The Ultimate Showdown: A Comparison of hidive VS Crunchyroll Review

By Yvonne

What Is Hidive and How Does It Compare to Crunchyroll?

If you're a fan of anime, two popular streaming platforms you've likely heard of are hidive and Crunchyroll. While both services offer thousands of anime titles for streaming, there are some differences worth considering when choosing one.

Hidive is a newer entry in the anime streaming market, having launched in 2017. It offers a wide range of anime series and movies from various genres, including action, romance, comedy, and more. One unique feature of hidive is its focus on simulcasts, which means that it airs new episodes of ongoing anime series within hours of their original broadcast in Japan.

Hidive Review

Meanwhile, Crunchyroll has been around since 2006 and boasts a vast library of anime content, including exclusive titles that can't be found elsewhere. Like hidive, Crunchyroll also offers simulcasts of new episodes, and it has a robust community of users who discuss and rate anime content on the platform.

When it comes to features, both hidive and Crunchyroll offer similar functionalities like subtitles, HD video quality, and ad-free streaming. However, there are some differences between the two in terms of pricing and device compatibility. For example, hidive's premium subscription is slightly cheaper than Crunchyroll's, and it supports a wider range of devices such as Roku, Xbox, and Chromecast.

Overall, both hidive and Crunchyroll provide excellent anime streaming services, but your choice may ultimately depend on your preferences and needs. If you're seeking a platform with a vast library and an established community, Crunchyroll might be the better option. But if you want access to simulcasts and a more affordable premium subscription, then hidive could be the way to go.

Hidive vs. Crunchyroll: Which Anime Streaming Service Should You Choose?

When it comes to streaming anime, there are two prominent names that stand out from the rest: hidive and Crunchyroll. These services offer an extensive collection of anime shows; however, determining which one is suitable for your preferences can be a daunting task. In this article, we will compare the features of both hidive and Crunchyroll, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

Anime Library Comparison Between Hidive and Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has a longer history than hidive and boasts a wider range of anime content. Their library consists of more than 1,000 titles, featuring beloved series such as Naruto, Attack on Titan, and One Piece. In contrast, hidive provides a smaller but meticulously selected assortment of roughly 500 anime programs.

Pricing Comparison Between Hidive and Crunchyroll

Both platforms have comparable pricing structures. Crunchyroll offers three subscription tiers, with prices starting at $7.99 per month, while hidive has two plans, beginning at $4.99 per month. Additionally, both platforms provide a complimentary trial period, allowing users to test the services before making a commitment.

User Interface Comparison Between Hidive and Crunchyroll

Both hidive and Crunchyroll have user-friendly interfaces that are easy to use. Nevertheless, Crunchyroll's interface can appear cluttered on occasion because of its extensive anime show library. On the other hand, hidive's interface is more streamlined, presenting a cleaner and well-organized appearance.

Device Compatibility Comparison Between Hidive and Crunchyroll

Both of these services work seamlessly on a variety of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Nevertheless, Crunchyroll surpasses its counterpart in terms of device compatibility options; it extends its features to Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, thereby making it the preferred choice for gaming enthusiasts who are keen on enjoying anime shows on their gaming consoles.

Subscription Cancellation Comparison Between Hidive and Crunchyroll

Canceling your subscription with either hidive or Crunchyroll is a straightforward process. These platforms provide you the option to cancel your subscription anytime, without any additional charges or complexity involved.

In summary, the selection between hidive and Crunchyroll relies on your priorities when it comes to anime streaming services. If you desire an extensive assortment of anime shows and are comfortable with a slightly disorganized interface, then Crunchyroll is your ideal choice. Nevertheless, if you value a well-crafted collection of anime shows offered at a lower price point along with a user-friendly interface, then hidive would be the superior alternative.

Features Comparison Between Hidive and Crunchyroll

When it comes to streaming anime, two popular names that are often mentioned are hidive and Crunchyroll. If you're looking for a new platform to satisfy your anime cravings, it's crucial to understand the features of each service. Below is a comparison of hidive and Crunchyroll.

Content Selection

Crunchyroll boasts a vast array of anime titles in its library, but hidive has been rapidly closing the gap. Although Crunchyroll still holds the crown with over 1,000 anime titles, hidive's collection of 500+ anime shows and movies is quite impressive. Furthermore, hidive offers some exclusive content which cannot be found on any other streaming platform.


Video Quality

As far as video quality goes, both platforms offer up to 1080p resolution, but hidive wins when it comes to streaming bitrate. The platform provides better quality streams even at lower bitrates, which means smoother playback for users with slower internet speeds.


Both platforms offer free ad-supported versions, but if you want to avoid commercials completely, you’ll need to subscribe to their respective premium plans. However, hidive’s premium subscription doesn’t include advertisements for simulcasts, whereas Crunchyroll still includes ads on select simulcast episodes.


If you’re looking for the latest releases, Crunchyroll has the edge over hidive. Crunchyroll simulcasts new episodes of popular anime series within an hour of their release in Japan. Hidive also offers simulcasts, but they’re not as quick to get them out as Crunchyroll.


For non-native speakers, subtitles can make or break an anime-watching experience. Both hidive and Crunchyroll offer subtitles in multiple languages. However, Crunchyroll has a larger selection of languages available, including some rare options like Arabic and Swahili.

In conclusion, Crunchyroll is the more established streaming service with a larger selection when it comes to content and subtitles. However, hidive offers some unique exclusives and superior video quality. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on your anime preferences and viewing habits.

Anime Library Comparison Between Hidive and Crunchyroll

When it comes to streaming anime, a diverse and extensive library is essential. Both hidive and Crunchyroll offer a wide range of anime titles, but the question remains: which service has the better selection? 
Crunchyroll is renowned for its impressive collection of over 1,000 anime titles, including popular series like Naruto, Attack on Titan, and One Piece.

In contrast, hidive's library is smaller, with around 500 anime titles. However, hidive specializes in licensing lesser-known or underrated anime series, making it an attractive option for seasoned anime fans looking for something new.

One significant advantage of hidive is its partnerships with several major anime studios in Japan, including Sentai Filmworks and Maiden Japan. As a result, hidive has exclusive access to many anime titles that are not available on other streaming platforms. Additionally, hidive offers subtitles in multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Hidive Vs Crunchyroll

On the other hand, Crunchyroll has a more extensive selection of simulcasts, meaning that viewers can watch currently airing anime episodes as soon as they're released in Japan. This feature is particularly attractive for fans who prefer to watch their favorite shows as soon as possible.

When it comes to genre diversity, both services offer a decent mix of action, romance, slice-of-life, and more. However, Crunchyroll may have an edge in the shonen (targeted towards young male audiences) and sports genres, while hidive has more offerings in the yaoi (boys' love) and moe (cute and innocent) categories.

In conclusion, the decision of which service has the better anime library ultimately depends on personal preferences. If you enjoy watching well-known mainstream anime series and prefer to watch simulcasts as soon as they're released, Crunchyroll may be the better choice. But if you're looking for hidden gems, lesser-known titles, and exclusive content, hidive is definitely worth considering.

Pricing Comparison Between Hidive and Crunchyroll

Pricing is an essential factor to consider when choosing an anime streaming service. Both hidive and Crunchyroll offer different subscription packages that cater to individual preferences.

Crunchyroll offers three main subscription options: free, premium, and premium+ (also known as mega fan). The free plan is limited in terms of content availability and video quality, while the premium plan costs $7.99 per month and offers benefits such as ad-free streaming and access to simulcasts. The premium+ plan costs $9.99 per month and includes exclusive merchandise discounts and monthly loot box deliveries.

On the other hand, hidive offers two subscription plans: the basic plan and the VIP plan. The basic plan costs $4.99 per month and provides access to a limited anime library with ads. The VIP plan costs $9.99 per month and offers ad-free streaming, access to simulcasts, and uncensored content.

Hidive vs Crunchyroll

When comparing the pricing plans, one can see that Crunchyroll’s premium plan is almost similar to hidive’s VIP plan. However, it is important to note that hidive’s basic plan is more affordable than Crunchyroll’s premium plan. Additionally, hidive offers uncensored content, which may be appealing to some viewers.

In terms of value for money, both services have something to offer. It ultimately depends on personal preferences and what you’re looking for in an anime streaming service. If you’re an avid anime viewer who wants access to uncensored content and doesn’t mind paying a higher price, then hidive’s VIP plan may be a better choice. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option with a broader anime library, then Crunchyroll’s premium plan may be the way to go.

Overall, both hidive and Crunchyroll offer competitive pricing plans that cater to different viewer needs. It’s up to you to decide which plan aligns best with your preferences and budget.

User Interface Comparison Between Hidive and Crunchyroll

When it comes to watching anime online, a smooth and seamless user interface can make all the difference in your viewing experience. So, how do hidive and Crunchyroll compare in terms of user interface?

Firstly, both platforms offer sleek and modern interfaces that are easy on the eyes. However, there are some notable differences between the two.

Crunchyroll’s homepage is organized into different sections such as Popular, Latest News, and Simulcasts, which allows users to quickly find what they’re looking for. In contrast, hidive’s homepage is less cluttered, with a simple layout that prominently features its latest releases.

Hidive Review

In terms of navigation, both platforms have intuitive menus that allow users to easily browse through various categories like genres, seasons, and popular titles. However, Crunchyroll has a more extensive search function that includes options like sorting by popularity or release date.

Another important aspect of user interface is playback controls. Both platforms have standard playback controls such as play/pause, rewind, fast-forward, and volume adjustment. However, hidive takes it a step further by offering variable playback speed control, which allows viewers to adjust the speed of the video based on their preferences.

Finally, both platforms offer mobile apps for convenient on-the-go viewing. While both apps offer similar features, Crunchyroll’s app has been noted to be slightly more user-friendly with a smoother streaming experience.

Overall, both hidive and Crunchyroll offer excellent user interfaces that are easy to navigate and visually appealing. However, if you prioritize an extensive search function and variable playback speed control, then hidive might be the better option for you. On the other hand, if you value a well-organized homepage and a user-friendly mobile app, then Crunchyroll might be the way to go.

Device Compatibility Comparison Between Hidive and Crunchyroll

When it comes to streaming anime, device compatibility is an essential factor to consider. Both hidive and Crunchyroll offer a wide range of platforms for their users to watch their favorite anime shows. But how do they compare against each other? Let’s take a closer look.


Hidive supports streaming on Windows and Mac desktops/laptops, iOS, Android mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Xbox One. This means that no matter what device you have, chances are high that you can stream your favorite anime content on hidive.


Crunchyroll has an extensive list of compatible devices that includes Windows and Mac desktops/laptops, iOS, Android mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and even VRV. With such broad compatibility, Crunchyroll offers a more versatile streaming experience across multiple devices.

Which One to Choose?

If device compatibility is your top priority, both hidive and Crunchyroll offer excellent options for streaming anime on various devices. However, with its support for additional platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, Crunchyroll offers a more comprehensive user experience.

In conclusion, while both hidive and Crunchyroll have impressive device compatibility, Crunchyroll offers a more diverse selection of devices. Ultimately, the choice between these two platforms depends on your specific preferences when it comes to streaming anime.

How to Download Videos from Hidive and Crunchyroll

To download videos from Hidive or Crunchyroll, you can use third-party software such as KeepStreams Downloader or FlixPal Downloader. KeepStreams provides the convenience of downloading high-definition Crunchyroll Anime in their entirety. This feature enables viewers to relish their favorite series on bigger displays, enhancing the overall visual experience.

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FlixPal ensures a hassle-free anime watching experience by eliminating any disturbing advertisements from the downloaded offline content. This way, you can kick back and unwind without any interruptions. If you're tired of the tedious task of saving videos one after another, look no further than FlixPal. This convenient tool allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously, saving you time and hassle.

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Subscription Cancellation Comparison Between Hidive and Crunchyroll

When it comes to anime streaming services, choosing the right one can be a tough decision. Even after doing your research and selecting a service like hidive or Crunchyroll, circumstances may arise that require you to cancel your subscription. So, what are the differences in the subscription cancellation process between these two platforms?

Firstly, hidive offers an easy and straightforward cancellation process. All you have to do is log in to your account, head to the “Subscription” section, and click on the “Cancel Subscription” button. You’ll be asked to confirm your cancellation, and once you do, your subscription will be canceled immediately.

On the other hand, Crunchyroll’s subscription cancellation process can be a bit confusing. While they do offer a “Cancellation” button in the “Subscription” section of your account, clicking on it will only bring up a prompt asking you to contact their customer support team to cancel your subscription. This means you’ll need to reach out to Crunchyroll’s customer support via email, chat, or phone to request cancellation.

Another important point to note is that while both hidive and Crunchyroll allow you to cancel your subscription at any time, Crunchyroll does not offer any refunds for canceled subscriptions. This means if you cancel your subscription mid-month, you won’t receive a prorated refund for the remainder of the month. On the other hand, hidive offers prorated refunds for canceled subscriptions, meaning you’ll only pay for the portion of the month you’ve used.

In conclusion, when it comes to subscription cancellation, hidive appears to be the more user-friendly and transparent option. With a simple and direct cancellation process, as well as prorated refunds for canceled subscriptions, hidive makes it easy to end your subscription if needed. Meanwhile, Crunchyroll’s confusing cancellation process and lack of prorated refunds may make it a less attractive option for some users.