HyperX Cloud Earbuds Review

By Yvonne

Usually, when "gaming", is used to refer to peripherals, it's because they are more expensive than normal. Bigger and more flashy.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds Review

When you see the prefix "gaming" in a peripheral's name, it is likely that you will expect the product to have a higher price. The RGB color has become the norm for peripherals that are large and flashy. It may be a bit strange to first look at Hyper X's gaming earbuds. However, others have attempted to reduce the headset's size and remove the wires. The results were almost always met with criticism.

Hyper X has become synonymous with gaming-related products. Many professionals continue to choose their headsets. How have they done it?

HyperX Cloud Earbuds

The sound quality of these single-driver earbuds is not overemphasized. Despite the high price, Hyper X Cloud might be a great choice for portable and mobile gaming. Hyper X promoted and marketed Cloud earbuds to the Nintendo Switch. These earbuds might not be suitable for PC gaming. We'll cover those reasons in a moment. Let's now see the Hyper X Cloud.


You will receive the Hyper X Cloud earbuds in a cute little box. It also contains a carrying case and a couple of extra sleeves for earbuds that are slightly larger. If you don't feel they fit properly, you can swap them out. The contents of the box include:

  • Hyper X Cloud Earbuds
  • Two pairs extra earbud sleeves
  • Carrying pouch

Construct and design

The Hyper X Cloud comes standard with the popular red-black color scheme. It prevents cable from getting all wrapped up. It is frustrating, and we all know how it can be. The cable for Hyper X Cloud Earbuds is 4-foot in length and has a 90 degree 3.5mm audio jack connector. Because the connector does not curve to extreme levels when connected to your device, it is very popular.

The build quality of Hyper X products would not be exceptional if they weren't high-quality and outstanding. Cloud earbuds prove that. It is clear that the product is light but durable and solid. It appears that the wire is a mixture of rubber and silicone material. The flat design makes it simple to ensure the wire doesn't get caught in its own wires. The Hyper X Cloud has one media button that can play and pause songs, as well as answer calls. It is easy to find the microphone, which is built in.

Instead of the usual rounded shape, Hyper X Cloud earbuds feature a wingtip design and a pointy tip. The earbuds won't slip out if the pointed end is in contact with your ears. These sleeves, which come in small, medium and big sizes, will ensure that your Cloud earbuds are secure. A little clip is located along the cable to allow you to adjust the length. Maximum length is 4 feet.

Komfort and ease of use

These earbuds are packed in small zipper pouches that can be used to store additional sleeves. You won't have your new earbuds fall out because of the Hyper X Cloud's wing-tipped design. Not all ears are created equal. Hyper X may not be able to solve all your problems. This may be a contradiction to the purpose of Hyper X's goal.

Cloud earbuds never jiggled in my ears. These earbuds will be most beneficial if you are gaming on a mobile platform. The angled 3.5mm audio connector helps to ensure that there are no bends in the cable. These earbuds are not recommended for anyone who uses a PC. While the 4-foot cable may seem sufficient if these earbuds are connected to a smartphone or your PS4 controller via Bluetooth, it is not long enough for your computer.

Performance, sound quality & microphone

As you can see, the microphone of Hyper X Cloud isn't too close to your mouth. As is the case often with earbuds, you need to keep the microphone near your lips so the other person can hear you. The sound won't get through to the microphone if it isn't. The microphone of the Hyper X Cloud earbuds is very clear and it's a great relief. The microphone is clear, so you can hear your voice clearly and audio without having to close your eyes.

Hyper X Cloud earbuds have a single, 14mm neodymium speaker. This means that they are not ideal for music listening. It may appear a bit flat to audiophiles and lack the punch they need. But that's not the main purpose of Hyper X Cloud earbuds. Gaming earbuds are better suited to these earbuds.

You can hear the footsteps of enemies in heated gunfights and the sound quality is clear, crisp and clear. The lack of sound isolation or blockage may be a problem. Cloud earbuds do not offer passive noise cancellation and external noise can interrupt your experience.

Hyper X describes the Cloud earbuds to be compatible with Nintendo Switch. The audio quality was excellent and something I could easily get behind. The Hyper X Cloud earbuds are a great choice for gamers. Hyper X clearly tries to market these earbuds as they truly are.

Gaming Use

Hyper X states that the Cloud earbuds will be most useful if used with the Nintendo Switch. Gaming headsets provide the clearness and punch that you need to distinguish between different sounds in games such as Fortnite, PUBG and Warzone. It's unfair to compare gaming headphones that are budget-friendly with full-sized headphones featuring multiple drivers. The mic must be crystal clear so your teammates can understand what you are saying. When evaluating gaming headphones or earbuds, these are important factors.

The Hyper X Cloud is a budget-friendly earbud that performs well. It is safe to choose a gaming headset with a 65 Ohm impedance. You can enjoy all the games you love with clear, crisp sound. The omnidirectional microphone works well as well. The omnidirectional microphone was very clear and my teammates understood me well. Poor sound isolation is the only problem with the Hyper X Cloud earbuds. The passive noise cancellation of the Hyper X Cloud earbuds is not very good, despite their best efforts.


It is easy to love the Hyper X Cloud earbuds for their design and build quality. The earbuds' strength lies in their well-balanced and affordable price. These earbuds are very versatile. The Hyper X headphones are great for use with the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox controllers, or PC, if it's possible. Although the overall sound quality is not the best on the market, it's still great for gaming. The Cloud earbuds are able to compete in this market.

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