Come fare una festa di orologi su Amazon Prime?

Updated on 2023-06-29
Scopri la vasta gamma di vantaggi di KeepStreams per Amazon Downloader per avere una migliore esperienza e per evitare problemi che potresti affrontare su Amazon Watch Party.

People all over the globe were distanced from each other because of the pandemic so they became dependent on numerous digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook as well as Spotify to remain connected via their beneficial features.

While Facebook facilitates creating rooms, Spotify allows users to tune on to their favorite songs by sharing the playlist with their friends. Simultaneously,  Amazon has launched an amazon watch party. This feature is exclusively for Prime subscribers.

The user who has subscriptions to  amazon prime watch party can freely watch different shows as well as movies and any other entertainment programmes which they wish in real-time along with their family and friends.

What is a Prime Video Watch Party?

Through the Amazon watch party, users are free to not only watch their desired content but also chat with their family and friends virtually. With the help of watch parties, one can easily chat up with around 100 friends residing in the same country while watching their favorite shows or movies together.

The above data shows the massive user growth of Amazon Prime in recent years. The user base is increasing more every passing day.

To watch prime eligible content, users need to get prime membership to enjoy a watch party. Users are permitted to choose to use the available content on Watch Party for purchasing or renting it to their family and friends. Each participant requires to either rent or buy the video if they need to watch it on their own.

To watch the content on watch party amazon prime users are required to install the Prime Video app on their devices such as Fire TV devices, iPhones and iPads, Android mobile phones, desktop browsers as well as Android tablets or Fire tablets. It supports every device except Apple's Safari and Internet Explorer.  Other types of devices like game consoles, smart TVs along with connected media players aren't suitable for Watch Parties. 

The ever increasing user base of Amazon is the result of its massive revenue over the years. The above data shows the revenue generation through Amazon Prime. Millions were invested by Netflix prime video India 400m to grab the Asian market.

How to do a watch party on amazon prime?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use prime watch Party in Amazon Prime Video:-

1. On your desktop device, open the video site of Amazon Prime. Inform your game to open their websites on their devices as well.

2. Enter the name of the TV show or movie which you want to watch with your gang.

3. You would find the Watch Party option on the movies title page, click on that. On the other hand, users would notice separate episodes of the TV shows. As a result, you can click on the show which you want to watch.

4. While chatting during the ongoing show, users would be asked to keep a particular name of the chat before the beginning of the watch party.

5. After finalizing the names, tap on the ‘Create Watch Party’ tab.

6. Users are also allowed to exchange the watch link with their 100 friends provided every user should have a subscription to Amazon Prime.

7. Your gang can join up just by clicking on the provided link which you have shared. After everything is done, you can start your Amazon watch party.

What are some common issues which users experience while using Prime Video Watch Party?

Some common problems while using prime video watch party are detailed below:-

1. Users have to use the updated and latest version of the Prime video apps on their devices like Android mobile phones or tablets, Fire TV devices or tablets, iPhones or iPad or an updated desktop web browser. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari aren't supported. Moreover, watch parties also don't work on connected media players, games consoles and smart TVs.

2. The participants who want to get access to the link should be located in the same country as the host of the Amazon Prime watch party.

3. The title can only be streamed if it is a part of the amazon party, the host can only buy or rent it if it is included in the prime. It's a compulsion for each participant as well as the host to have the membership or subscription of Amazon Prime or have rented the content before they have joined a watch party.

4. Users are not permitted to use the same account on a couple of devices, one is allowed to stream two devices having the same title at one time.

5. Users have to log in to the right account on amazon prime video watch party and have to gain access to watching the title outside the setting of a watch party.

6. There is also a maximum limit of only 100 participants in one watch party. No additional users are allowed.

What's noteworthy about KeepStreams?

KeepStreams provides extensive support to different kinds of OTT platforms along with premium movie streaming services to improve the streaming experience of an user.

It also ensures smooth video services to its respective users with superior audio as well as video quality. Moreover, users are free to decide the quality of the video which ranges around 320p to 1080p as per their needs. 

It constitutes the latest features, updated technology along with a wide category of trending shows, that's why KeepStreams is regarded as the one-stop solution for users who want to watch their favorite series or TV shows as well as movies on loop in their free time. 

How KeepStreams give a better experience to users than amazon prime party?

Some of the advantages which KeepStreams offers to its users are detailed below:-

1. Provides support to every regional site to download

KeepStreams Amazon downloader is free of any geographical barrier. Amazon Prime Video is used in a lot of countries. KeepStreams Amazon Downloader gives users a facility to download their desired video from any type of regional prime video site which also includes countries such as the United Kingdom, US, Germany, Japan and others.

2. Download videos in premium picture quality 

KeepStreams for Amazon ensures a smooth download service with good speed for all the Amazon Prime videos.  If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, KeepStreams is one of the best view offline Amazon downloads without any limitation.

3. Multiple Tracks for Audiophiles

KeepStreams for Amazon allows users to choose from different audio tracks ranging from EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 to AAC 2.0 sound channels, one of the most suitable Amazon downloaders for audiophiles.

4. Skip unnecessary ads from movies

KeepStreams gives users the option to skip ads and users won't be disturbed by the annoying ads anymore while watching offline videos on KeepStreams.

5. Batch downloading at high speed

The batch download on KeepStrems gives you the option to download offline videos from Amazon Prime. Users are free to watch the whole series of their preferred shows or series anywhere and anytime.

6. Latest technology 

To cater to the latest requirements as well as trends of users, the developers of keepStreams make sure that they are updated regularly to keep up with the latest changes in technology. That's why KeepStreams is regarded as one of the advantageous video downloaders.

What are the features of KeepStreams?

The features of KeepStreams are as follows:-

1. Helps in building a multimedia library

KeepStreams acts as a video manager. It saves metadata along with the user's favorite videos which serve as great assistance when you want to build a multimedia library.

2. Speedy downloads in MP4 version

With the help of KeepStreams, one can download higher speed downloads in the MP4 version offering the best compatibility.

3. Transferring videos to multiple devices

The users using Keepstreams can easily manage their downloads by transferring them to tablets as well as smartphones and more.

4. Built-in Browser

You can explore a wide range of things with the feature of the built-in browser of KeepStreams.

How to Download Amazon Movies with KeepStreams?

Users are just required to follow three simple steps to download their movies with KeepStreams. The steps are enumerated below:-

1. Visit the VIP services section, choose 'Amazon' from there.

2. Locate your desired video which you are willing to download.

3. Click on "Download Now". You are done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it easy to be a part of a Prime Video watch party?

A: To join a Prime video watch party users are required to open the Amazon Prime video app on their device. Then visit my stuff section followed by finding a watch party. Type the code which flashes on your screen in the Prime Video app. Select the watch party to confirm your participation.

Q2. How to share my Amazon watch party link with a friend?

A: Follow the given below steps to share the link:-

  • Visit the Amazon Prime Membership
  • Locate share option which is available in the Prime benefits section
  • Select Manage
  • Enter your name as well as the email address of your friend which whom you are looking forward to sharing the details with
  • Select continue and lastly review all the terms.

Q3. Is Prime video a part of Amazon Prime?

A: Amazon has launched Prime video, one of the most common streaming video services. The benefits of Prime video come with the membership of Amazon Prime. The users having membership can easily watch as many movies as well as TV shows they want on their devices. You can also visit their official site for further details.


Streaming a video takes a wholesome bandwidth if the speed of your internet connection isn't steady then it's not likely that you would have an enriching experience. To eliminate such issues, KeepStreams for Amazon downloader is made for users who don't want to deal with issues on amazon watch party.