How to Watch Hulu With Friends in Hulu Watch Party With Live Chat

By Jenny

Whenever it comes to quality content with flexible watching along with a sustainable subscription service of the online streaming platform, the only name that flashes in front of you is none other than Hulu. And whenever you think of hulu, several nonstop questions come automatically in your mind to make the most out of this platform. Recently the most asked question about how to watch hulu with friends is probably hitting your head with the continuity of how can you continue conversations with friends on hulu.

Even though the 45.3 million subscribers are always ready with their endless questions and queries, Hulu being one of the largest American online streaming service providers is always at your service to meet up your expectations of online entertainment with perfection and satisfaction. 

This is not the first time that hulu has exceeded the expectations of its subscribers with excellence since hulu has been considered to be the first online streaming service provider to add 'Plus' to its title to provide ad-on services to its subscribers in 2010. In 2017 Hulu had launched the new features Hulu with Live TV to extend their services.

What is Hulu Watch Party

Recently to widen the expansion of entertainment exposure the group watch party facility with hulu friends is about to change the entire game of your online entertainment experience. While comprehending the compulsive quarantine confined condition of coronavirus Hulu has come up with a hulu watch party feature to celebrate the online reunion with hulu friends while watching their favorite hulu content in their real-time group watch along with real-time chatting.

Why is the Hulu watch party exclusively appealing to its subscribers??

When all the other reputed and renowned online streaming service providers are struggling with their group watch party services with third-party support or limited access features, hulu has come up with a full-proof, completely secure inbuilt service of hulu watch party to make you enjoy friends reunion hulu. Now if you are getting impatient to know how to watch friends reunion on hulu then you would be glad to know that it is as simple as any other hulu service.

Things to know to start Hulu Watch Party:

Just by following a few simple steps, you would get to know how to watch Hulu with friends. However, before jumping on the steps and instructions to explore the hulu watch party you have to be aware of a few things in advance so that you wouldn't miss anything in your friend's reunion hulu. Is 'friends on hulu watch party' something that you haven't experienced yet then stop worrying and stay tuned to the end of the article to stay ahead of time in the online entertainment world. 

Can you enjoy the Hulu watch party on your phone!!!

Certainly, the answer is 'Yes'. Even though Hulu hasn't come up with the service yet, that would allow you to enjoy the hulu watch party feature on your mobile phone through your Hulu app. Instead, you can enjoy a hulu watch party on Windows 10 and Mac devices along with the support of browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. However, you can also enjoy a hulu watch party on a phone, TV, iPad, or any other Android device by using any of your convenient browsers on any of your devices. The only thing you have to adjust with is to continue the conversation with hulu friends through another group chat app.

Criteria to access Hulu watch party:

There are certain criteria to enjoy the friend's reunion on hulu with hulu watch party features. Here you go with the norms.

  • The hulu subscribers must have an ad-free subscription plan of hulu.
  • The watch party can be shared with a maximum of 8 people.
  • All the invites must have a hulu account along with an ad-free subscription plan.
  • Every invite would join the same account as the host through their profile.
  • The host and the guests must be at least 18 years old to access the hulu watch party service.
  • If in your country Hulu is not available then with the help of a VPN service you can easily bypass this restriction and can enjoy a Hulu watch party anywhere in the world.
  • While enjoying your group watching don't forget to follow Hulu Watch Party Guidelines.

What you can get to watch at the Hulu watch party!!!

From John Cena's hulu movie including the latest one Vacation Friends to Hulu's streaming library including thousands of on-demand TV shows, movies, and videos, you can watch anything of your choice at your hulu watch party while having real-time conversations with hulu friends. While selecting content just make sure that it must have the Hulu watch party icon  

How to access Hulu watch party: steps and guide

While following the given below simple steps you can easily access the Hulu watch party with friends reunion on hulu.


Go to with your supported browser>find out the page of movies or shows you want to watch>look for the content having watch party icon >click on the watch party icon/ for TV series go to 'watch party' option from 'context menu icon' (three dots icon)> click on the start the party option>the link appear on a toolbar on a tab> you have to click on the chain icon shown on the top right corner to copy the link and send it to your invites>click on the start party option when everyone has joined the party>a timer countdown will appear> your video will start to play>a chat box will be there at the right for live chatting with friends while watching the movie.

Stay in sync in your watch part:)

Now, you are ready with your Hulu watch party to celebrate with hulu friends. While having a group watch, just remember a few things that you give to keep in synchronization with your friends while watching because if you or your friend pause, rewind, or fast forward the video, it will not appear at the same time on everyone's screen. So, to stay in sync you have to click on the sync option which will be shown on the top right corner.

Otherwise, you can enjoy your group watching on friends reunion hulu while sharing emojis in live conversations with friends hulu. The only problem you may face is that if you want to maximize the screen the chat box will disappear. Now while keeping all these steps, tricks, and techniques you are free to have unlimited fun at your watch party with Hulu friends.

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Features & Functions

  • Start locating your favorite hulu video through this downloading platform by using the built-in browse service and from your PC to iPad, you can watch any of your favorite hulu downloads on any of your devices while sharing them with your friends family for your group watch with the flexible file format MP4 saving options.
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  • You can customize your offline library while using the automatic and simultaneous batch downloading service to have bulk downloads of long-size videos including all its parts in the shortest time ever.

So, when you know what you're going to get from this downloader, then it's time to know how you get it by following the simple steps after the successful installation of the downloader on any of your devices.

Step 1

Through the 'Streaming Services,' you must choose 'Hulu' via the main interface.

Step 2

Pick out your favorite video content with all its metadata and subtitles.

Step 3

You just need to tap on the 'Download Now' button.

So, your downloads are all set to give you a blast in your hulu offline watch when you would select the most sustainable subscription plan of $19.9/month and $59.9/year of this downloader with a cash refund confirmation in 14 days and 24/7 full customer support. You can also get to explore the added new features and functions for free with the time to time updated version of the application.

Now, you have probably made a full proof plan with your hulu friends for the friend's reunion on hulu while having chilling conversations with friends hulu with the smashing services of the Hulu watch party. While doing that you just give a simple try to the time ahead services of the BBFly Hulu Downloader to have equal entertainment satisfaction in economic budget without any online watch limitations or restrictions. 

Your one time experience with the hulu watch party while following the simple steps of how to watch hulu with friends is going to be a lifetime experience along with sharing, discussing, and analyzing scenes of your viewing content and your real-time fun, feelings, and watching experience in real-time chatting with hulu friends.