How to Download YouTube Audio with the best Audio Extractor

By Theodora

In your entertainment world, what makes your heart and feet beat together is your favorite music. So, when it comes to enjoying any audio-visual content, even though the visual components create the main body of the content, sounds, being a soul of the body makes the body alive and vibrate with your vibration. Even though the visual body becomes a moron without its soul sound, the sound can easily be extracted from the video and enjoyed on any device with the help of an audio extractor. So, when it comes to exploring the entire musical world of your favorites, YouTube is the ocean to pick the pearl of musical content.

All About Audio Extractor

While talking about audio extractors, you must have an idea about the two types of audio extractors. One is an audio extracting and converting device known as an HDMI audio extractor that helps you to separate audio & video data from each other on two different RCA cables without losing the HDMI video quality. With the electronic HDMI audio extractor, you can transfer any audio signal of stereo analog or digital audio from any HDTV, Chromecast, or HDMI-compatible device to any amplifier or soundbar. With this HDMI audio extractor, you can enjoy your entire YouTube world or Splice Sounds content with a theatrical experience in your home entertainment.

Another one is audio extracting software that allows you to extract audio from a video file and convert them to any of your suitable audio file formats that are compatible with multiple devices so that you can enjoy them without any visual botheration. With the audio extractor, you can extract, convert & download YouTube audio from any youtube audio-visual content. So, before beginning with the top 10 audio extractors cum YouTube converter to convert YouTube to Mp3, let’s know why YouTube Mp3 downloader is high in demand.

● It allows you to enjoy only audio without video clips.

● It makes the file size smaller to fit into the limited storage space of any device.

● The extracted & converted audio file is compatible with all devices for flexible listening.

● Extracted audio can be used in other audio or video file editing.

● It helps visually challenged people to experience content without visuals.

Top 8 YouTube Audio Extractors

How to Download YouTube Audio with the best Audio Extractor

1.Y2mate DRM Downloader

Y2mate DRM Downloader is the easiest online free tool to download YouTube audio from video to your preferable Mp3 format. With the easy and user-friendly interface of this downloader, you can have YouTube audio download with a few clicks for your online limitation free offline watch. Let's have a look at the exclusive and effective features of this software.


● Ads-free downloads.

● Mp3 download with EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 sound channel selection option.

● 320 kbps audio support.

● Multiple files downloading option with high-speed GPU acceleration.

● Along with Mp3, M4A audio file format is also available.


You can try the most flexible subscription plan of $19.9/month or $59.9/year or $149.9 for a lifetime with a 14 days money refund policy.

How to download audio from YouTube with Y2mate DRM Downloader


While visiting the official website of the Y2mate DRM Downloader, you will be taken to the page having the URL box on it. You need to paste the YouTube content that you need to download. Next, click on the "Enter" option or hit on the "Arrow" sign given next to the URL bar.

Step 2

Next, you will be taken to the audio-video option page to select the preferred audio quality

Step 3

A pop-up window will open to convert the youtube video to Mp3, and after that, you will be able to download the Mp3 file.

2. StreamFab YouTube Downloader is a very common YouTube mp3 downloader, that allows you to extract audio from any YouTube video to convert YouTube to Mp3 or Mp4 file, depending on your choice, within a few minutes. With this tool, you can make the audio extraction, conversion & download on any of your PC with any OS or any Android or


● Online & Fast YouTube audio downloader.

● Support free trail.

● Easy, three steps, copy-paste URL downloading method.

● The quality of the audio won't get compromised after conversion.


● You need to subscribe a plan if you want to use it.

3. is a very popular YouTube to Mp3 downloader to download audio from YouTube video without compromising the audio quality on any device or platform for your online and device dependency-free offline listening. With this youtube audio ripper, you can rip any audio track from any audio or audio-video content while converting them to Mp3 audio file format for your device-independent listening.


● Free downloader with an easy & fast interface.

● Simple copy & paste link process for download.

● Unlimited downloading option.

● Virus-free & Registration hassle-free tool.


● There are no output file customization features.

4. Clickmp3

Clickmp3 is the smartest online tool mp3 video downloader that helps you to YouTube audio extract from any YouTube audio-video content with a few clicks. With this fast-ripper, online YouTube audio download is something that can be done on any of your Windows, Mac, Linux computer or Android or iOS devices, or smart TV. 10 minutes YouTube videos can be downloaded within 1 to 5 seconds.


● Extract audio from video & convert them to Mp3 or M4A audio format.

● The original encoding rate is kept in conversion to the quality of the audio.

● Flexible & free downloading tool without a registration requirement.

● No, commercial ad disturbance while downloading.


● Only two audio file format options to choose from.

5. FLV2MP3

FLV2MP3 is a very convenient YouTube converter to an Mp3 file. With this online & free YouTube to Mp3 downloader, downloading YouTube video to Mp3 iPhone, Android, or any computer running any OS is just a few clicks away.


● Along with Mp3, it supports many other audio formats like WMA, AAC, DivX, etc.

● Simultaneous download of more than 10 songs within 2 minutes.

● More than 100 YouTube songs can be converted & downloaded in a day.

● This YouTube Mp3 downloader can handle any quality video format while converting it to a high-quality Mp3 audio format.


● Ads-free downloading options & customization options are missing.

6. Converto

Converto is an online YouTube converter to convert YouTube to Mp3 or Mp4 format on any platform or any device within a few seconds. With the simple three steps of copying & pasting the URL, you can have your YouTube audio download for your internet free & device restriction-free offline listening.


● Download YouTube audio for free without any installation hassle.

● Customize the output file by selecting filename, ID tags or cutting the unwanted part of the video, or selecting the video quality from the "Settings" option.

● Automatic album art adding the option to all MP3 files.


● Security is vulnerable to devices & personal information.

7. Getmp3

If you want to know how to extract audio from videos on YouTube, Getmp3 is the one-stop online destination to get the answer to your query. With this YouTube converter, you can convert YouTube to Mp3 in the shortest & simplest way ever with a mere copy & paste link method to enjoy your favorite YouTube musical world without the internet anytime, anywhere on any device.


● Free software without any installation requirement.

● Convert & download as many files as you want.

● Select the audio quality of your Mp3 file before initiating the downloading process.

● All device-compatible software.


● Only one Mp3 audio format is available to choose from.

8. is the ultimate online YouTube converter to Mp3 that makes your YouTube video conversion smooth, fast, and hassle-free on any of your comfortable devices for internet-free enjoyment.


● You don't need to register or install this Free Software.

● You can download any content or your entire YouTube playlist in one go.

● Along with Mp3, many other formats such as Mp4, WAV, etc are available.

● User-friendly and safe interface.


● Ads-free downloads & audio quality selection options are not there.

Final Tip

When you know that YouTube is heading to its highest position with 2.6 billion monthly users worldwide, you probably won't stop searching for your favorite audio-video content on this second largest search engine platform. However, to stay with your favorite YouTube musical world of YouTube, here you have gotten the top 10 YouTube audio extractors to select the most specific and appropriate one of your choice. To explore the ultimate customization and flexibility in your YouTube audio download, nothing can beat the excellence of Y2mate DRM Downloader.