How to Fix HBO Max Service Code

Updated on 2023-06-30
HBO Max service code error can be fixed by trying out these simple troubleshooting tips.

If you’ve been using streaming services for a while now, one thing you’d notice is that you’d always encounter error messages at different times. HBO Max is not left out; as a subscriber, you’d likely experience different error messages as you’re streaming on the platform. However, there are ways to fix these errors.

If you encounter the “Oops! Something Went Wrong” error while streaming on HBO Max, here are some useful tips that could help out. These troubleshooting tips are easy to practice and they are all safe. HBO Max is one of the most popular streaming services out there with loads of content for its users.

How to Fix HBO Max Service Code

The service code error is fixable; it’s not an advanced issue, but if you try these tips and they don’t work out, reach out to HBO Max support to see what they’d see.

1. Restart Your Browser or Device

HBO Max can be streamed on the web version and also on different devices. If you’re streaming on a mobile device or streaming device (Roku, Firestick, etc.), restart the device; if you’re streaming on the web version (on PC), close the browser and open it again - if you can, clear the browser’s cache before relaunching to stream on HBO Max again.

2. Try Playing Another Content

If after restarting your device/browser, the error persists, try streaming another content. Open a different movie or TV show and see if the error would come up again.

When you try playing another movie and the error doesn’t come up, then the issue is from the movie you were attempting to stream - in this case, contact HBO Max and inform the technical team.

3. Use Another Device

If you have another device that supports the HBO Max app, try using the device to stream and see if the error message would come up again. For some people, this is just the fix that works for them; probably, your old device is no longer supported to run the HBO Max app.

4. Update Your App

Probably, you’re running an old version of the HBO Max app, which is why you’re getting the error. So, check the app store for your device and update to the latest version available - this might fix the error for you.

5. Sign Out and Sign In Again or Clear Cache

At this point, if the error continues, sign out from your device or browser, clear the app’s cache on device’s or clear the browser cache if you’re streaming on the web version. After clearing the cache, sign back in to your account and try to stream again.

6. Disable Ad Blocker

This applies to people streaming the web version; turn off your browser’s ad blocker and see if the error would appear again. Also, try updating the browser to its latest version - that could fix the issue too.

7. Check Your Internet Connection

Somehow, a weak internet connection can cause several error messages to appear when trying to stream on HBO Max. So, check your connection speed to see if you need to switch to another internet device or upgrade your internet plan.

8. Restart Your Network Device

You should also consider to restart the device serving internet to your streaming device. Restart your WiFi device, router, or modem. When you turn off or unplug the device, wait for 30 seconds before connecting it back - afterward, check if the error is fixed.

9. Check Your VPN

Apparently, if you live in unsupported regions, you need a VPN to access HBO Max and stream its contents. That said, if you’re accessing HBO Max using a VPN, check if the network is still connected. You may consider changing your virtual location to regain access and stream the contents on HBO Max.

10. Contact HBO Max Support

This should be your last resort, when you try the tips above and none seam to work for you, contact the HBO Max support team and hear what they have to tell you.

How To Download HBO Max Shows and Movies

MyStream Downloader

Yes, you can download HBO Max shows using MyStream HBO Max Downloader. This downloader is specially designed to grab videos and TV shows from the HBO Max network. It supports a bunch of useful features and it is very easy to use.

Also, this downloader lets you download HBO Max videos in bulk, thanks to Batch Mode support. The steps to download HBO Max shows and Originals using MyStream HBO Max Downloader are highlighted below.


  • Download and install MyStream HBO Max Downloader on your PC
  • Launch the downloader and click on the VIP Services tab
  • Find HBO Max and open it
  • Sign in to your account, find the TV show or movie to download and play it
  • As the movie plays, you’d be prompted to download it; also, this downloader can detect all episodes of a series and allow you to download all of them at a go.

What More?

When you get the Oops! Something Went Wrong error, restart your device and network device, if that doesn’t work, clear cache and try playing another content. To download HBO Max videos, use MyStream Downloader.