Streaming the video content from your phone to your TV was a tough choice in the past. The advent of smart TV has made it one of the easiest options to mirror your TV's content to your TV with ease. A huge range of technologies and cables has made it extremely simple and easy to stream your content from phone to TV easily.

How to Stream From Your Phone to a TV?

There are several options that you can put to use to stream from your phone to TV. Depending on which features does your TV support, you can opt for any of your preferred technologies to stream video from phone to TV.

Method 1 – Use an HDMI Cable

Use of an HDMI cable should be one of the simplest and easiest options to help you in how to stream video from phone to TV. In fact, the HDMI cable is one of the most popular and obvious options to stream from your phone to a TV.

HDMI Cable

Almost every modern TV comes with a spare HDMI port. But, your phone does not support an HDMI cable, and you may need to use an adapter for using an HDMI cable with your TV. There are a good number of USB C to HDMI cables available, which can be helpful in how to stream from phone to TV.

Method 2 – Use Wireless streaming

With wireless streaming features available on both smartphones and TVs alike, this can be an ultra-modern option that can prove to be quite handy in how to stream video from phone to TV.

Wireless streaming

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Miracast is one of the unique and most widely used means to stream videos between your TV and smartphone. Miracast as a technology has been built into a wide range of platforms such as Android, Windows, and Linux. This would be a simple and easy way to stream content between smartphone and TV without the need for any cable.

Google Chromecast is yet another great option that has proved to be a much simpler and easy connectivity alternative. Built by default on almost all the Android TVs and a good number of other smart TVs. The technology is known as HDMI over Wi-Fi and has been the only way enthusiasts use it on most of the modern devices.

The method is similar to using an HDMI cable, but the connection is achieved without cables. The exact steps involved in streaming videos from phone to TV would depend on the individual devices, and explaining each of the devices may be beyond the scope of this post.

The salient features of the connectivity can include

  • Choose the option for Screencast from your Quick Settings menu on your Android device. On some devices, you may need to follow the path - Settings–Bluetooth & device connection–Cast

  • Make sure that your phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network

  • You should be able to find your TV listed as one of the supported devices.

  • Choose the TV from the available devices, and you will be connected within a few seconds.

Do note that these are generic steps and may not be applicable for every device you may have.

How to connect Netflix from phone to TV?

The steps in how to stream Netflix from phone to TV are similar to the steps used in how to stream video from phone to TV. However, the Netflix app on your phone does have a dedicated Cast button that would simplify the process further.

Here is what you can do to stream Netflix from phone to TV –

  • Launch your Netflix app
  • Locate the Cast button at the top right corner
  • You should get a list of the devices on the same WiFi network and within the range.
  • Pick the TV that you want to stream your Netflix content onto, and tap on it.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds, and your Netflix content from the phone will be streamed onto your TV.

If you do not have an option to connect to your TV through wireless mode, using a wired connection may be very practical. Mobile devices can ideally be connected to the smart TV through the USB cables. If our TV has a USB port option, that can be an easier way to connect the smartphone to the TV.

You can make use of micro HDMI or USB C cables to connect the smartphone to the TV. It may also be a good option to use an adapter that can be helpful in connecting the phone to the TV. You can find a good USB C to HDMI cable that can come much handy in this context.

Can You Share Netflix account?

While we are discussing the options on how to stream Netflix from phone to TV, how about checking if you can share a Netflix account? Under ideal conditions, sharing your Netflix account is legal. However, this functionality does come with a few limitations and a few terms and conditions that you need to abide by.

The policy documentation of Netflix clearly mentions that you can opt for personal and non-commercial use only and may not be shared with individuals beyond your household. That should perhaps be a little tricky to understand. However, it has been observed that Netflix users do share their accounts with people living in different cities. Though legally not approved, it seems that Netflix does not take the violations seriously.

If you find the streaming options are not much easy for your device, it may be a good idea to download Netflix contents to watch them offline.

The Final Wrap Up

Streaming content from phone to TV is not necessarily a tough choice. In fact, irrespective of whether you are looking at Netflix or any other streaming service, the methods used in how to stream video from phone to TV remain the same.

The wireless method of streaming Netflix or any other streaming service from the phone to TV should be one of the popular and easier options to go with. The ease of use and a simple functionality are what would make it a great experience in almost every respect. So check out which methods work best in your case and enjoy streaming Netflix or any other streaming service from your phone to TV easily.