How to Fix Hulu Error 94?

By SophiaBolton

No one would like it if they get blocked out from streaming a movie or TV show on a streaming service they had subscribed to. But these things do happen. If you've been using streaming services for a long time, on one or more occasions, you must have encountered an error message that stops you from continuing your streaming. 

As annoying as that may be, sometimes the error is not from the service itself, it may be from your end. Yes, if your internet connection is not strong or you’re using a VPN to access the streaming service, chances are that you’d receive several error messages quite often. 

But then, it is understandable that many streaming services are not available globally; thus, if you’re living outside supported regions, the only way to get in and stream on those geo-restricted networks is using a VPN service. There are equally free and paid VPNs, so it’s easy to get one for yourself.

Coming to Hulu, the Hulu streaming network is vast, it even includes a Live TV service. There are several titles, shows, and content to stream on Hulu, but one of the commonest errors that would prevent you from enjoying the service is the Hulu Error 94. But not to worry, this article clearly explains this Hulu error code and how you can fix it - make it stop appearing to you while you watch your favorite Hulu show.

Hulu Error 94: Hulu Playback Error

The error 94 message appears due to several possible reasons. Typically, it appears when you try to open the Hulu app. Well, the most common reason why you're seeing that error is your internet connection. If you're on a mobile network, maybe you should switch to a WiFi network, and just by doing this, you might fix the error.

Notwithstanding, we have provides a detailing list of the possible causes of the Hulu Error 94 message on your screen.

Causes and Solutions:

When you know the causes of this error, it becomes much easier to resolve it. Below are the possible causes of this error and how you can fix them.

1. Internet Connection

Yes, as mentioned above, your internet connection might be the culprit. Mobile networks are believed to be slower than router and WiFi networks. So, if you’re using your phone’s mobile network, that could be the problem.

Solution: Switch from mobile network to WiFi or router network. But if you're on a WiFi/router network, switch off the WiFi device and reboot it. If the issue persists after rebooting, connect to another network 

2. Cache Problems

As you use mobile apps, they store cache data on your device. Sometimes, cache data can accumulate and start conflicting. If you’re using the Hulu mobile app to stream, there are chances that the Error 94 message appeared due to expired/conflicting cache data.

Solution: Clear the app's cache. Yes, you need to go to your device's Storage settings in the Settings page, then clear the Hulu app cache. So, go to Settings >>> Apps >>> Hulu >>> Storage >>> Clear Cache.

3. You’re Using VPN

There's nothing to stress here, if you're streaming Hulu using a VPN because you're living in a supported region, you can get the error 94 response at any time. When the problem is VPN, it doesn't have anything to do with whether you're on a mobile network or WiFi. Instead, the error may have appeared due to incompatibility with your ISP and Hulu servers. 

Solution: The best solution here (for people living in supported regions) is to disable the VPN app or service and try accessing Hulu again. But, if you're in an unsupported region, maybe you should try connecting to another VPN service, or use another VPN app/service to mask your IP.

4. Your Hulu App Is Out Of Date

This also applies to mobile streamers. If you haven't updated the Hulu app since you started using it, maybe it's time to do that. Newer versions of the Hulu app are released regularly, and as new versions emerge, the older ones gradually fall out of support for the service.

Solution: Visit the official app store for your device (Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users) and install the latest version of the Hulu app. It is important that you install it from your device's official app store to avoid download corrupt Hulu apk files from the internet.

How to Fix Hulu Playback Error?

We have included the solutions alongside the causes of the Hulu Error 94 issue. If you're encountering an issue with the Hulu app on your TV, you should uninstall the app and reinstall it. Also, if it is not up to date, update it to the latest version, or any newer version.

Furthermore, if the issue persists, you should restart your phone. Restarting your phone would automatically release more storage and memory space, which might have been the cause of the error. But, if after several restarts - and trying the tips explained above - the service isn't still working for you, maybe you should look for an alternative streaming service.

How to Watch Hulu Movies Without Error?

Okay, you’re tired of encountering several error messages as you keep Hulu, so you need a long-lasting solution? Well, you can always cancel your Hulu subscription and register with another streaming service. However, the truth is, you’d still encounter error codes while streaming on any service you port to. 

Here are the top 10 Hulu downloader you can resort to.

So, switching streaming services isn’t the answer. Hulu is really good, and it has a vast library with notable classic series. The best way to avoid all Hulu error codes is to always download the shows you want to watch. By this, we don’t mean saving the movie or TV show for “Offline” streaming. What this implies is to download the movie/show and save it on your PC.

This way, you can watch the video at any time, share it with friends, watch it on any device you have, and more interestingly, there'd never be an ad to disrupt your entertainment. There are quite a number of Hulu video downloaders out there, but the Y2Mate Hulu Downloader stands out.

Steps To Download Hulu Movies and TV Shows

Interestingly, this is not a stressful process; it starts with you downloading the Hulu Downloader software of your choice.

  • Download and install the Y2Mate Hulu Downloader

  • Launch the application and click on “Streaming Services” on the left pane

  • Select the Hulu card and sign in to your account. 

  • Play the video or TV show you want to download

  • You'll get a prompt to choose the download options, make your selections and start downloading Hulu.

After the movie is downloaded, if you are Hulu's basic plan, the downloaded video won't carry any adverts, so you can watch the entire episode without seeing a single commercial.

What More?

To bypass Hulu error codes forever, all you need to do is to download your favorite Hulu shows to your PC. There are a lot of benefits you'd get for using a Hulu Downloader app or software; the downloaded videos would never expire and you can watch it unlimited times for free, without an internet connection, and on any device you own.