When using the computer, the thought of sharing the content played on the screen with others often comes up, such as the wonderful movie plots, or if we encounter any usage problems, we may need someone to help solve them. At this time, it could not be easier to record and share current situation, because it can not only help the others clearly understand your condition, but also facilitate them to give a reasonable and accurate solution in a short time. So, how to screen record on Mac? In this article, we will specifically illustrate the way to record video on Mac.

How to screen record on Mac?

You can use a relatively simple shortcut method on a Mac computer to solve the problem with a few keys. The following is the specific operation method:

  1. Press the common method on keyboard: Command + Shift + 5 keys, then a toolbar will appear on your screen.

2. There will be several options at the bottom of the toolbar. The fourth and fifth buttons from left to right (except for the “×”) are for screen recording: Record Entire Screen or Record Selected Portion. Record the entire screen can will let you record the displayed content of the entire screen; if you choose the Record Selected Portion, a dashed line box will appear, at this time, you need to manually drag the edges of dashed line box to decide the part you want to record.

In addition, before the recording starts, you can also manually select the storage location of the recording file in the “option” column, on your desktop or a file, etc., and you can also set the timer and other functions.

3. Click the “record” button on the far right of the toolbar to start recording

4. After the recording is completed, click the circle icon at the top of the computer screen (as shown in the screenshot below), or click Command + Control + Esc to stop the recording

Or you could also utilize the pre-installed software on the Mac computer --QuickTime Player, the procedures are as follows:

1. In the application folder, find QuickTime Player and click it to open

2. Select New Screen Recording in the roll-down options of File at the top of the screen, or press the corresponding shortcut key

3. Similarly, you can drag the mouse, select the screen part you want to record, and then click the red button to start recording

4. If you want to end recording, just click the black circle icon at the top of the screen, or use the shortcut Command + Control + Esc

The above is the screen recording function of Mac. You can freely watch, edit or share your recorded video according to your own preferences.

Features of recording video on Mac

The features of recording video on Mac are as follows:


It should be noted that the recorded video on Mac is stored mov format, and part of the mov encoding cannot be played on a computer without QuickTime software installed.

However, if it is a MP4 format file, in a video, the MP4 file occupies a smaller space on the assumption that videos are with the same time, resolution and image quality. Besides that, as the most common video format at present, MP4 is compatible with most playback devices.


Generally, the time of recording a video is as long as the original video.


In addition, it is undoubtedly a very practical method to use the pre-installed recording software on Mac provided that recording time is short, or there is not much content to be recorded. But if you want to share a long-recorded video with others, such as the one from streaming media platforms like Netflix, Disney plus, etc., the whole recording procedure will definitely take a longtime. What’s more, the recorded video will occupy a lot of computer memory space, which, as a result, will slow down the running speed of the computer and affect the use of the computer in the future after accumulated to some extent.

How to view videos without recording screen?

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Final words

We have detailed discussed the methods about how to record screen on Mac. If you're still bothered about it, give StreamGaGa downloader a shot.