How to Create Your Own Custom VTuber Clothes in VRoidStudio 【VTuber/Artist】

By SophiaBolton


Hello, today we are going to be learning how you can make a custom outfit as I have here now this is without using the program a lot of people know or the website a lot of people know called "Boost", that's where you download outfits, but I'm going to show you how to draw or create your very own outfit out of pretty much the basic textures that you have offered in VRoidStudio.

There are plenty options here, you can make stuff work, it's really a great tool. And as you can see this outfit that I'm wearing now, I made this outfit with the bass tools in VRoidStudio. So I am going to show you how to do that without further ado, let's get started.

Create Your Own Custom VTuber Clothes in VRoidStudio PART1 Choose the Base Clothes 

Okay, so the first thing you do when you hop in VRoidStudio, choose the character that you wanted to work on or edit their clothes. You're going to go to clothing editor, next, what you're going to want to do is choose the basic mesh that will fit the outfit you're going to work with the best. Here I chose this little pastel cute cloud goth aesthetic sweatshirt. You could also grab a bunch of references and sort of combine and try to come up with your own fashion. There's plenty of ways you could do. So I went with just this for the tutorial and I thought it would be a cute outfit.

So I chose the one-piece long sleeve top. So you're going to want to match and choose whatever outfit you're doing to be match as closely as you possibly can with the base. So as you can see you can have short sleeve, you can have long sleeve with the skirt tucked in. You can do pants version, you can do long coat. There are so many different options. Here I went with the one piece long sleeve because that was my closest option to having a baggy sweatshirt as well as a skirt. So try to put together that in your brain, it will be different for everybody, depending on the outfit you're trying to make.


Create Your Own Custom VTuber Clothes in VRoidStudio PART2 Explaining Painting Tools

So the next thing you want to do is go over to the texture box next to design. Go ahead and click on texture and it will bring you to the texture of your clothing now. As you know in the clothing editor, you have the brush tool, you have the eraser tool, you have a blur tool. You have some other stuff over to the right, but we'll just focus on this bar right now.

the Erase Tool

So if you're doing any sort of skirt something that can be really helpful. Upper bracket to make your brush bigger lower bracket to make your brush smaller. So you can go ahead and click on the default image. And go ahead erase stuff. You can break, bring this as short as you want. You can do whatever you need to do. Keep in mind that one of the first things you're able to do when making your clothes is you can erase so you can erase the Texture directly off of the character. If you want to be short, we already can get a really cute sort of like short aesthetic dress here. Again, you can go ahead and edit.

Be careful with this because you might want to duplicate this layer, you can click right-click and duplicate before you edit the original file so you don't mess it up. So that's something you quite possibly. Might want to do all right so then. That's your eraser tool.

The Brush Tool

And the next you have your brush tool. You can go over here and you can select a color if I want to color this in pink. Now I can color the sleeve pink and if you want to get the same color or use your eyedropper tool, you can pick up the color. And if you need to get out of the eyedropper tool, this is a weird control, click Escape and it'll bring you back to your last tool used. And now I can color in.

You have other stuff over here. You have different types of brushes you can use. You have the width of the brush. You can change here and you have the opacity. So if you're trying to get different pressures sort of applied you can go ahead and and turn down your opacity.

Okay, so that's pretty much all you need to know for working on your avatar. If you'd like to use another art program like paint tool, sai, photoshop, you could right click on default image, export it and save it onto your desktop or somewhere that will work for you and bring it into the other art program to edit it with.


Create Your Own Custom VTuber Clothes in VRoidStudio PART3 Exporting Your Model

Just as a little tip, when you make a new outfit, you should be enabled to go to your tops and scroll all the way down to the bottom and it should autonomously save all the other stuff that you've had in the past. So don't be worried if you feel like it disappeared, go ahead and check that menu. And you should find it.


Now that I am doing all we do is go to camera exporter. Go ahead and click Export over on the right side and then you should be able to bring it into whichever thing you use to stream your avatar.