How to Add Music to Instagram Story

Updated on 2023-06-29
From knowing the steps of how to add song to Instagram story to fixing the "Instagram music not working" issue, get everything with this article.


If your impulse has drawn you to this page to know the most authentic steps about how to add music to Instagram story, this article will guide you thoroughly.


When you are here, it is explicitly implied that being one of the leading American photo and video sharing social networking services, Instagram doesn't need any introduction. However, with the sky-kissing magnetism of this platform, having more than 500 million daily active users and uploads of over 100 million photos, Instagram is evolving every moment, with its time ahead moves to live up to your needs and expectations.

How to add music to an Instagram story

A subtle sight to add music to Instagram story

When you get busy exploring the maximum exposure of the life-elevating platform, Instagram is always one step ahead with its new venture to add music to Instagram posts or stories. In 2018, Instagram came up with its latest endeavor to add Instagram music or any of your favorite songs. Through the easy song selection process from the Instagram audio Library, you can give cordial customization to any of your posts or stories. You can't help but know the systematic and effective methods of how to add music to Instagram post or story.

What keeps you close to Instagram posts or stories!!

So, it just needs a few clicks and steps about how to add music to an Instagram story or post. When Instagram stories of images or videos have come up with 24 hours live limitations on your account with the auto-delete option, your colorful world of Instagram posts will be there forever while carrying your memories through moments. The smile and shine of your Instagram stories will light up your entire Instagram phenomenon for the longest time once you have saved them as "Highlights." So, it's time to create charismatic charm on your Instagram realm by following the simple step-by-step instructions on how to add music to a video.

Time to tap with the musical Instagram beat

Before getting into the steps of how to add music to ig story, let's see how the music-adding option works in your vibrant musical world to feel the vibration of music. By simply going to the music icon from the sticker option of any of your Instagram photos or images, you can add your suitable song that matches the story; lyrics of the song can be adjusted by forwarding or rewinding the song.

Select a song to suit the story

And if you need to know how to make a song on your Instagram story, you will be more than happy to see that you can select songs from thousands of options in the Instagram audio library before recording the video. While opening the camera, select the " Music" option and look for the song to play once you start recording the video. So, with the song's sensational Instagram story, your beloved audience would watch your Instagram story with the music and sticker having the title and artist name. So, if you can't wait to make your own Instagram story, here you go with the steps.

How to add music to a video or photo of the Instagram story

● Go to your Instagram account on your Android or iOS device, and with the right swipe, go straight to your profile picture in the upper left corner of the page.

● To continue your process, go to the "Add to your story" option at the screen's bottom.

● No matter whether your story is an image or video, you need to click on the "sticker icon" on the screen's upper side.

● Next, go to the "Music Sticker" option, or you can also use the search bar option to find the right choice directly.

● You will be shown thousands of songs and categories to select from. You need to pick the most suitable one to add to your story.

● Once you select the song, it will be shown on your Instagram story as a "Sticker."

● You can personalize the "Sticker" depending on your choice while clicking on it to know the display option.

● Since the duration of the Instagram story is a maximum of 15 seconds, you need to use the "slide bar" option to adjust the exact duration of your selected music or song at the same story time.

● To the story, lyrics can be added to the album display icon while clicking on the "Song's Thumbnail."

● Once you have finished editing, hit the "Done" option.

● Drag the edited "Sticker" icon or "Lyrics" anywhere across the screen of your Instagram story.

● Lastly, click on the "Your Story" option in the left corner at the bottom, and your Instagram story will be ready with your favorite music.

How to add music to Instagram posts through Reels

● After opening the Instagram app, you need to go to the "+" option shown at the top right side of the page and then go to the "Reels" option from the bottom.

● Go for the "Music" option from the left side.

● Select the "Music Track" that you like to add to the Reel.

● Go for the "Slide bar" option to select the particular portion of the song that would match the duration of the Reel content with a maximum of 90 seconds.

So, these are the simple steps regarding how to add a song to Instagram story. You have to follow the instructions step by step and get sorted with the song selection for your Instagram stories or posts. However, you can try these methods only if the "Music" sticker option is available on your Instagram app. If not, you must follow the steps to fix the "Instagram music not working" issue.

How to fix the "Instagram not working" issue

● You need to update your Instagram app by going to the App Store or Google play store.

● Sign in & Sign out option could work for you, and you can try this option while going through Profile>Menu>Settings>Log out> again to log in with your credentials.

● Reinstall the app on your device.

● Update your Instagram app through Wi-Fi.

● You can switch your Instagram account to a personal account.

● You can also try switching to a creator account.

● You can contact Instagram by reporting your problem.

● You can use VPN to access the "music" sticker on Instagram.

Last Tips

If you have been struggling to add music to Instagram story or your Instagram account, your search for the most accessible and authentic steps of how to put music on Instagram story or post has ended with this article. However, if you can't even figure out how to or where to begin with the steps, since you have been facing the "Instagram music not working" issue, with the "music sticker" icon missing issue fixing option, you can easily bypass this problem. So, move fast to get Instagram music in your Instagram world.