Latest in 2023] 12 Recommended Free Drama Sites (Japanese site)

By momoka

Video distribution services have become widespread in Japan, allowing people to easily watch dramas and movies.

Especially in the 2020s, demand for video distribution services has increased as many people spend more time at home.

In this issue, we will introduce 12 recommended drama sites where you can watch free dramas in Japanese.

What are the recommended free drama sites? -Explanation of important points for users

First, here are some important points to consider when choosing a free drama site.

Number of productions

First of all, it is important that the site offers a large number of productions. Sites that offer a wide range of genres are preferable.

Viewing Experience

It is important that the video viewing experience is comfortable. Pay attention to the number of advertisements, available devices, and playback speed.

Fee Structure

Even free drama sites may charge a fee for certain productions. There may also be hidden fees such as additional charges. It is important to check.

Recommended Free Drama Site 1: Youtube Drama Free Videos

Youtube Drama Free is one of the largest free drama sites in Japan.

It offers about 3,000 dramas in a wide variety of genres. The site also offers many foreign dramas, including the popular "The Walking Dead" and "Pretty Little Liars".

The number of advertisements is relatively small and the viewing experience is pleasant.

Recommended Free Drama Site 2: Video Market

Video Market is well-known as a pay-per-view distribution site, but some of its titles are available for free. It is available on a wide range of devices and can be viewed comfortably on smartphones and tablets. It also has an extensive search function and offers a wide variety of recommended works and popular dramas such as "Ore, which can only be played with different dogs".

In addition, campaigns are regularly held, and more and more works are available for free viewing.

Recommended Free Drama Site 3: Crankin! Video

Crankin! Video is a free drama streaming site that focuses on original works. Some of the works can be viewed for a fee, but there are also a variety of works that can be viewed for free. Some of them are available only for a limited time, so don't miss them. The search function is also well-developed, allowing you to search for movies by title, cast, etc.

Recommended Free Drama Site 4: TV Tokyo Business On Demand

TV Tokyo Business On Demand offers not only dramas, but also documentaries and news programs. There are many free programs available, and you can watch high quality productions. The number of advertisements is low and the viewing experience is excellent.

Recommended Free Drama Site 5: Hulu

Hulu is well-known as a pay-per-view distribution site, but some of its productions are available for free. The viewing experience may be somewhat poor due to the amount of advertisements, but there is a good selection of original works and high quality productions. The video quality is also high, so you can enjoy high quality images.

Recommended Free Drama Site 6: TVer

TVer is a free drama streaming site that also offers live streaming and anime productions. The viewing experience is pleasant, although there are many advertisements. TVer also offers drama productions such as the popular "Emergency Interrogation Room," which is highly recommended.

Recommended Free Drama Site 7: FOD

FOD is a free drama delivery site provided by Fuji Television Network. Video quality is high and the viewing experience is good. Also, by registering as a member, you can watch more productions. There is also a good selection of original works, allowing you to enjoy works with a unique world view.

Recommended free drama site 8: KissAsian

KissAsian is a free Asian drama site for English-speaking countries. Since English is used on the site, users will need to search for dramas in Roman characters.

The site's interface is simple, updated frequently, and the content is extensive. As an overseas site, there is little concern that content will be deleted, and viewers can use the site with peace of mind.

However, the site itself is small and may not be maintained in the future.

Recommended Free Drama Site 9: dailymotion

dailymotion is a free drama distribution site that offers a wide variety of movies and foreign dramas.

It is recommended for many people because they can enjoy not only Japanese dramas but also foreign productions.

The number of advertisements is low and the viewing experience is good.

Recommended Free Drama Site 10: DramaCool

The free video site DramaCool offers free access to domestic and international dramas and movies.

The main focus is on Korean dramas, but there are also many domestic dramas available.

It also offers a wide selection of dramas and programs that have aired in the past. However, since this is an English-speaking site, Roman or English characters are required to search for titles.

Recommended Free Drama Site 11: Paravi

Paravi(パラビ)の評判やデメリットは?国内ドラマが見放題? - コスパ部

Paravi is a free drama streaming site that offers a wide variety of original and NTV productions.

The number of advertisements is low and the viewing experience is good. Its subscription system allows you to watch more productions.

Recommended Free Drama Site 12: dTV

dTV is a high-quality video delivery site with a free period. You can enjoy not only dramas, but also movies and animations. The number of advertisements is small and the viewing experience is good.

In addition, the subscription system allows you to watch more movies by paying a monthly fee.

Summary of Recommended Free Drama Sites

These are the 12 recommended free drama sites.

Each site has different features, so it is important to choose the site that suits you best.

There are many free dramas available, but by registering as a member or subscribing to a subscription plan, you can enjoy more dramas.

We hope you will find your favorite site and enjoy our dramas.

FAQs about Free Drama Sites

Frequently asked questions and answers about free drama sites.

Are free video sites illegal?

Whether a site is illegal or not depends on the country in which it is operated. Of course, they are illegal in Japan, but since the servers are not located in Japan, there is no problem. There is no problem about watching videos as long as you do not pass them on to others.

Can I turn off the subtitles of a drama?

There are two types of subtitles: forced subtitles and non-mandatory subtitles. Forced subtitles cannot be turned off. For general subtitles, you can turn them off if there is a setting on the playback screen.

How to download dramas from free drama sites?

It is recommended to download movies from free video sites with download software to prevent viruses and other risks.



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