Is Hamiraw unsafe? Erotic Manga Sites: 20 Free!
By momoka

In this article, Hamiraw is a virus and dangerous? Alternative and successor similar sites and recommendations about Hamiraw!

Hamiraw is an illegal manga site that is gaining popularity among young people for its free manga reading.

However, Hamiraw is said to be dangerous because of its many viruses.

So, in this article, we will discuss the dangers of using Hamiraw, alternative and successor similar sites to Hamiraw, as well as recommendations.

What kind of site is Hamiraw?

manga11の代わりになる漫画サイトやその安全性についてまとめてみた | mystreamtechnologyのブログ

Hamiraw is a pirated manga site.

A pirate manga site is a common name for illegal manga sites where manga can be read for free.

For manga lovers, it may seem like a dream come true to be able to read manga for free. However, Hamirau is a free manga site that exists in reality.

The most famous illegal manga site is Mangamura. You have probably heard of it, right?

Hamirau is a site similar to Mangamura, and it was popular for its popular works such as Oni no Kura, Kingdom, Haikyuu, Rikudou, and adult works.

Although some inconveniences were noticeable, such as missing volumes in the middle of a manga, many users were attracted by the fact that the site was free.

Is Hamiraw the successor to Manga11?

マンガがタダで読めるサイト『manga11』 - マルチ裏おすすめ|あらゆる情報と『裏』を紹介!!

After illegal manga sites such as Manga11 were shut down, Hamiraw was revived as a successor site.

Manga11 is an illegal manga site characterized by repeated closures and revivals.

Similar sites that have replaced or succeeded Hamiraw

漫画playは閉鎖したの?代わりに人気漫画が読めるサイトを解説! | otalabコミック

A summary of pirate successor sites that are alternatives to Hamiraw.

Summary of alternative (illegal) manga sites to

Summary of pirate successor sites to replace MangaBank.

Illegal sites are at risk of virus infection and leakage of personal information and will eventually close.

Manga PLAY

Manga PLAY is an illegal manga site that replaces and succeeds Manga BANK. The manga site has already closed and moved to

What is "2CC Manga"? How to read manga for free (Mangabanku)

This is a manga piracy site in the Manga RAW family. A successor and alternative illegal site to Manga-Raw.

The successor to MangaPLAY, an illegal manga site. Manga cannot be read without downloading. We do not recommend using this site because of the risk of virus infection and leakage of personal information.

"If I know how to use 13DL.NET, can I read manga for free on my smartphone?

This illegal manga site is the successor and replacement of Manga Bank (manga BANK). After Manga PLAY closed down, it immediately displayed an error message. It was not restored by the closure.

What is Manga PLAY? 8 free manga sites that will replace (succeed) it after it closes!


One of the largest illegal manga sites in Japan, but closed down.

Here are the top 5 successor sites similar to Fbay! [Latest in 2022

It was a popular illegal site with listings such as Tokyo Revengers and One Piece (ONE PEACE).

Combay (Combay)


Combay was revived after MangaBank closed down, but it soon closed down and was revived again as Fbay. It is funded by advertising fees earned by affiliates by illegally uploading manga without permission. There is also a risk of virus infection.
The base turns out to be Chinese-affiliated. Japanese laws do not apply.

Closed to see Manga Kombai? Alternative sites are thoroughly explained!

Manga Raw, Manga Raw (manga1001 closed)

The most accessed illegal manga site after Manga Bank (manga BANK) closed down.

Site loads, displays images, and has few ads.

What is the latest Manga Raw URL as of 2022? And alternative sites after it closes!

Manga Mura (Manga Village)

Manga Mura (マンガ村) is a pirate viewer site. Mangamura (マンガ村) was established in January 2016 and closed in April 2018. is nothing new compared to the basic site. However, if the "classic" site, aka, is blocked in your country, this site is an excellent alternative. This site offers only an early version of


Hamiraw,mikaraw,hakaraw,manga11 are most likely the same operator.

Manga Village Pro

Mangamura Pro is a paid version of Mangamura. It was closed at the same time as Mangamura.

Manga gohan

Illegal manga site where you can read manga without downloading. The ads are annoying.

Manga Rock (Manga Rock)

Manga Rock was released for the international market in the early 2000s. It distributed English translations of Japanese and other manga on its website and app (iOS/Android). Popular works such as "City Hunter," "St. ☆ Oniisan," and "Sakamoto Desu" were listed on the official twitter distribution list, but it was closed down.

When you access, you will be taken to the Manga RAW page. is an illegal manga site affiliated with Manga RAW.ですが, the manga is hard to read.



MangaToro (formerly MangaSum)




We are continuing.






Display speed of images is slow. Hard to see.



Raw Manga Raw Manga

Changed from white design to dark theme.



LoveHug (former LoveHeaven)

LoveHeaven was closed and changed to LoveHug.



Manga Zip


Synobook (formerly DigiCoca)

Synobook (formerly DigiCoca) is the BL version of Manga Bank.

Manga11(Komiraw) (hakaraw)

Komiraw moved its site and changed its name to Manga11.


Mostly in English.


MangaLaw was closed down, but its successor site "RawMangas


LoveHeaven from LHScan. closed.


RawQV to MangaHato to KissLove. Closed.


Site similar to LoveHeaven and KissLove.

HanaScan( and RawQQ)

Different from HanaScan above.

Manga Village World (Manga Kuchikomi App)

Manga Village World is distributed under the name Manga Kuchikomi App.

Manga World

Manga World is a website that collects manga distributed by publishers on the Internet. It allows users to manage updates of manga apps and manga websites in one place, as well as breaking news on new releases and sales of Kindle and other e-books.

Is Hamiraw a virus and dangerous?

When you search for Hamiraw, you will see hamiraw, but the page you are accessing is called mikaraw.

The difference between the name and the page is due to the fact that illegal manga sites are repeatedly closed down and then revived or renamed after a while.

Hamirau is the successor to the closed illegal manga site Manga11.

Just as Manga11 changed its name to Hamiraw, Hamiraw is also an illegal manga site, so it has changed its name to Mikalaw and Hakalaw.

Is such an illegal manga site Hamiraw dangerous?

I actually clicked on Hamiraw.

A security warning like the one below appeared.

From this warning, we know that Hamiraw is a dangerous site, but we investigated what actually makes it dangerous.

Danger of virus infection

Illegal comic sites like Hamiraw generate advertising revenue by displaying a large number of pop-up ads on the screen.

If you accidentally click on one or download a file, you may be infected with a virus.

When infected with a virus, the following phenomena may occur

- Failure of your computer or smartphone

- Personal or credit card information is stolen

- You may be scammed.

Let's take a look at each of these.

Your computer or smartphone will be damaged.

There is a risk of viruses entering your computer or smartphone by clicking on ads or downloading files from illegal comic sites.

If a virus invades your computer or smartphone, it will slow down or force it to quit, making it unable to operate properly.

If this happens, you will need to repair or replace the device with a new one, which will require extra expenses, settings, registration, and other time and effort.

It is best to avoid using illegal manga sites and risk having to replace your PC or smartphone in order to read manga for free.

Personal and credit card information is stolen.

If you are infected with a virus, there is a risk that your personal and credit card information in your PC or smartphone will be stolen and misused.

There is also the risk that information about family members, friends, and acquaintances will be leaked, causing problems not only to you but also to third parties.

You will be scammed.

When you access illegal comic sites and click on links, you are at risk of one-click scams such as "membership registration complete" or "registration complete," or phishing scams that demand you to register as a member.

Many people have paid for such sites because they were afraid of being charged a hefty fee, or because they felt guilty about using illegal comic sites and could not discuss it with their friends.

In addition, using illegal comic sites like Hamirau can be punishable.