Enjoy Movie Party With Friends: Here’s How to Stream Hulu on Discord

Updated on 2023-06-29
Are you wanting to know how to watch Hulu with friends? It is an uncomplicated process that can be accomplished with a few easy steps

One of the top digital streaming services in the United States today, Hulu has been picking up considerable popularity across the rest of the world as well because of an almost unparalleled content library of movies and TV shows especially for serving as a hub for all current episodes of television programs from their respective networks. Viewers are thus constantly on the lookout for ways to stream Hulu, especially how to stream Hulu on Discord. 

Discord is a leading chatting application with an in built screen sharing feature that lets you broadcast your Hulu stream to others. It is a very favored platform among gamers as it doubles up as to stream anything you like. So, all you need is a single Hulu account and follow a few simple steps to know how to watch Hulu with friends. 

How to stream Hulu on Discord?

You can follow a few simple steps to be able to stream Hulu on Discord app which in turn comes with additional features and great control.

Step 1:

On your Hulu application, open Edge, Chrome browser, Firefox

Step 2:

Next, you have to open Discord and linkup with a server which allows sharing your screen with others

Step 3:

Navigate to the bottom left corner of the screen and tap on the Settings icon

Step 4:

Look at the menu featuring on the left hand side and go to Game Activity

Step 5:

Now move to the upper area of the screen and click on Add it. Next, you have to pick the browser window where you can login to Hulu or alternately get the drop down menu from where you can choose the Hulu application and then select the option Add Game

Step 6:

Come out of the Settings menu and look for the Screen button at the bottom left side of the screen. Click on Screen

Step 7:

Next, choose the browser window or app that you wish to stream with others

Step 8:

Pick the Streaming settings according to your preference. If you however, select anything that is above 720p and 30FPS, you will need to upgrade to a Discord Nitro account

Step 9:

Start streaming by selecting the option Go Live

You will now find a preview window with your Hulu stream on your screen. Once you start playing the movie or TV show, it should feature in the small preview box. However, if you click away to save system resources, the video may pause. You will need to double click on it in order to regain the larger view of your stream. If you are featuring on the chat yourself as well, double click on your webcam option as well.

Now that you have learnt how to watch Hulu on Discord, you may be eager to know how to watch Netflix on Discord. With the help of some targeted research, this can be easily achieved and your Netflix Discord party will be right within your reach.

How to watch Hulu with friends?

The built-in screen sharing feature of Discord allows broadcasting of your Hulu stream with other people. With just a single Hulu account and the Go Live function you can share your screen with other individuals. 

Step 1:

Make an account for yourself on Discord

Step 2:

Now create a server by clicking the plus button which you will find on the left side of the Discord Interface

Step 3:

If you wish to establish a voice channel, tap on the small plus icon present under your server listing, which may also get auto-generated when the server is created

Step 4:

Open Hulu in a new window / tab

Step 5:

Tap on the Go Live icon that is there at the bottom left corner of the screen, which will feature as a screen with an arrow. Then select the screen or window that you wish to share

Step 6:

As the last step, click on the Create Invite button that is there near your voice channel to share your invite

When the desired video is streaming, keep the Hulu window open at all times and in case you wish to talk when streaming is underway, you may use the Discord software.

How to stream Hulu on Discord with no black screen? 

Turn off hardware acceleration in your hardware if you wish to first sort out the black screen issue while streaming Hulu on Discord.

  • To disable hardware acceleration on Google Chrome, open Chrome, select Settings after clicking on the menu at the top right hand corner of the screen, indicated by three vertical dots. On the left sidebar navigate to Advanced settings, System and disable “use hardware acceleration when available”. Restart Chrome.
  • To disable hardware acceleration on Microsoft Edge, open Edge, go to Settings indicated by three vertical dots at the top right hand corner of the screen. From the left sidebar, go to the System tab and disable “Use hardware acceleration when available”. After that, restart Edge.


  • To disable hardware acceleration of Firefox, click on the menu option indicated by three horizontal lines, at the top right hand corner of the screen and select “Settings”. Look for the Performance section that is present under the General tab. Look for “Use recommended performance settings”, de-select it and then uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”. 
  • If you are using another browser, go to Settings, search hardware acceleration and de-select it.

You can now watch your favorite Hulu shows on Discord with the help of these steps. However, imagine your streaming getting constantly disrupted in the midst of your Hulu party. Hulu has been known to get interrupted with common Hulu error codes that completely mar your viewing experience. So what would you do? Hulu Error Code 3(-984) as well as Hulu Error Code 0328 and Hulu Error Code 5003 are some such common errors that you may encounter. However, they can be easily rectified with the help of a few quick steps.

Hulu’s huge content library can also be tapped for offline viewing with the help of its built in download feature. This however, comes with certain drawbacks and hence we bring to you 11 other versatile online video downloading tools with the help of which you all Hulu movies and shows you find interesting and worth watching over and over.

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How can I watch Hulu movies / shows offline?

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Main Features

  • High speed download service in MP4 files
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  • Choose audio tracks from EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 sound channels
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  • Has an in built browser

Advantages of MyStream Hulu Downloader

  • Cent per cent clean and safe
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How can I download Hulu content with MyStream

Step 1:

Go to VIP Services and select Hulu.

Step 2:

Find the video that you wish to download.

Step 3:

Click on Download Now.

In Conclusion

Known for its ability to stream anything you like, Discord is a popular chatting application and well known in the gaming circles. It makes your Hulu show viewing experience with friends, seamless and enjoyable, if you know how to watch Hulu with friends with the help of a single Hulu account and a few simple steps. Learn the simplest ways on how to stream Hulu on Discord as discussed at great lengths here, and get the benefits of live streaming inside a voice chat with friends to stream movies on Discord.