Funimation & Crunchyroll SHUTTING DOWN Anime Divisions Reason Revealed?

By SophiaBolton

Brief introduction of Crunchyroll and Funimation

I didn't expect this story to have as many developments as it has, but here we are again with some information that makes everybody run as fast as a goldfish when I almost hit it with my car on the highway accidentally on leaf Eriksen day. If you remember it was announced about five months. Actually, that man, time sure does fly that at was in the process of finalizing the selling of their anime app, Crunchyroll.


This is, of course, one of the two biggest animation focused streaming services and production companies in the entire Western world. The company who is the buyer in this deal is Sony, and if you don't know, Sony already owns the other largest animation-focused streaming service and production company in the western world, and that is funimation.


Now some people think for some reason that these companies are the creators of the anime that is put out with their logo. That is only true in the case of content original to that service like, the god of high school os a crunchyrollAnimation original.


The show is indeed a Crunchyroll-made show, but most anime, you know, like my hero, academia, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and the rest are not made by these companies. These are American companies.

Coughroll's headquarters is in California, and funimation's headquarters is in Texas. Of course, Coughroll's headquarters is most likely going to change or maybe even cease to exist. These companies mainly buy. Rights and licenses to distribute anime to the west and in English. That's what they do, but they have highly marketable apps to distribute animation to.

Why AT&T sold Crunchyroll to Sony?

There's much more to them, but that's really enough information concerning that. But major possibility of this deal between these companies is that one or both apps may not exist anymore. This may not make sense to you at first, but we see today reasoning as to why AT&T would sell one of the biggest anime focus services in the western world. And that sony acquires it their biggest competence.

Well, Crunchyroll, of course, fell under AT&T's company Warner Media, but now reported by The NewYork Times, the entire Warner Media Division is being acquired by discovery.


They say the announcement is a stark sign that the aggressive deal making that the aggressive deelmaking that transformed AT&T into a debt-heavy conglomerate hasn't Paid off.


offloading Warner Media would cap a reversal of deals worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Under Randall Stevenson, AT&T bought a slew of companies, including Time Warner and DirecTV, in the hopes of marrying an enormous content-creation machine with a broadband and satellite TV powerhouse. Those bets haven't worked out, which led AT&T to sell a stake in DirecTV to TPG and its Crunchyroll streaming service to Sony earlier this year. 

So now we know AT&T specifically chose to sell Crunchyroll because they are having trouble with what seems like massive debt, which isn't good for their company because they are selling even more and causing mergers.

We know companies have done things like this before. If you don't know Marvel, actually was selling off movie rights left and right decades ago, that's why Sony owns the Spiderman movie rights, Fox owned the X-men and fantastic four and deadpool, and of course there were other things.

But now basically all of them have come back to marvel with the exception of Spiderman, which is now being shared by Sony and Marvel because of a deal they're working out.



Anyway, Coughroll is still owned by AT&T until the deal is approved by some major countries that hold monopoly laws. But it will almost certainly go through.