Well, some years ago, Netflix’s availability was limited to a few countries and regions. However, currently, the company (and streaming service) is almost available across 150+ countries. So, you probably do not need to change your region to access Netflix right now.

Nevertheless, certain movies and TV shows on Netflix are region-based. What does this mean? It means that if you’re not living within the indicated region, you won’t be able to stream such movies. This can be really pissy - especially when the content is a trendy one. Well, there’s a way to change your region on Netflix, and even download the movie in question.

How to Change Netflix Region?

Although if you move from one country to another, Netflix would automatically start showing you movies and content available to its subscribers in the new country you visited.

But, if you’re looking to change your country without actually traveling, then there are practically two ways to go about it; the first is tweaking your proxies, and the second is using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

1. Tweaking your Proxy Address

The steps to change your device's Proxy address vary from device to device. However, generally, the steps below are the procedures to changing the Proxy address on Windows computers, macOS systems, and mobile devices.

- On Windows OS

  • Press Windows Key + I and get into the Network & Internet section
  • On the left pane, scroll down and click on Proxy
  • Turn off the “Automatic Proxy” settings and manually enter the Proxy address/port you want to change to.

- On macOS Systems

  • Go to the “Network settings” page.
  • Click on Advanced --> DNS tab --> click the + symbol
  • Add the custom DNS proxy you want to use
  • Restart your network connection to activate the new settings

- On Mobile Phones

  • Open your phone’s settings page, click on the “Search icon or bar” and search for “APN” - Access Point Names
  • Create a new APN and enter the proxy details you want to use - or you can modify an existing APN to enter the proxy details.

2. Using VPNs

There are pretty many VPN applications out there - both free and paid options. All you need to do is to install a good one on your MacBook or Windows PC. There are web browsers that come with VPN built-in (ex. Opera); you could switch to such browsers.

Some good VPN apps out there include Windscribe, CactusVPN, NordVPN, Cyberghost, and many other ones. They are available as mobile apps for mobile devices, and desktop apps for PC users. With the VPN installed on your PC, set it up and choose a virtual location (the location that would allow you to stream the Geo-restricted Netflix movie).

Well, Netflix does not support using VPNs to access its service, but you’re safe using them - your account won’t be banned for streaming with VPNs. Also, it is important to note that you may encounter certain error messages as a result of using a VPN to access Netflix.

How to Download Netflix Movies to Your PC and Phone

When you finally bypass the restriction to watch the restricted movie, you can equally download the movie to your PC or device so you won’t have to watch it anytime without any form of limitation.

Even so, downloading Netflix movies is pretty easy and fast but you need to use a professional software program. The StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader is an ideal tool that makes grabbing movies and shows from the Netflix network easy and dead simple.

Alternatively, BBFly Netflix Downloader offers similar features and flexibility as the StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader software; it is a decent app to use for downloading Netflix content. With any of these downloaders, you can download Netflix videos in clear FHD format with high-quality audio tracks.

If you're on Netflix basic subscription that supports ads in-between streams, these Netflix downloaders would remove the ads and you would enjoy your favorite movies on any device you own. Below are the steps to downloading Netflix movies using StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader.


Download and install the Netflix downloader on your Windows OS computer. After installation, launch the downloader and follow the steps below.

First Step

Click on the Streaming Services option on the left pane - on the downloader’s homepage. You’d be directed to a page where you’d see all supported streaming services you can download movies from. Look out for the Netflix card and click on it.

Second Step:

Sign in to Netflix with your correct credential and find the movie you want to download. When you see the movie, start playing it - you’d be prompted to download the movie, click on the “Download” button to view the download options/settings. Choose your download settings and add the movie to your “Download Queue.”

Third Step:

Once the movie is added to the Download Queue, it starts downloading to your local storage. You can monitor the download process by navigating to the "Downloading” tab on the left pane. Also, you can download multiple movies at the same time - simply find the movies, play them, and add them to the Download Queue.


How to change Netflix region? You just need to tweak your network and IP, then you’re good to go. Using VPN is the easiest way to switch virtual locations to stream every single content on Netflix without limitations. Furthermore, if you need to download the movies, use BBFly Netflix Downloader or StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader.