How Many Profiles Can You Have on Netflix?

Updated on 2023-08-14
You can only have 5 profiles on a single Netflix account. Depending on your subscription plan, you may get up to 4 simultaneous streams.

Netflix is practically the most popular premium streaming service available almost in every country of the world. The service lets its subscribers stream on-demand titles, all-time classics, exclusive Originals, and blockbusters. You can get the Netflix app on a wide range of devices, including gaming consoles.

You can have one Netflix account and then create profiles for your kids, partner, and any other person you may want to share the account with. That way, you'd only pay one subscription for your entire household to watch Netflix on different devices. Of course, you can set up Parental Controls for your kids' profiles.

One big question asked by a lot of Netflix users is, “How many profiles can you have on Netflix?” Well, you can have up to 5. You can also check how to download Netflix videos for offline watching.

Netflix Streaming

Netflix is a streaming service available in 150+ countries worldwide. The service has an app you can install on any of your devices: streaming devices, mobile smartphones, gaming consoles, and smart TVs. The Netflix app is free across platforms.

On Netflix, there are lots of content to stream, including kids’ movies and shows. The service also releases Originals shot in their studios. There’s just a lot of exciting stuff to watch on Netflix - with your family.

However, some Netflix movies are top-rated, explicit, and as such, it is not advisable to watch them with kids. Thence, Netflix allows its users to create multiple profiles under one account and set restrictions as to the type of movies each profile is eligible to watch.

How Many Profiles Can You Have on Netflix?

The limit is five (5); you can only have 5 profiles under one Netflix account. Your subscription on the account covers the 4 other users/profiles added to the account.

You can't have more than 5 profiles on a single Netflix account; if you need more profiles, then you would have to create another account to take the profiles to 10 - 5 on one account, 5 again on the second account.

Interestingly, Netflix allows you to perform a lot of customizations on each profile. For example, each profile allows for language preference, specific viewing restrictions, profile lock, and many other settings. Creating and managing Netflix profiles is pretty easy.

How to Create Profiles on Netflix

  • Sign in to Netflix on your device and tap/click on the “Account” icon
  • Select Manage Profiles and click/tap on “Add Profile.”
  • Set a name for the new profile and save it
  • Once a new profile is created, you can get into the profile and personalize the settings/preferences.

Can All 5 Profiles Watch at Once?

No. The maximum number of simultaneous streams supported by Netflix is 4. This means to say that you can simultaneously watch different movies on up to 4 different devices. However, the 4 simultaneous streams is only supported on the most expensive Netflix plan; below are the details:

  • Basic Plan ($8.99/mo): 1 user, no simultaneous streams.
  • Standard Plan ($13.99/mo): Watch Netflix on a total of 2 screens at the same time.
  • Premium Plan ($17.99/mo): Watch on up to 4 different screens

Download Netflix Movies

You can actually download any movie you find on Netflix, but you need a Netflix downloader software to do that. Netflix downloaders are 3rd-party programs that allow you to save movies from Netflix to your PC in MP4 format and with high-quality audio tracks.

There are quite many Netflix Downloaders out there, but you should consider using MyStream Netflix Downloader. This downloader is distinctive and works very fast; it is one the best to use on Windows PC. Another downloader you may want to consider is Y2Mate DRM Downloader.

MyStream Netflix Downloader

MyStream Downloader

MyStream Netflix Downloader runs on Windows OS only. It works for downloading content from any version of Netflix streaming service. This downloader supports up to 1080p Full HD quality, with high-quality audio tracks. The MyStream Netflix Downloader can download multiple movies at the same time, thanks to the Batch Mode support.

All Netflix movies downloaded with this app are saved in MP4 format; it also allows you to save subtitles as separate SRT files. Metadata info for the downloaded Netflix movies is preserved. MyStream Netflix Downloader works well and doesn't cause your PC to slow down.

How To Download Netflix Movies and Shows

First Step

Download and install the MyStream Netflix Downloader software on your Windows PC. After the installation, launch the program and click on “VIP Services.” Select Netflix from the cards of supported services.

Second Step:

Sign in to your Netflix account using your correct credentials and search for the movie you want to download. When you find the movie, start playing it - a download button would pop up as the movie plays, click on the button to set your download preference, and the movie would be added to the download queue.

Third Step:

If you need to download multiple movies, simply play them, click on the download button and add them to the download queue. All ongoing downloads can be monitored in real-time by navigating to the "Downloading" tab on the left pane. You can pause, resume, or stop any ongoing download. MyStream Netflix Downloader is flexible and easy to use.


You can only have 5 profiles on a single Netflix account. Depending on your subscription plan, you may get up to 4 simultaneous streams. If you need to save some movies, MyStream Netflix Downloader runs on Windows OS PCs and can download any movie you find on Netflix.