A treasure trove of free novelettes! Ranking of the most popular sites 2023

By Kaya

2023, we will introduce you to popular sites that offer a wide variety of free light novels (ranobes) for you to read. From beginners to advanced readers, we will explain in detail the attractions, uses, and cautions for choosing and using free novelette sites.

Introduction: Attractiveness of Free Novel Websites and How to Use Them

Free Ranobaku sites are attractive for their wide range of genres and number of works. However, by choosing the best site among them, you can enjoy reading to the fullest. Here, we introduce the merits of free Ranobes, how to choose a popular Ranobes site, and points to keep in mind.

Advantages of Free-to-Read Ranobes

The biggest advantage of free readable Ranobes is, of course, the lack of cost. You can enjoy a variety of works without having to purchase books. Also, since you can easily try out the works, you can find works that you are really interested in. In addition, free sites sometimes allow you to discover works by new authors or hidden masterpieces that are not yet well known.

How to choose a popular novelette site and what to look out for

When choosing a free novelette site, please pay attention to the following points

  1. Number of works and variety of genres: Selecting a site with a large number of works and a wide range of genres will make it easier to find works that match your tastes.
  2. Frequency of updates: Selecting a site that constantly adds new works will ensure that you never get bored.
  3. Copyright-conscious sites: Avoid sites that feature illegally uploaded works, and use sites that have obtained legitimate copyright permission.
  4. Easy-to-use interface: Choose a site with an easy-to-read design and an easy-to-operate interface.
  5. Support system: It is important to choose a site that provides adequate support in case of problems.

In addition, when enjoying free ranovels on the Internet, you should pay attention to antivirus protection and privacy protection. It is important to always install the latest antivirus software and use reliable sites.

With these points in mind, find the free Lanobes site that suits you best and enjoy an enjoyable reading life! In the next section, we will actually introduce our recommended free Lanobes sites in a ranking format.

Ranking of Free Lanobes Sites: Top 5

Here we introduce you to the free ranobe sites you can enjoy in a ranking format. We will explain in detail the features and attractions of each site, so you can find the perfect site for you.

No. 1: Kakuyom - A wealth of works and an easy-to-use interface

Kakuyom is a free romance site with a large number of titles and an easy-to-use interface. With a wide range of genres, both beginners and advanced readers can enjoy the site. In addition, the search and ranking functions make it easy to find your favorite works.

無料で小説を書ける、読める、伝えられる - カクヨム

No. 2: NovelistNarou - Exclusive titles and new releases coming soon!

Novel House Naro is a free novella site where exclusive titles and new releases are constantly appearing. Many popular works are serialized on the site, and you can enjoy works by both famous and new authors. There is also a function that allows users to post ratings and comments on the works, allowing them to share and enjoy them with other readers.


No. 3: Alphapolis - Safe and Secure Reading Environment with a Membership System

Alphapolis is a free novel site with a membership system that offers a safe and secure reading environment. You can read works after logging in, and the quality of works is maintained above a certain level. Furthermore, there are many works in serialization, and popular genres such as fantasy and otherworldly reincarnation are well represented.

Image: Alphapolis screen

アルファポリス - 小説・漫画・ビジネス等の総合エンターテインメントサイト

No. 4: Novelup+ - Short stories and serialized works by popular authors

Novelup+ is a free novella site featuring short stories and serialized works by popular authors. Many well-known authors participate in this site, and you can read their original works and spin-offs. In addition, there are many works by new authors, allowing you to check out the next generation of popular authors before they are published.

小説投稿サイトノベルアップ+ | 読んで、応援して、作品を育てよう!

No. 5: MAGNET MACROLINK - A wide range of works in various genres

MAGNET MACROLINK is a free novella site where you can enjoy works in a variety of genres. A wide variety of genres are available, such as fantasy, romance, and mystery, allowing you to choose the work that best suits your tastes. In addition, new works are added frequently, so you can always enjoy new works.

These are the top 5 ranking of free romance sites. Each site has its own unique features and charms, so please find the site that suits you best. Enjoy a variety of works for free and have a fulfilling reading life!

Tips for Enjoying Free Lanobes Websites More

There are a few tips to make your use of free ranobaku sites more enjoyable and efficient. Here, we explain how to find new releases and hidden masterpieces, how to use reviews and ratings to select works, and apps and tools to improve your reading environment.

How to find new releases and hidden gems

To find new releases and hidden gems, we recommend the following methods

  • Check the rankings by genre: Free romance websites often provide rankings by genre. By checking the ranking of genres that match your taste, you can find new releases and topical works.
  • Check new and updated works: By regularly checking new and updated works, you can enjoy fresh works.
  • Use the recommendation function: Some sites have a recommendation function. By using this function, you can easily find works that suit you.

Use reviews and ratings to select works

When selecting a work on a free romance book site, it is effective to use reviews and ratings.

  • Refer to the opinions of other readers : By checking the ratings and reviews of works, you can choose works based on the opinions of other readers. In particular, reviews with specific impressions and evaluations are beneficial because they make it easy to understand the content and atmosphere of the work.
  • Check for works with high ratings: Works with high ratings indicate that they are supported by many people. Therefore, checking works with high ratings increases the probability of encountering interesting works.

Apps and tools to create a comfortable reading environment

To create a comfortable reading environment, we recommend using apps and tools.

  • E-book reader apps : E-book reader apps allow you to set the font size and background color to your preference. They are also useful because they allow you to use bookmark functions, search functions, and other functions that are not available with paper books.
  • Browser Extensions : By using browser extensions for reading, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen. You can also hide advertisements and extraneous elements to make reading more comfortable.
  • Blue light cut application: By using a blue light cut application, you can create a reading environment that is gentle to the eyes. Especially when reading before bedtime, blue light cut apps can help ensure a good night's sleep.

Use the above tips to make your use of free novelette sites more enjoyable and efficient. Find out how to find new releases and hidden classics, use reviews and ratings to select works, and make good use of apps and tools to improve your reading environment and enjoy a great reading experience.

Summary: Find the right free novelette site for you!

Free ranovel sites are wonderful places to enjoy many popular works and hidden masterpieces. In this article, we introduced the charms and uses of free ranobaku sites, recommended real site rankings, and tips for further enjoyment. Each site and application has its own unique features and charms, so find the one that suits you best. Make good use of free novelette sites and enjoy a great reading experience.