How to Record Audio on iPhone: A Few Tips

Updated on 2023-06-29
Get to know the most authentic & effective option iPhone voice recorder that helps you record audio or any phone call to your specifications.


Since your smartphone has made your life so easy and sorted with a few clicks, you can't even think about anything your phone can't do. And when you have spent a handsome amount on your favorite iPhone, you would probably want to know every single thing about your iPhone. No, matter what query you have. From knowing how do I record on my iPhone or where is the microphone on iPhone 11, you just want to have complete control of your iPhone.

Well, it is very easy to know that the microphone on iPhone 11 is at the bottom of the home screen. However, to know how to voice record on iPhone, you have to go through the entire article since it is not a word answer. Even though iPhone allows you to record audio on iPhone with the built-in iPhone voice recorder called Voice Memos, it won't allow you to record conversation on iPhone. However, whether the iPhone allows you or not, this article would surely give you multiple options to record voice, sound, or call on iPhone with the recording steps.

How to Record Audio on iPhone

How to record audio on iPhone

With the built-in iPhone app called Voice Memos, audio recording on iPhone needs just a few steps and clicks. With this voice memos app, you can record audio on your iPhone, including any of your notes, musical content, lectures, or other sounds. So, let's get into the steps of how to record voice on iPhone.

● Go to the utility folder to find the Voice Memos app.

● You can record sound on iPhone via Voice Memos using a built-in microphone, compatible headset, or external microphone.

● Initiate recording by clicking on the "Round Red" colored button.

● Adjust the recording level by adjusting the position of the microphone.

● Go to the waveform shown on the top, to see the details of the recordings.

● Tap the "ll" sign to pause and click on the resume option to continue recording.

● To review the recording, click on the "triangle" button.

● Next, click on the "black circle having red square" option to complete the recording.

● Click on the "Done" option to save the recording.

Tips for recording this iPhone Voice Recorder

● Your recording will be saved under "New Recording," or it could be named the location where the recording gets saved. You can also change the name of the recording by clicking on recordings > name > type a new name.

● To tune up your recording, you can use the editing options like trim, resume & replace.

● If the Voice Memos app is turned on in iCloud settings, your recording will be automatically updated & appear on all your devices that are signed in with your same Apple ID.

● While recording with Voice Memos, you can easily simultaneously use another app that doesn't play any sound.

How to record conversations on your iPhone?

While keeping the privacy and security aspects into consideration, the iPhone doesn't allow you to record conversations on iPhone. However, it doesn't mean that you can not do it. If you are looking for a minimum one way to know how to record the conversation on iPhone, here, you will get four options to record the conversation on iPhone.

1. Separate Voice Recorder Device

You can easily record any of your conversations on your iPhone with any of your convenient voice recorder devices like another phone, tablet, or any other portable device. While continuing any conversation, you need to keep it on speaker phone and place the other voice recorder device as close as possible to your iPhone, and you are ready to record the conversation of your iPhone on that particular device.

2. Third-Party Voice Recording

To know how to record conversations on iPhone, you must try the most effective third-party voice recording app from the App Store. These apps would allow you to record any incoming or outgoing calls with many additional features of transcription, transformation, etc. You can get free & paid versions of these apps; you can pick up the one according to your choice.

3. Voicemail

Voicemail is another easiest and most convenient option to record conversations on iPhone. So, to know how to record a conversation on iPhone, here you go with the steps.

You need to go to the call dialing option and make a call to the person > click on the "Add call" option> dial your phone number to reach your voicemail inbox> once you have heard your voice message recording sound & voice recording has begun to play> you need to click on the " merge call" option to make the conference call between your voicemail & the person you are in the conversation with> once you finish the call, you would get the call recording in your voicemail.

4. Google Voice

Before trying this option to record calls on your iPhone, you must know that this free Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service is only available in the USA & Canada. With this free Google app, you can make domestic or international internet calling. It also allows you to record any incoming call on your iPhone, but outgoing calls can not be recorded through this app. Go through the given steps to record conversations on your iPhone.

Go to the "Setting Menu" in the App> choose "Calls"> incoming call settings> once the app is activated, press 4 on the dialer when you are on with any incoming call> the app will start recording the call> both the callers will have a voice notification that the call has been recorded.

Tips to Remember

While using any of these above-mentioned methods to record calls on your iPhone, you must let other people know that you are going to record this call. Otherwise, without taking the consent of the other person in the call, it is not legal to record the call.

Final Tips

When you are quite relieved that there are many ways to solve your problem of how to record audio on iPhone, it's your time to select the most adequate and appropriate option to record either conversation or any other sound on your iPhone, depending on your specific requirements. All of the above-mentioned options would serve your audio or call recording purpose to their best abilities. Now, it's your call to make the right call.