Is Crunchyroll Free?
By Peter Parker

Are you stuck in your daily rut and craving some real entertainment? Then, all you need is Crunchyroll; it's one of the best anime streaming platforms you can find. Crunchyroll provides animated Japanese shows and movies, Asian dramas, and even manga to its audience. And even if you are not an Anime fan, then Crunchyroll has a lot more content to provide without anime. Founded by a group of the University of California Berkely graduates, Crunchyroll is the perfect platform for the audience who wants fresh and real content to watch.

It has over 3 million subscribers, and it provides services to over 200 countries in the world. Over time Crunchyroll has become one of the most demanding and popular anime brands worldwide. You can say that it's a powerhouse of anime and other genre content all over the world. 

Lately, Crunchyroll has announced that it will implement some changes soon, as anime fans will no longer be able to watch the new release shows with the free services. Till now, Crunchyroll allowed its users to enjoy new releases with their free accounts. But now the situation will be changed.

So, if you have questions like; is Crunchyroll free? or if you want to know about the Crunchyroll plans or Crunchyroll membership tiers, just keep reading, and you will find out what you need to know. Also, in this article, we will tell you how to get your content offline without paying for any subscriptions. So read till the end and find out how to get your online media content and watch them offline whenever you want.

What Is Crunchyroll?

After two years of launching, an American distributor, publisher, production, and licensing company that focuses on streaming anime, Manga, and dorama was founded in 2006. In 2008, Crunchyroll took the first step towards becoming the legal distribution platform, entering into the home release and DVD markets, as well as the digital Manga world.

Crunchyroll currently has three million subscribers and provides services in over 200 countries and territories. A decade later, Crunchyroll has become a distributor and publisher, and production and licensing company particularly focusing only on the anime market. The service provides specific content to its audience of anime lovers by offering shows and movies, games, live-action dramas, and Japanese comics, also known as Manga. Presently, Crunchyroll provides over 1,000 titles and 30,000 episodes of anime content, more than 200 East Asian dramas to users, and around 80 manga titles under Crunchyroll Manga. The company also offers various in-person events, that includes the Crunchyroll Expo and Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

It has over 5 million paid subscribers as of 2021.

In addition to that, Crunchyroll also provides its original content, which is known as Crunchyroll Originals. It was launched last year and produced by Crunchyroll Studios. Crunchyroll Originals include the following content.

  • Noblesse
  • FreakAngels
  • Onyx Equinox
  • High Guardian Spice
  • Meiji Gekken: Swords & Guns
  • In/Spectre
  • The God of High School
  • Tower of God

Now, let's have a look on what are the Crunchyroll plans? And how much does Crunchyroll cost?

What Are the Crunchyroll Plans?

As per the announcement on the Crunchyroll website, Crunchyroll decided that those users who want to watch all the brand new content need to pay money for a subscription. And as they don't want the changes to be too much of a shock to its users, there will be a transitional period. During that, Crunchyroll will offer a "seasonal sampler," which will be a series of shows that will offer their first three episodes available for free. The episodes will be streamed with ads, and they won't require a subscription.

If you want to be a free user, then you only need your basic information to create an account and start watching. But the anime streaming service has three-tier paid membership options for those who are looking for additional benefits and perks. New premium subscribers will get a 14-day trial before they pay monthly subscription charges. And each membership level offers different facilities and perks.

There are three packages for subscription:

  • Fan
  • Mega Fan
  • Unlimited Fan


This is the first level of the premium membership plan, "Fan" subscribers pay $7.99 a month and avail of perks like same-day streaming of the episode, ad-free streaming, and have access to Crunchyroll's digital library of Manga.

Mega Fan

For $9.99 a month, users will get everything mentioned above, and in addition to that, the ability to stream on multiple devices, offline viewing, basic access to Crunchyroll Expo, and have discounted prices on merchandise in the Crunchyroll store.

Ultimate Fan

It's the most expensive and inclusive package, the $14.99 a month has an Ultimate Fan subscription, which will provide the majority of benefits from previous levels and the bonus of a yearly swag bag and also a limited-edition figurine.

So, these were the Crunchyroll subscription plans. It included Crunchyroll Fan, Crunchyroll Mega Fan, and Crunchyroll Ultimate Fan packages.

How Does Crunchyroll Work?

Crunchyroll provides various ways to watch their favorite anime titles to the viewers. Customers can choose to stream on their computers or have to access it on mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. And Crunchyroll is also available on multiple other streaming devices and even gaming platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Playstation 3, 4, Vita, Roku, and more.

If you begin viewing on a platform like a computer, you can seamlessly switch to another device with ease and with no interruptions as long as you're logged into your account as a bonus. There are over 30,000 episodes with multiple titles for offline viewing. Crunchyroll sign up is also available for the viewers for the free account or one of its membership package options. You can stream content for one week after the broadcast in Japan with ads if you have a free account. 

Both the free and paid subscribers can have the dubbed version of the videos, and they also will be provided with the subtitles for the viewers who want subtitles to read.

But why do all these things, pay for the subscription, and connect the platform with your device when you can download all your favorite Crunchyroll content and watch them offline without any interruption. Want to know how to download your content for free? Then keep reading...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crunchyroll free to use?

Crunchyroll is free for use with ads, but users can subscribe to one of three ad-free membership tiers through the premium subscription service for more benefits.

How many episodes are free to watch on Crunchyroll?

Free members can stream only the recent 13 episodes of currently simulcast titles, but they will need premium for older episodes to watch. 

What is the cost of a Crunchyroll subscription?

$7.99 per month

Is Crunchyroll free permanently?

Crunchyroll will not offer any free ad-supported streaming for newly-released episodes. Viewers who want to watch episodes of new or continuing series must subscribe to one of Crunchyroll's premium plans, which start from $7.99 / month.

Can I cancel Crunchyroll after the free trial?

If you want to cancel your free trial, you must cancel before the trial period ends to avoid being charged. 


So, sadly but Crunchyroll has stopped the free services for the new content that will release. But do not worry because we have given you the best solution you can ever have to download your content for free and watch them offline whenever you want. Your queries regarding Crunchyroll subscription, Crunchyroll membership tiers, and Crunchyroll sign-up must be cleared after reading this article. So do not waste your time on any other things and get a Y2Mate Crunchyroll Downloader now!