk 25 Bluetooth headset is a stylish, durable, Bluetooth headset with great volume control and a sleek design. The Jabra Talk 25's audio quality and battery life were tested over 25 hours.

Jabra Talk 25

Jabra Talk 25 Bluetooth Headset
We like this
  • Sleek, ultrathin design

  • Ambitious

  • Battery life is long

  • Rechargeable

  • Confortable

  • Budget-friendly

The Things We Hate
  • Fit loose

  • There is no dedicated button for voice assistant

The Jabra Talk 25 has a stylish design and a comfortable earpiece. It is great for talking up to 8 hours without having to use your hands.

This article explains
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Connectivity & Performance
  • Battery life
  • Prices
  • The price is light on your wallet
  • Jabra Talk 25 vs. Jabra Talk 45
  • Specifications

The Jabra Talk 25 was purchased so that our expert reviewer could fully test it and evaluate it. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

A Bluetooth headset such as the JabraTalk 25 is a great option if you are constantly on your phone, whether at work or home. Talk 25 offers up to 8 hours talk time and 10 days standby, making it perfect for my needs. This Bluetooth headset was tested for performance, battery life and comfort. You can read on to find out how the headset performed.

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Design: Modern Designs.

The majority of Bluetooth headsets available on the market share similar characteristics: They are sleek, small, and often black. Jabra Talk 25 does not change this design. It is a slim, lightweight, and compact black polycarbonate earpiece measuring 4.2x1.3x6.9 inches (LWH). It isn't obvious or obvious, which makes it a nice design. It looks professional, and is suitable for work environments.

The Jabra Talk 25 Bluetooth headset is tiny, unlike other Bluetooth headphones I have tried. If you forget to place it, the color of this headset can be difficult to see. In this particular device's case, I lost it for three days before I stumbled across it again—and this incident wasn't an isolated event. Continue reading for more information.

Jabra Talk 25

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The Talk 25's ear hook is very comfortable, and it can be worn for up to 6 hours. The problem is the loose hook on my ear. I felt the headset bounce around as my head moved throughout the day.

Normally, this would not have been a concern to me. However, it did fall off twice in 25 hours of testing which was two more than I prefer. You may not notice that the device fell out if you are on-the-go. Bluetooth can range up to 10 m or 33 ft, which is too dangerous for budget-friendly devices.

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Installation: First Charge it

The Jabra Talk 25 comes pre-charged with 50 percent. You should charge the headset until it is fully charged. It takes only one hour for the first charge. Once the initial charge is complete, you can then connect your headset to the phone. Make sure you turn on both your phone and Bluetooth. You will then need to pair your JabraTalk 25 with the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone.

Jabra Talk 25

Connectivity and Performance: Excellent for general use

The JabraTalk 25 was tested with the Samsung Galaxy S10, and the first call went smoothly thanks to the 11M dynamic speakers. The sound quality was excellent, with no distortion or garbling. My voice was clear and natural, with no background noise. The manual volume adjustment buttons on the top allow you to adjust the sound quality according to your preferences. This is a feature that sets it apart from some other models which have automatic volume adjustments.

A voice assistant button was one thing that I missed. You can set it up manually on an Android or iPhone. However, you cannot open apps or start navigation. Only voice prompts will be given for connectivity and battery. This is not a problem for headset use, but if you need a device that can be used handsfree, it's worth considering.

Jabra Talk 25 offers a 33-foot wireless range. In my 3-story home, I tested the Jabra Talk 25 wireless range by leaving my smartphone on the third level while I went downstairs to grab a bite in the first floor kitchen. Jabra informed me that I had been disconnected when I got into my kitchen. Interference can only be increased by adding more walls and doors to the mix.

It was clear and without any distortion or garbling.

Battery life: Activity-dependent

Jabra Talk claims that Talk 25's Lithium-Ion battery lasts up to eight hours with a maximum of 10 days standby. The battery's life was accurate when it came to talking on the phone or connecting to Zoom meetings.

One major problem is the lack of a button that can be pressed to monitor remaining talk time. This is a big difference to other models. Although there's a button to disconnect the headset from the outside and place it in sleep mode, the button doesn’t show you how much talk time is left. You can check the Jabra app or check your smartphone to see how much battery is left.

The Jabra Talk 25 is a big battery drainer when streaming media. Although this headset doesn't have streaming capabilities, it is capable of serving the same purpose when you need it.

It isn't too obvious or noticeable in the ear, which is a nice feature. It looks professional, and is suitable for work environments.

Prices: Cheap

While many Bluetooth headsets are more expensive than the Jabra, it is still a great value in a highly saturated market. It doesn't have Siri or voice activation, but it is great for those who just need basic Bluetooth headphones.

Jabra Talk 25

Jabra Talk 25 vs. Jabra Talk 45

Jabra's family of products is extensive, to be frank. There's always a chance another Jabra Bluetooth headset will be better suited for your needs if you don't love one Jabra model. We compared the JabraTalk 25 to the JabraTalk 45, which is a much more costly model (see Amazon). Contrary to the Talk 25's sleek blackness, the Jabra Talk 45 has a slightly bulkier design. The Talk 45 also includes an orange insert for the ears, as well as a silver stripe which doubles up as a button and clear plastic wrap. Both feature modern designs.

Although the Jabra Talk 45 includes a Siri/Google button, this comes at an additional $50. The Jabra Talk 45 also has a second microphone built in that reduces ambient noises and improves voices during conversations. It works almost too well, though—at one point, one of my dogs decided they wanted to be heard during the Zoom meeting, and my coworkers were greeted by Old English Sheepdog barking. Both audio quality and voice quality were not significantly different in testing, so the choice is up to you.

The battery life isn't much different. The JabraTalk 25 can talk for up to 8 hours, while the JabraTalk 45 has only 6 hours. The difference isn’t significant, but it is if you are really using your phone for most of the day, then the Talk 25 might be the better option.

Although the JabraTalk 25 doesn't have a lot of extras like Siri/Google buttons, it is a basic Bluetooth headset. It is a great choice for daily usage due to its long battery life. It should fit snugly in your ears.


  • Talk about the product 25
  • Jabra Product Brand
  • UPC Code B07FMJ29WH
  • Prices starting at $27.99
  • Product dimensions 4.2x1.3x6.9in
  • Apple and iOS compatibility
  • Only Bluetooth Connectivity, USB Port for Charging

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