I can feel your impatient and irresistible excitement when everyone's favorite Game of Thrones is on your doorstep with its brand new season 8 episodes and you are completely clueless about how to watch Game of Thrones on hulu. Now stop digging your head to know the answer to is Games on Thrones on hulu at all available. Unless and until you would know does hulu have Games of Thrones or not you can't sit quietly for sure.

Now, just hang on for a moment, stay calm for a while, and here you go with the answer that YES, you can watch Games of thrones on hulu while following a few steps and information given below along with an additional subscription service HBO. Don't worry, the entire process of watching Games of thrones hulu is going to be very simple and sorted with this article, no matter where you are or what streaming subscription service you are using. If there is a will there is always a way to watch your favorite much-awaited series Game of Thrones season 8 hulu.

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Ways to watch Games of Thrones on Hulu:):)

Yes, you will be happy to know that you can watch Game of Thrones season 8 on hulu along with its prior seasons and episodes. Since this show is not directly available on Hulu, you have to take the additional subscription plan of $14.99 per month of HBO or HBO Max along with any of your existing Hulu subscription plan of $7.99/month with ad-version or $11.99/month with the ad-free version or $39.99/month with 'Live TV' version. And you are good to go with all seasons and episodes of game of thrones on hulu.

Now, if you are thinking that how would you have access to Games of Thrones when HBO or HULU or both of these streaming services is not available in your particular region then you don't have to worry at all because with the help of VPN service you can easily bypass these regional restrictions of streaming services and be ready to get explored with the enigma of Games of Thrones Hulu.

Steps to watch Games of Thrones on Hulu: Option 1

Go to https://www.hulu.com/ >go to the menu shown right corner on top>click on the 'Log in once it appears on the screen> long in the tab will open>give your email and password to your hulu account>click on the name of your account shown on the right corner on top>a small tab will open>scroll down and click on 'Account'>'Manage your account' will be opened>scroll down to the bottom>find 'your subscription' area>find 'Add-ons' option given under the 'your subscription' option>click on 'Manage Add-ons' option>page will be opened with HBO option icon along with other streaming platform icon>click on the + sign to add HBO>click on the 'Review Changes' option show at the bottom on right side>'subscription changes' page will be opened>scroll down to the bottom>click on 'submit' option shown at the bottom>your Hulu account is attached to HBO>go back to hulu game of thrones season 8 to watch.

Steps to watch Games of Thrones on Hulu: option 2

Open HBOMax on the device>click on to 'sing in' shown right corner on top> sing in the tab will be open>click on the bar written 'sing in through TV or mobile provider'>page will he opened written 'choose provider'>click on 'hulu' icon>go back to your hulu account to have access HBOMax through Hulu>start watching a game of thrones season 8 on hulu.

So, when you are ready with your ride in hulu Game of Thrones season 8 along with all the other seasons then it will be unfair to be unaware of where your ride is heading to and why the game of thrones season 8 hulu is something that you must not miss out.

Grabbing a glimpse of Games of Thrones season 8!!! 

Since you are dying to know everything about this highly popular series, here you would be relieved to have the basic brief of the story to make you realize how worth it is to go through the above-mentioned steps to watch Games of Thrones on Hulu. So, let's get into the world of Games of Thrones season 8.

This season begins with two main wars of the story, one is the biggest war against the force of the dead and another one is the war to have control of the iron throne. In the first part of the season, the main characters of the story got together along with Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow at the Winterfell to confront the Dead Army. 

When the war was going on, Bran attracted Night King who was destroyed by Arya, the wights along with the force of White Walkers got destroyed too. On the other hand, Cersei Lannister was trying to make her forces more powerful in King's Landing to trap the Daenerys who was weaker than her. 

In the second half of the story, Daenerys was losing in the war for the iron throne but finally, she used her last Dargon to attack the King's Landing and burnt the whole kingdom while killing Cersei and Jaime who was Cersei's brother. Daenerys decided that she would destroy the entire world the way she ruined the King's Landing, the capital of Westeros.

To prevent Daenerys from her destructive mission Jon killed her and as a result of tremendous anger, Drogon eradicated the iron throne with the power of dragon fire and flew away with the body of Daenerys. Finally, Bran Stark had been chosen by the leaders of the Westeros as a king. 

Bran made the North an independent territory and he gave his hand to Tyrion. Sansa Stark had been crowned as the empress of the North and when Arya went to the west, Jon headed to the Wildlings which is north of the walls.

So, now you have probably understood why it is worth spending time, money, and energy to watch the game of thrones on hulu by following the above-mentioned set by step instructions.

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