How to Cast Crunchyroll to TV?

Peter Parker
Updated on 2022-05-19
Dive into the world of Anime by knowing how to cast Crunchyroll on TV and enjoy your favourite content on the bigger screen.

Casting media from the smaller to the bigger screen has become quite easy with the usage of Google Chromecast. A lot of streaming apps have in-built Chromecast support including Crunchyroll too. Being a multi-platform entertainment, users are free to cast videos from Mac, Android, Windows and iOS.

Crunchyroll is the home to dramas and anime culture including common Manga comics. Chromecast would help you to stream the content on a bigger screen. This article would brief you on steps to know how to cast Crunchyroll on TV.

This piece of information also deals with solutions to some of the common problems which you might feel while Crunchyroll Chromecast. Read further to know about popular downloader KeepStreams for Crunchyroll which people use to get rid of such issues.

What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is considered the best platform to offer your desired Manga as well as Anime titles. It provides around 30,000 episodes of the common and latest animated series. Moreover, you are free to stream the originals of Crunchyroll and 1000+ titles from past to latest seasons.

One of the best parts is you can access the content without the sign-up process. However, most users make an account to track their history. Similarly, their feed is full of suggestions as per the type of Anime they have watched previously.

It supports streaming the content on 4-6 screens simultaneously. You can access Crunchyroll from a wide range of streaming platforms. It's important to know the process behind activate using Chromecast.

How to watch Crunchyroll on TV?

To know how to watch Crunchyroll on TV, follow the simple and lucid steps given below:-

1. From the uppermost part of your device's screen, browse down to find the notification panel.

2. Search for the icon which reads Smart View, Wireless Projection, Cast as well as SmartShare etc.

3. Be patient after tapping on it because the nearby devices are being scanned.

4. Select the name of the Chromecast-enabled TV to cast your device on it.

5. After proceeding with such steps, you would see the device on your TV. Then open the Crunchyroll app on the device to start watching it on the TV.

Additional Tip: Many users also prefer doing the same from their Settings app. For that, you can read your device's guide as a reference since the method differentiates from one brand and model to another.

How to cast Crunchyroll through Google Chromecast?

Follow the described steps below to Chromecast Crunchyroll:-

1. Log in to Google Chrome on your device.

2. Open the official website of Crunchyroll on your browser. Select the 3 dotted menu icon at the upper right corner.

3. Tap on the cast to permit the scanning of the nearby devices by the browser.

4. Click your TV along with the Chromecast which you prefer to cast.

5. Selecting the Cast tab from the below sources menu in your browser is recommended.

6. This option usually defaults in the upgraded version of Google Chrome.

7. You would notice the Crunchyroll tab on your Chromecast. Meanwhile to stop the casting click on the option 'Stop Casting' present at the top right of the cast menu.

Why does my Crunchyroll often stop working?

Just like any other kind of streaming platform, there are a lot of factors which could trouble Crunchyroll from functioning properly or even completely stop working at all. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Interferences caused by the ad-blockers
  • Incorrect VPN settings
  • Issues in site
  • Server down or busy
  • Severe complications with the Google Chromecast.

How KeepStreams for Crunchyroll Can Help Me to Address the Above Issues?

KeepStreams for Crunchyroll support different OTT stages as well as many streaming platforms to revive the general streaming experience of users.

KeepStreams ensures a steady video relationship with users with premium sound and video quality. In like manner, users can set the chance of their video going from 320p to 1080p as exhibited by their necessities.

With the technological updated features, latest enhancements as well as a huge collection of shows, KeepStreams is the one-stop reply for users who are tired of dealing with the above-mentioned issues.

They prefer KeepStreams for Crunchyroll to watch their favourite Manga and Anime series to enjoy a better streaming experience.

6 unique features that KeepStreams for Crunchyroll offers you:-

KeepStreams for Crunchyroll is equipped with distinct features in comparison to any other platforms. You can know about it through the following points:-

1. Quality presentation of streaming videos

KeepStreams for Crunchyroll grants users to present any sort of content as shown by their need on the hard drive or pen drive of their PC or PC around the most raised objective of 720p for HD video quality.

2. Saves immense time

KeepStreams for Crunchyroll consists of a feature where you can download several videos in a split second without consuming a huge load of time and data.

3. Always updated on the current market trends

You might be drained off while putting a lot of time, energy and effort into managing the downloading process of your favourite shows so that you can watch them in your free time.

KeepStreams for Crunchyroll can help you in this regard. KeepStreams is made with the latest mechanical development and updates, downloading content will be finished inside a couple of moments.

4. Magnificent soundtracks

To give users the best sound quality, KeepStreams gives you the alternative to choose from AAC 2.0, EAC3 5.1 as well as AC3 5.1 soundtracks.

5. Decision to skip advertisements while watching videos

If you are irritated about the traffic or promotions while watching films on various stages then KeepStreams has a decision to stay away from the special advertisements and give a smooth video experience to the users.

Subscription amount: The month to month membership charge of KeepStreams for Crunchyroll begins from $19.99 each month for 1 PC.

The lifetime plan cost around $4.99 per month and it offers a license on 3 PCs with lifetime updates. There is also an option to get 100% cashback if you feel that the service has not been useful to you.

How to download Anime content with KeepStreams for Crunchyroll?

To download your desired Manga and Anime videos with KeepStreams for Crunchyroll, just proceed with the enumerated steps:-

1. From the section of different videos, click on the preferred video quality.

2. Search for the video that you are looking forward to downloading.

3. Tap on 'download now' to have a had offline copy of your #1 show. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why does my Crunchyroll frequently stop working on Chromecast?

A: To get rid of this issue, ensure that both of the devices are having a proper connection to the same internet or Wi-Fi network. If you can cast other apps and only Crunchyroll is shooting trouble, try re-installing the app. Make sure to clear the cache to enable the cast option.

Q2. How to fix the connection problems while using Crunchyroll?

A: This is one of the common issues which every user faces at least once while using Crunchyroll. You can try the below fixes:-

  • Ensure the stable connection of your Internet
  • Check the server status of your Crunchyroll
  • Disable Antivirus software
  • Clear the browsing data
  • Clear the cache
  • Disable Ad-blockers

Q3. How to stop my Crunchyroll from buffering?

A: This problem originates because of the combination of two severe issues: unstable/slow internet connection and cache issues in the application. Videos often buffer when the cache of the application is not cleared and if your internet speed is declining. 

Q4. Is it true that Crunchyroll is removing anime?

A: Indeed, anime would no longer be an integral part of Crunchyroll. This has been implemented over a few years now. The main reason behind the elimination of anime content is because of expired licenses. Since Crunchyroll didn't have a full-time license from anime producers to always stream it on their site.

Q5. Can I use Crunchyroll through my mobile?

A: Just like the site of Crunchyroll, you can enjoy the anime library of Crunchyroll for free. The only problem is you cannot skip ads while streaming the videos on your Android phone. You have to get the premium membership to get access to the updated content from the latest anime series airing after an hour preceding the Japanese broadcast.


In this digital media world, there's no doubt while saying how anime has become the utmost attraction to larger masses. People are glued to Manga and anime content because of the kind of imagery, content and imagination poured into it.

Crunchyroll is one such website which has become the top priority of every Anime lover. Since it offers free streaming of the Anime content. This article is for you if you want to discover how to cast Crunchyroll on TV. A detailed step to step analysis is done here.

Moreover, there are certain issues which stain the streaming experience of Anime lovers. To eliminate that issue permanently, you can use KeepStreams for Crunchyroll. It is the best solution to get rid of such unnecessary issues and to improve your overall experience.