What is the Japanese phone number for Google Support? What can be resolved?
By momoka

If you need to contact Google Help Center/Support, you may have trouble figuring out how to contact them. Here is how to contact Help Center/Support and their phone number.

Help Center Phone Numbers

The phone numbers for Google Help Center/Support vary by country.

Basically, you can use the Google Help Center/Support phone numbers in Japan, but in consideration of the possibility that there are people overseas who are looking at this page, we have compiled a table of Google Help Center/Support phone numbers for major countries.

If you are calling from Japan to Google Help Center/Support in another country, you will need to enter the country code as well.


Country Code

Phone Number


==Phone number


United States of America



United Kingdom











30 303986300




== ==

Currently unavailable due to the new Corona

When you call the Google Help Center/Support phone number above, you will hear an automated voice guidance. Please follow the voice guidance and proceed by entering the menu number on the dial pad to enter the phone number.

Please note that when you call Google Help Center/Support, depending on the number of the menu you have requested or the content of your inquiry, it may be difficult to get through to a Help Center/Support operator.

As of November 2020, Google's efforts to reduce the number of people who are responding to the effects of the Corona, and this may affect the connection, making it difficult to connect.

While Google's Help Center/Support is not completely unavailable, it is not impossible that it may take quite some time to respond.

In that case, you should wait until the Google help center/support call is connected to an operator, or hang up and call the Google phone number again after a while.

How can I contact you directly?

If you want to contact Google's Help Center/Support directly without having to call, you can use Google's Help Center email.

Since it is difficult to get support by phone to Google's Help Center/Support, using e-mail is the most effective way to contact them directly.

Contacting the Help Center

In addition, you can basically contact Google's Help Center/Support by selecting the product you want to inquire about on Google's Help page.

Google's Help Center can provide support by phone, email, chat, etc., depending on the product you have selected.

While a phone call or email may not always appear, it is possible to communicate directly with Google, so this is the best way to contact the Help Center for support.

Troubleshooting Example

Take the case of "I can't sign in to my Google account" as an example of the problem-solving process.

  1. Log in to Google Help Center

Log in to Google Help Center

  1. Select "Google Account

Select "Google Account

  1. Enter your problem in the search field

Enter your problem in the search field

  1. Select "I can't sign in to my Google Account

Select "I can't sign in to my Google Account

  1. The problem resolution process will be displayed.

The problem resolution process will be displayed.

If the problem persists, you will receive an email response.

If the problem is not resolved, you will receive an answer by e-mail.

Some services allow users to contact the service via chat or phone in addition to email if the problem persists (phone numbers are not specified, and users enter their own phone numbers to receive calls).

Chat and phone calls are available in addition to e-mail.

The following services can be contacted in this format

  • YouTube
  • Google Play
  • Google AdSense
  • Pixel Phone
  • Google Ads
  • Google Fi
  • Google Nest
  • Google Store
  • Google Shopping

This Google Account does not appear to be supported

This Google Account does not appear to be supported" is an error message.

This message may appear when you try to sign in to a child's account that is connected to Google Family Link.

As a workaround, change the password for the child's Google Account from the parent's device and log in again, and the child will be able to log in without problems.

The procedure is the same as changing the regular Google Account password, as described in the link below. Please take your time to read the instructions with screenshots to ensure that there are no operational errors.