What's the truth behind the [Eliza Ikeda leaked video]? Thorough investigation of Gerty's statement and her latest boyfriend!

Updated on 2022-10-25
Recently, a gonzo sex erotic video of Eliza Ikeda was leaked and became a hot topic on the Internet and Twitter. We have obtained the gonzo sex erotic video in question, and we are going to release it to the public and introduce some other ways to enjoy Eliza Ikeda's gonzo sex.

Eliza Ikeda is a versatile model, actress, and film director.

In the midst of all this, a video titled " Leaked video of Eliza Ikeda" has been uploaded and is causing a stir.

Is the leaked video of Eliza Ikeda real or fake?

We also checked whether the man in the picture, who we believe is Hiroshi Ohno, is her ex-boyfriend.

Is the leaked video rumored to be of Eliza Ikeda not real?

The leaked video of Eliza Ikeda looks sexy and uninhibited.

Is the full video of the act itself, which is being circulated on Twitter as a leaked video of Eliza Ikeda, real?

It is said that the person in the picture is her ex-boyfriend Hiroshi Ohno, but is it true?

The video is definitively fake! What is the reason?

As it turns out, the leaked video of Eliza Ikeda is a fake.

There are many points that clearly differ from the person in question, so did someone illegally upload the video? A friend.

The man in the picture is not Hiroshi Ohno, nor does he seem to be in a relationship.

Reason (1) Eriza Ikeda's ears are different.

The shape of the ears of the woman in the video allegedly leaked from Eliza Ikeda and Mr. Ikeda are clearly different.

In the leaked video, the woman's ears give the impression of being long and pointed at the top, while Eliza Ikeda's ears are rounded and slightly plump.

Because the shape of the ears is so different, they are said to be completely fake rather than real.

Reason 2: Because the culprit of the deep-fake video has been arrested.

This video was supposedly leaked by Eliza Ikeda, and a deep fake made by merging two separate images ? was suspected.

A few months after Eliza Ikeda's video was leaked on Twitter, two suspects were arrested on suspicion of defamation and violation of copyright law.

The two suspects were said to have uploaded the deepfake video to a pay site they operated.

Reason #3: Response by her agency

Regarding the leakage of Ms. Eliza Ikeda's video, her agency, Evergreen Entertainment, has issued a statement saying that it will take legal action whenever possible because of the possibility of slander and malicious false rumors being spread and causing damage to the artist . The company has issued a statement saying that it will take legal action against the artists.

The statement also hopes to expedite the procedures for the release of information, and to enact legislation with stricter penalties as soon as possible.

As announced today by the Metropolitan Police Department, regarding so-called "adult deep-fake videos," which combine portraits of female celebrities with obscene videos such as adult videos, the suspect was found to have created adult deep-fake videos and uploaded them on the Internet. On September 30, three persons were arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department, Chiba Prefectural Police, and Kyoto Prefectural Police.

Recently, there have been occasional posts on social networking sites about such illegally created videos that appear to be genuine, attacks on the celebrities themselves, and slander.

I always hope that SNS is a convenient and life-enriching tool.

The very sad use of social networking sites, such as taking advantage of being "anonymous" to slander, uploading false information, malicious photos and videos, and malicious spreading, attracts many people both at home and abroad. We feel that it has become a major social problem, hurting in some cases and causing the worst possible consequences.

And what should it be used for, such as obtaining new information, safety confirmation in case of disaster, entertainment to entertain people, etc.? It is very sad.

As for our company, we plan to take every possible action in cooperation with specialized law firms to deal with cases that may cause direct or indirect damage to artists, such as senders of slander and malicious false rumors. We intend to take every legal action possible.

I also hope that for the future, laws will be quickly enacted to ensure stricter penalties and faster information disclosure procedures.

Once again, I sincerely hope that social networking services will be used not only for emergencies such as disasters, but also for entertainment and other purposes, as a means to save many people, and as a tool to enrich and make them as happy as possible.
We would also like to ask the media to be wary of publishing articles based on speculation regarding this matter.

October 2, 2020
Evergreen Entertainment Corporation , NTT DOCOMO, Inc.
Quote from: Nikkan Sports

Some criticize the spread

The fact that the leaked video of Eliza Ikeda has spread so far has been spread by a third party out of curiosity, and some people have criticized it.

Many people seem to be of the opinion that it is not good to spread the video without knowing whether it is true or not.

Sharing the video may be slanderous.

Although it is unclear whether it is the person himself or not, the words and actions of a person who spreads a video for fun can seriously damage the person's reputation and become " defamation," and he can also be sued for "insult" and "invasion of privacy. It seems that this is also the case.

If the person's heart is injured and his/her life is in danger, it is so-called " finger murder."

Ami Inamura "liked" a spreading tweet and caught fire.

Ami Inamura "liked" Eliza Ikeda's leaked video and her Twitter feed went up in flames.

The flames caused anger among her fans.

Ami Inamura's official Twitter account has been flooded with sarcasm and complaints from many people, as they perceive her as "seemingly taking pleasure in Eliza Ikeda's misfortune."

Ms. Inamura herself seems to have realized her indiscretion and rescinded it.

[2022 Update] Garsy admits that the video is real?

Popular YouTuber Gershy Higashitani commented on the leaked video of Eliza Ikeda in a way that exposed the dark side of the entertainment industry .

A viewer asked, "Is the video of Eliza Ikeda real? In response to the question "Is it real?

"That one is real, probably. I think it was put out by someone else. I think it's really terrible. It's just revenge porn, that's all. "

He responded.

He is of the opinion that Eliza Ikeda's video is genuine .

However, it seems that Mr. Gersu Higashitani is not speaking on conclusive grounds, and since he does not mention the definitive part of "probably," it is likely to be fake.

Who is Eliza Ikeda's ex-boyfriend? Is he currently YouTuber Kanta?

Ikeda-san is said to have many relationships with celebrities, but her ex-boyfriends have been featured in the past.

Who are some of the ex-boyfriends mentioned in the past?

The one you are currently dating is Kanta Mizutani.

Ex-boyfriends (1) Batsin

The first is model Batsin Takahashi.

She is also active in a music group called XOX (Kiss Hug Kiss).

The first boyfriend was discovered when Ms. Batsin posted a purikura of herself and Mr. Ikeda with the comment, " Cute Eliza.

The closeness of their relationship led many to believe that they were dating, but both have denied it.

Ex-boyfriend 2) Satoshi Matsushima

The second is Satoshi Matsushima, a member of the popular Japanese group Sexy Zone.

It all started when there was a post on the Internet saying that they were dating.

There is also a theory that Mr. Matsushima was the more aggressive of the two.

Mr. Ikeda has denied it completely on his Twitter (now closed), and it is believed to be a hoax.

Past Boyfriends (3) Boku no Ririkku Boyomi

The third is a former musician, Boku Noririkku Bokuyomi.

He is now retired, but he tweeted on Twitter that he would be a sweet potato.

It is said that their relationship started when they performed together in his music videos.

However, it seems that there was no private relationship and it was a misunderstanding by a fan who saw the music video.

Ex-boyfriend 4: Nijiro Murakami

The fourth is actor Nijiro Murakami.

He has recently been active in movies and TV, and also appeared in a morning drama.

They co-starred in the drama "Shibuya Zero Chome" and had a heated kissing scene, which sparked dating rumors.

It is said that Ms. Murakami visited Mr. Ikeda's home many times and that they were semi-living together.

Both offices denied it, but then they were photographed together again.

At this time, the offices did not seem to deny it, so the true nature of the relationship is unclear.

Career Boyfriends (5) Kanta Pudamari Bond

The fifth is Kanta, a member of the YouTuber group "Pudding Bond.

They started dating after co-starring in the movie "Sadako," and their semi-cohabitation was reported in a photo weekly magazine.

It was written that Eliza went to Kanta's movie set and had dinner with him.

Kanta, who was interviewed for a surprise interview, neither confirmed nor denied the report, so it is said that the possibility of a relationship is high.

2022 Latest! Rumors of Ikeda Eliza and Nukata's breakup are false!

As for the current Eliza Ikeda, there are no reports of a breakup with Kanta, so it seems likely that the two are still dating.

There are rumors that the two have broken up, but they seem to be false.

The leaked video of Eliza Ikeda is fake! Investigate who her latest boyfriend is in 2022! Summary of

The leaked video of Eliza Ikeda is a fake! Who is the latest boyfriend in 2022? "

The leaked video of Eliza Ikeda is not real, it is a complete fake!

There is no dating history with a man allegedly Hiroshi Ohno - Who is Eliza Ikeda's latest boyfriend?

There is no dating history with the man who is said to be Hiroshi Ohno ・The culprit has been arrested because it is clearly a composite

Spreading information out of curiosity could also be a crime ・No dating history with a man said to be Hiroshi Ohno ・The culprit has been arrested because he is clearly a composite.

Many people question the fact that the alleged ex-boyfriend is in a relationship ・Often people question the fact that the alleged ex-boyfriend is in a relationship.

Many videos on the Internet can hurt people.

We want to be careful not to spread them easily.