How to Search on Pluto TV: 5 Ways You Must Know

Updated on 2022-03-27
Get the five most useful methods & steps of how to search on Pluto tv or how to search movies on Pluto tv on various devices for free streaming in free time.

Pluto TV doesn't need any separate introduction in the online streaming entertainment world. Being one of the most prominent ad-supported and video-on-demand internet television services, Pluto tv is high on demand with its free subscription. So, to watch your favorite content free on Pluto tv, you must know how to search on Pluto TV. Before that, you probably need to know can you search on Pluto TV?

You will be surprised and super excited to know the broadest range of online content available for free on Pluto tv. This platform has been tied up with 170 content partners and 250 channels along with 100,000 hours of watching content. Sixty-four million active monthly subscribers always wanted to know the most manageable Pluto TV search steps. Since Pluto tv doesn't have any dedicated search option, you have to follow a few methods and steps to search on Pluto tv.

Five options to search on Pluto tv

Here, on the Pluto tv platform, you would get to watch on-demand and live tv content for free. However, you have to follow different methods to search for different content on this platform. Instead of searching content by its title name, you must depend on the browsing option. You need to go through the list of the channel, genre, and show airing day and time to locate your required content for ad-supported free watching on Pluto tv. 

Even though you can watch Pluto tv content on different devices, fortunately, because of the identical interface, the methods of searching Pluto tv are pretty similar. You need to use your finger to complete the process of how to search on Pluto tv app. On the other hand, you have to use a mouse for the computer and a remote for the smart tv. So, to make your Pluto tv search job more accessible, you must divide your search into two parts. One is to do a live tv search, and another is to do an on-demand video content search.

1) Live TV content search on Pluto tv

● Once you open the Pluto TV main page, there will be two options, "Live TV" and "On-Demand".

● These options are given on the top of the screen, and you have to select the " Live TV" option.

● You have to start browsing with the category list you are interested in. This list is given above on the channel box, and it includes sports, movies, comedy, entertainment, and so on.

● On your computer and smart tv, you will see the list on the left side of the screen, and on your phone or tablet, you have to scroll the list from left to right side.

● After selecting the category, a page with a channel list will appear.

● You need to go through the channel list till you find out your required show.

● Once you have found the show, you need to select it to watch.

● You are allowed to watch only live content that is currently airing.

2) On-Demand content search on Pluto tv

● Go for the "On-Demand" option given on the top of the screen on your smart tv or computer. This option is shown at the bottom of the phone or tablet.

● Scroll down the on-demand category list given on the left side of your PC or smart tv screen, and on your phone or tablet, you will find the list on the top.

● This category list contains TV series, movies, sitcoms, action, drama, comedy, etc.

● You have to select the category you are looking for.

● Once you select the category, a page will appear full of content options under your selected category.

● You need to scroll through the options to select the specific content of your choice to watch.

3) Pluto tv search through the channel list

● While scrolling through the channel list, you will get a channel number for each channel.

● After that, you will get the corresponding channel attached to that channel number.

● Since Pluto TV often makes changes in its channel list by adding up and eliminating new channels, it would be helpful to recheck the channel list to ensure new updates

● Even though the channel list wouldn't show what content is currently available, this process would make your job of how to search movies on Pluto tv easier for sure.

4) Pluto tv search through a watch list

● Each time you watch any content on Pluto tv, you must add it to your watch list.

● Make your own customized Pluto tv watch library of your favorite content.

● Next time, whenever you want to watch something related to your favorite content, you need to go straight to your watch list instead of going through the browsing process.

5) Search on Pluto tv via Google 

● You can search any of your favorite content on Google, and you can see whether it is available on Pluto tv or not.

● If the Pluto tv icon comes under your search result option, you can go through the category search or channel search option to locate the content. 

● Even if the content has been shown on Pluto tv in your google search, you may or may not find it on Pluto tv because if the content was available in the past on Pluto tv and currently gets removed, then you would probably find the content under Pluto tv option on google search, but it will not be available on the recent library of Pluto tv.

So, the commonly asked question is how do you search on Pluto tv, which has been answered in such a way that you would get the most systematic and effective results from these options and steps of how to search Pluto tv.

Ways to avoid time-consuming Ads & Search option on Pluto tv

Even though Pluto tv provides a free online streaming service, this ad-supported service and tricky search content option are very time-consuming. So, you have to have enough time in your hand to enjoy Pluto tv's free subscription service. In today's super busy life, we understand that time is more valuable than money, and that's why people are ready to pay for everything to save their valuable time.

Here, to enjoy Pluto tv content without ads and time taking search options, neither you have to pay much, nor you have to waste your valuable time with the time ahead advantages of KeepStreams for Pluto TV Downloader or Y2mate Pluto TV Downloader. After searching any of the favorite content on Pluto tv, you download them simultaneously without ads through any of these two downloaders and make your custom-made offline library for your internet-independent offline watch.

Enjoy ads-free, internet free & search hassle-free pluto tv content: With the Y2mate Pluto TV Downloader

Since Pluto tv doesn't have any dedicated search option in its application, it has become a little boring and annoying to find out your favorite content by going through a time-consuming searching process. And with the ad-supported watching, you have to spend more time on it. Apart from this, much of its content got removed after a certain period. And you have probably missed them because of your time constraints.

Now, you don't have to compromise with any of these Pluto tv limitations when you are on board with Y2mate Pluto TV Downloader. Along with unlimited Pluto tv downloads, you can download any content from any of your favorite online streaming platforms without any ads disturbance. So, to reach the ultimate offline entertainment destination of online platforms with this downloader, you have to start your journey with the features, functions, and procedures of this downloader.

Features & Functions

● The ads skipping feature is just phenomenal to enjoy Pluto tv downloads in resolution 720p to 1080p along with your suitable subtitle, audio channel, and metadata.

● You can enjoy your Pluto tv ads-free download on any of your favorite devices anytime, anywhere with the smartest MP4 file format saving option.

● With the batch download feature, you can download multiple long-size videos in a few minutes simultaneously and automatically one after another with all its parts. 


You can avail of these facilities only under $19.9/month or $59.9/month subscription plan with a free downloading option with limited features.

Downloading steps

● Download and install the Y2mate Pluto TV downloader for free from the official website.

● Go to the "Streaming Service" option to find the Pluto tv.

● Search Pluto tv content via this downloading platform with built-in features.

● Once you complete the selection process of videos with subtitles and metadata, you have to start the downloading process.

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When you have the option with the most advanced technology of the KeepStreams for Pluto TV downloader to relish your Pluto tv world without ads and the internet, you will spend money on your internet connection and time on ad-supported watching. 

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Features & Functions

● You can download multiple contents from multiple streaming platforms, including Pluto tv, simultaneously with the automatic batch downloading feature and without any ad.

● Long-sized videos will be downloaded within a matter of minutes, including all parts, subtitles, audio channel, and metadata.

● You can share your offline library to any device with the MP4 file format saving option.

● Enjoy your download with your selected resolution between 720p to 1080p.


To make your offline library with your favorite Pluto tv content, you need to pay only $19.9/ month or $59.9/ year with a limited free downloading option.

Steps to Download

● Install the KeepStreams for Pluto TV Downloader for free through its official website.

● Via "VIP Service", you should select "Pluto TV".

● Then you have to search for videos to download along with audio channels, subtitles, and metadata.

● After the selection process, you have to initiate the downloading process by clicking on " Download Now".

So, while investing a minimal amount of money on any of the KeepStreams for Pluto TV Downloader or Y2mate Pluto TV Downloader, you would never regret it because here you would get 14 days of money-back guarantee along with 24/7 continuous customer support for your assistance.

Concluded Tips

So, what are you waiting for, when you know both the options of how to search on Pluto tv and how to download Pluto tv without ads. Now make your move fast to follow the most convenient, adequate, effective, and economic steps to have unlimited fun of the entire online world in a limited time.

While going through the steps of how to search movies on Pluto tv, you must continue with the most hassle-free and ads-free downloading process of any of the two downloaders mentioned above to make the most out of the Pluto tv platform.