How to listen to the manga "Mesugaki ga Appeared! Then Colla Voice" for free

By momoka

"Mesugaki ga Appeared! Afterwards" is an ASMR erotic manga doujinshi created by the circle "Colla Voice", and will be a voice-only sequel.

You can watch "After the Mesugaki Appeared" as a free sample.

If you want to hear the sequel, you can watch it after registering for free on Dlsite.

How to try the manga "After Mesugaki Appeared" for free

"After Mesugaki Appeared" is a binaural audio work based on a new episode of the popular erotic doujinshi manga "Mesugaki ga Appeared!" drawn by circle "Hamenzu" SAKULA.

    • Release date: April 12, 2021
    • Scenario: Chiharu Arashi
    • Illustrated by SAKULA
    • Voice actor: Yuri Matsuoka
    • Age designation: 18 prohibited
    • Voice: ASMR
    • File: WAV:mp3
    • Genre: No Reversal, Binaural Damihe, Girl, Blowjob, Verbal Attack, Reverse Rape, Small Tits/Small Tits


After being richly squeezed by a female brat you met by chance, you can't forget her and continue to skip at the shopping mall.
After a month of waiting, the female oyster finally appeared.

A female brat who licks adults and takes a rotten attitude as usual. Lick it...
However, it turns out that he had been waiting for sex for a long time, and that he had been rolled on the palm of Mesugaki.

Even though you're called a pervert of trash, you get an erection when you show your bare breasts without asking for it.
Then Mesugaki says, "I'll be waiting for you at the usual place, so please knock three times," and disappears into the bathroom.

You, an adult, stood up to stop her this time.


Mesugaki, who I met again for the first time in a month, makes fun of me and is seduced.

[Excerpt from the text] Do
you know me? Fidget fidget, he waited dutifully while worrying about his surroundings.

Well, I really wanted to have sex. I'll tell you from the beginning
Uncle, you're not honest.
But now I know. Uncle, you really love me.
Huh. Gross. It's too easy to have sex just once, isn't it
? Hikuwa indeed.

While being ridiculed by female brats, she is squeezed twice in her mouth. I won't let you do the actual production, but I will be thoroughly squeezed with a sticky fellatio like licking candy. Lick it...

[Excerpt from text]
Eh, what's wrong, uncle? Hurry up and take off your clothes.
Wow, I have an erection.
It's amazing, I haven't done anything yet, but I'm going to be so hard.
Ahaha. Terrible.

Uncle, maybe.
Did you think you could lick your dick? It
's really that simple.
This is the first time I've seen such a stupid adult. Are
you out of your mind?

Hey uncle, you're noisy.

Ha. Uncle, you suck. Too stubborn.
Besides, I've been rubbing this on my stomach since a while ago.
Do you want to have sex that much? You criminal.

It's no good~ Don't move. The candy
doesn't move, right?

Don't give me a rest. I'll squeeze it all out.
Like this, when you suck on your's dangerous
Uncle's penis, there are only weaknesses. If you show me your weaknesses ,
you're asking me to do more, right?

I got on the temptation of the female kid again, and after being given a blowjob, I was squeezed twice with a cowgirl piston while being kissed. I'll tell her that I like her, but...

[Excerpt from text]
Haha. Uncle's eyes are serious.
Scary. I'm going to be teased again.
Should I scream for help?

Ah... it's really hard.
Finally, I was able to have sex, uncle.
You've always wanted to do this, haven't you? You criminal. Nihihihi.

It seems that I really want to ejaculate.
I'm making a face like I can't do it anymore.
Sperm, gugugu~ is it going up?
Look, uncle. OK. Let's go, let's go.
Let's take it out all the way to the inside of the womb.

Hehe. Wow.
Uncle, you put out too much. Kimo.
Didn't you have it at all?
Wow, dick, I'm still scared.
Are you so excited?
This hentai. Trash.
But that's not all, is

A female oyster appeared!

A female oyster appeared

Review of the manga "Mesugaki appeared! Afterwards"

With the acting of the voice actors and the scenario, it was a work that made me feel the impertinence and eroticism of the female brat stronger than the original work.
In this work, as in the original work, the female brats will make fun of you and make you a mess.
In the above, there is a scene where the female brat makes fun of the main character, but I could feel that the female brat also loves the main character when he loves sucking the cock and having sex with the raw vaginal cum shot. Be happy soon!

The voice work of her, who showed her full potential in the original comic, will not slow down .

If you 've read the comics, the image of her licking candy should be impressive

After being teased and teased by Mesugaki-chan and being sucked up with her upper mouth, she is
waiting for her lower mouth time.

I knew the original comic, and it was a work where I could see her female brat that was different from the comic.

I saw a sample of the manga that I was interested in and it was great, so I bought it and listened to the main story. It's unbearable.
If the manga were to be released as an asmr, I would buy it and see it! Also, I would be happy if there were more works like this!


It was a way to listen to "Mesugaki appeared! Then by Colla Voice" for free.

You can watch samples of Mesugaki's ASMR on Dlsite .