End of GYAO! Countermeasures to prevent viewing of purchased videos as well!

By momoka

It has been announced that the video distribution service "GYAO!" will terminate all services on March 31, 2023 (Friday).

We believe that many people are concerned about the future distribution status of the service, including the missed distribution of broadcasted winter animations and the termination or continuation of GYAO original programs.

For those who are concerned about the unavailability of purchased videos as well, here are some countermeasures.

Video distribution service of "GYAO!" will end on March 31.

GYAO will end at 17:00 on March 31, 2023.

The time may vary depending on the situation, but the fact that the service will end at the end of March will not change.

Not only GYAO! Store and Trend News, but also GYAO!

It seems that GYAO will withdraw the service itself from operation.

GYAO Store" will stop selling videos on February 13.

GYAO Store" will stop selling videos on February 13, before all services end on March 31.

Subject products

Rental products

NHK On-demand All-you-can-watch package

1) Rental products

GYAO does not sell videos on a buy-one-get-one-free basis, but rather in a rental format.

You cannot rent new videos beyond February 13th, but if you have already rented a video, you can basically continue watching it until the end of the service.

(2) NHK On Demand All-you-can-watch package

The "All-you-can-watch NHK On-demand Marugoto Pack" allows you to watch NHK On-demand titles such as "Taiga Drama" and "NHK Serial TV Novels" on GYAO for 990 yen per month (tax included).

The monthly package will no longer be available for purchase after February 13, 2012.

In addition, those who have renewed for March 2023 will receive a special email from the official service since viewing will stop at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 31, 2023.

GYAO original programs such as "Kimura sa~n" will also end!

With the end of the GYAO service, popular original programs will also be terminated.

Takuya Kimura's "Kimura-sa~n! and "Kinashi no Kai. and other original programs are all expected to disappear, including past distribution times, with the end of GYAO!

Although there have been problems in the past with the termination of e-book distribution services, such as the inability to read all purchased manga due to the termination of the service, this is the first ever termination of a major video distribution service in Japan, and it is likely to leave various issues and lessons learned in the Internet age.

Measures for the termination of GYAO!

Countermeasure 1: Switching video services


First, we recommend U-NEXT.

U-NEXT is a video distribution service that offers more than 240,000 movies, dramas, and animations.

In addition, U-NEXT offers more than 10,000 free manga and over 170 magazines for unlimited reading.

In addition, U-NEXT has its own point system, which gives users 1,200 points every month.

Points can also be used for e-book and video rentals.

In addition, U-NEXT offers the "NHK Marugoto Unlimited Viewing Pack.

This can be purchased using the points mentioned earlier, so those who have been watching NHK's works on GYAO can continue to enjoy them as before.

U-NEXT is currently offering a 31-day free trial.

  Free Trial


The next service we recommend is ABEMA. It delivers programs that are missed on terrestrial TV, and the feel of the service is similar to that of GYAO.

ABEMA is a video streaming service that offers a wide variety of programs including original news programs, popular animations, dramas, music, and sports for free, with no membership registration required.

In addition, by registering for ABEMA Premium, which costs 960 yen per month, users can take advantage of additional features such as "missed viewing," "download function," and "refill playback.

ABEMA Premium has a 2-week free trial.

Measure 2: Download and save purchased videos

StreamFab GYAO! Downloader is the newest software released in 2022.StreamFab GYAO! Downloader allows up to 3 full downloads even with the free version. There are very few downloaders that specialize in GYAO! GYAO!


How to use StreamFab GYAO! Downloader

Click on the VIP service, then click on the Gyao logo.

Find a video you like and play it. You will see a downward button in the upper left corner, and at the same time, you will enter a screen where you can set the resolution and other settings.

You can also freely choose the picture quality.

Step 3. The "Downloading" screen will show you the progress of your Gyao download. When the download is complete, you can find the downloaded video in the "Download" section and play the video online.

The free version of StreamFab GYAO! Downloader has no time limit for videos. We hope you'll take this opportunity to give it a try!


The above is the end of GYAO! cause of the purchased videos are also unavailable for viewing .

Please try it!