How to Game Share on a PS5! EASY Guide!

Updated on 2023-06-29
How to game share on a PS5? Check out this guide to game share on ps5.

This article is going to show you how to game share on a PS5, if you are just searching for such method, you must read this article. In case you didn't know what is game sharing, it is basically a process we can do on our Playstation 5, which allows us to share our games between different consoles or between different users.


Using this method we can share Playstation 5 games, Playstation 4 games and even playstation plus across all the users on a console, here are several things before I get into the actual tutorial on how to game share on a PS5.

Tip 1: You Cannot Game Share Disk Games

The first tip of how to game share on a PS5 is a warning: you cannot game share disk games you actually have to physically share those We can only game share digitally downloaded content.

Tip 2: Make Sure Your Friends Know the Game Sharing Process

This article departs from the perspective of game sharing your games with your friend. So if you want your friend to game share his games with you or you both want to game share each other's games, be sure to show your friends this article and make sure that he knows this process and does it on his console as well.

So with that out of the way, let's get into the actual tutorial!

How to Game Share on a PS5: Detailed Guide!

How to game share on a PS5? Read this guide in details.

Step 1: Start the Console, go to Settings

Starting on your console, logged in with your account, go up to the Settings menu.


Step 2: Enable Console Sharing and Offline Play

Then go down to "Users and Accounts", then go down to Other, and then select the option Console Sharing and Offline Play.

go to users and account

Now, if your game shared on Playstation 4, this process is very similar to the primary account system that was in place on Playstation 4 consoles.

Step 3: Enable Console Sharing in Settings

Basically, each user has a home console, and every other user that is on that Home console gets access to all the users, games and their memberships and benefits as long as they remain active or they have console sharing enabled.

console sharing

We're going to be giving our friend our account and we're going to be making his console our home console, so that he can have access to all of our games and all of our benefits.

We will still be able to play our own Games on our Playstation 5 using our user, but no one else on this console will have access to them as long as our friends is playing them, so this whole thing might sound really complicated in concept, but in practice it's actually very easy.

So all I have to do here on our console is select Disable now, if it shows Enable for you just leave it as is, but if your screen looks like mine does, then select "Disable". So that's about all we can do on our own playstation 5.

Now we can head over to our friend's console, so thefirst thing we need to do is Add User to his console, so my user is already added on here, but if yours isn't just head to add user.

Step 4: Add User to the Account

Select, Get Started, go through all this, and then sign in using your playstation network account. This is the same account that is atached to your user, so be sure that you sign in with the correct playstation network account and then once you're. Signed in. Just select the user and it'll take you to the home screen.

We can head up to settings and we can head back to the same menu we were in before so, users and accounts, down to Other and then select “Console Sharing and Offline Play”.

go to users and account

This time we are going to enable it, so that this console becomes our home console and everyone has access to our games here. Then select okay and just as a precautionary measure, I'm also going to restore licenses.

Sometimes if you're doing stuff like this with your user playstation can lock games, and there can be issues with ownership of the games, just in case there is an issue we are going to restore licenses so just select "Restore it".


It should only take a fseconds, depending on how many games you have, and once the licenses are restored, we can head back all the way to the home screen, and now we can actually download the game, so our friend can play them on his console so stay logged in as your user do not log out of your user account..

Step 6: Head to the Library

Then head to the Library and then just, go to Your Collection, so in here all of your games should appear, and then just select the games that your friends wants and then download them to his console.


Be sure to stay logged in as your user while the game is installing. Also, do not put your playstation 5 into Rest mode, just leave it on and logged in as the game is installing.

Step 7: Log into Your Friend's account

Here comes the last step of how to game share on a PS5. Once the games are done installing, we can switch out of our user account and log into our friend's account.


So now our friend has access to all of our games and he can play them on his Console.


As long as our account has console sharing enabled. If you disable console sharing, then you friends will no longer have access and the games will be locked, so be sure to stay logged in, keep your user as the Primary on this PS5.

That's all!

Play the Game Simultaneously!

Now you know how to game share on a PS5, and you should be good to go now, you can both play the same game at the same time. Just be sure that your friend is logged in with his user on his playstation 5, and make sure that you are logged in with your user on your playstation 5 and you should be enable to play immediately in the same game.


If for whatever reason your games become locked on your console, or your friend's games become locked on his console. It could be because that one of you has gone offline, so if one of you loses connection or the Playstation 5 is powered off then You will lose access to all of your Games.

The Game Sharing No Longer Working?

Apart from how to game share on a PS5, you may have other problems, such as what if the game sharing is no longer working. To fix that you have to enable Console Sharing again on your Playstation 5, and then you will be given access once again to your games. You can also share each other's games at the same time, just basically do this process on each other's consoles and you each have access to each other's games.


Also, this process does not affect the Playstation 4 console sharing at all. If you are sharing games on PS4 or you have different accounts as primary on your Playstation 4 consoles.

This method will not affect those at all. That's its own separate thing, so don't worry about losing any games on Playstation 4.


Wanna know how to game share on a PS5? This article shows you a detailed guide with 7 steps and also tells you how to solve the problem of the game sharing no longer working. Now you can play games with your friends simultaneously!