How Many People Can Watch Netflix at Once - Netflix Profile Limit

By SahilSharma

Netflix has been one of the prime and best streaming services that have redefined how we are used to entertainment. Support for a huge number of devices and platforms and devices and a whopping content library are a couple of reasons that make it a truly wonderful service ever.

If you are someone who is using the streaming service quite frequently, there may be a few questions that you may be looking to find answers for. One such possible question is about how many Netflix profiles you can have per account. So let us try finding answers to those and other questions.

Can I Watch Netflix on More Than 2 Devices?

If you have a standard Netflix account, you can configure your account to work with up to six devices. That apart, you can even create four sub-user accounts for your friends and family. However, you will not be able to stream the content on more than two devices simultaneously.


Under the standard plan, you can concurrently stream the content on two devices. If you want to have access to it on more than two devices, you would need to upgrade your plan.

The plans and the number of simultaneous devices that you can run Netflix can be summarised as here below –

  • Basic – One device at a time

  • Standard – Two devices at a time

  • Premium – four devices at  a  time

If you want to watch Netflix content on more than two devices at a time, the best option would be to download Netflix shows on your device and watch them offline.

How many people can watch Netflix at once?

Creating a profile on Netflix can let another member in your household use the same Netflix account with your credentials and configure personalised configuration. On a single Netflix account, you can create up to five different profiles.

Netflix at once

Each of the profiles can customise their personalised settings. These settings would include language settings, maturity levels, activity logs, subtitle settings, and personalized recommendations for movies and TV shows. You can also have your own email address for the individual profiles. This would be helpful in getting your personalised emails. That should ideally answer your query on how many people can watch Netflix at once.

How many devices can watch Netflix at once?

The answer to that question should be the same as that for the "Can I Watch Netflix on More Than 2 Devices?" query. The number of devices that you can watch Netflix on at once would be dependent on the plan you have opted for.

If you have a basic plan, you will be able to watch the content on only one device at a time. If you want to watch it on another device, you would need to sign out from the first one. The Standard plan lets you watch Netflix on two devices simultaneously. The highest plan- the premium plan – lets you watch the content simultaneously on four devices.

It may be noticed that you can remain signed in on a number of devices at a time. But, you will only be able to watch the content on the devices specified as per the plan you have subscribed to.


 If you exceed the limit, you will get the error message - Too many people are using your account right now. In such a scenario, you can ask the users to stop or check your activity log to find who is using your account. In addition, understanding how many devices can watch Netflix at once can assist you in planning the usage of each profile more diligently.

What is the Netflix profile limit - how many profiles can you have on Netflix?

The number of profiles on Netflix or the Netflix profile limit is completely different from the number of screens that you can watch Netflix on concurrently. The Netflix profiles refer to the separate user accounts or sub-accounts that you can create per Netflix account.

Netflix profile limit

The individual profiles on Netflix let you have individual personalised recommendations, saved content and individual recommendations based on the personal preferences of each of the users, or technically speaking, individual profiles.

Each of the Netflix accounts can have up to five different profiles. Do note that having five profiles does not necessarily mean that you can watch your content on all the five profiles simultaneously. Netflix does have the limit on the individual screens as specified by the Netflix plan or package that you have opted for. The Netflix profiles are the best means to help you have the personalised recommendations and keep track of the content that you have watched or want to watch, but Netflix's device screen limit binds the profiles.

How to delete Netflix Profile?

Netflix profiles are definitely one of the excellent options for your friends and family members to share a Netflix account. You will be able to create your own personalised recommendations and watch history. However, there are situations where you may be looking to delete your Netflix profile. So let us check out how to delete a Netflix profile.

Here is how to delete a profile on Netflix –

  • On a web browser, log in to Netflix with any of your profiles

  • Hover your mouse on the profile icon and click on Manage Profiles

Netflix Profile

  • Click on the profile that you want to delete

  • Click on the Delete Profile option. Confirm your choice when prompted.

Delete Profile option

You can even delete a Netflix profile on your mobile app. The steps would almost be similar with a few minor changes. 

No limit watching: Netflix download offline

If you are looking for the best no limit watching on Netflix, downloading the content and watching it offline should be one of the extremely practical options. Unfortunately, while the streaming service itself comes with a default download option, it will again be bound by the screen or device limit and maybe something that you may be annoyed with.

Use of a third-party option for downloading your content may be a great way to achieve more positive results. The downloads will stay on your device and will be in no way related to your Netflix account once they are downloaded. Tools such as Noteburner, or Any Video Converter have been a great option in the long run.

The screen recorder tools can be yet another exemplary option that can prove to be equally effective in recording anything on your screen. The high-quality video downloads offered by the screen recorder services should be one of the prime features that would make it the right choice in every manner.

The Final Words

Understanding the device limit on your Netflix account and the number of devices that you can watch the content simultaneously definitely proves to be one of the prominent options ever in providing you with the right direction. The information on how many people can watch Netflix at once as outlined here should help you use your Netflix account more practically.

Go with the Netflix profiles and find how the profiles can be helpful in getting personalised recommendations.